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10/12 Count Tracing Graph Paper by Yarn Tree
Pad of 18 sheets--9 sheets of 10 count paper and 9 sheets of 12 count paper. Printed on special paper that is strong, yet still transparent enough to trace through. Graph Paper makes it easy to make your cross stitch designs. School logos, special occasion mementos, your home, or special sayings are just a few ideas for charting your own! Use the tracing graph paper to make a graph from a photo or sketch. Just trace the different colors; then go back and put in the color codes! All of our graph paper is printed with black ink so you can easily make copies of your finished design. 8 1/2"x11" pads.
Tracing Graph Paper - 10/12 Count, $6.00 $5.39!

4 in 1 Magnetic Gauge by Yarn Tree
This handy gauge will tell you nearly everything you wanted to know before you stitch! Magnetic 6" ruler with stitch gauge marks for 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36, and 40 count fabrics. Hold the gauge to your fabric and match the lines to find the fabric count. Also gives suggested tapestry needle size and strands of floss to use for each fabric listed
4 in 1 Magnetic Stitch Gauge (Ruler), $3.50 $3.19!

Adhes-A-Mag Adhesive Magnetic Sheet by ProMag
4" x 6" or 5" x 8" Magnetic Sheets with adhesive. Peel and stick our Adhes-A-MAG sheet to your design or photos for quick custom magnets. Magnetic sheets can be easily cut with scissors. Applications: Photos, Crafts and Artwork.
ProMag 4 x 6 Adhes-A-Mag Adhesive Magnetic Sheet, $2.29 $1.89!
ProMag 5 x 8 Adhes-A-Mag Adhesive Magnetic Sheet, $1.59 $1.37!

Adhesive Felt Studs
Black Adhesive Felt Studs, Round, 19mm x 2mm, 20 Per Package.
Adhesive Felt Studs Round 19mm x 2mm, 20 Per Package, $1.49 $1.32!

Adhesive Magnet Strips by Yarn Tree
Adhesive Magnets, pack of 3. Now make most anything a refrigerator magnet! Use these adhesive magnets to hold something to a metal surface. The 5" x 1/2" strip magnets are for secure gripping.
Adhesive Magnet Strips, $1.50 $1.39!

Adjustable Thimble by Dritz
One size fits all! Great for all hand crafted work. Opening accommodates fingernail.
Adjustable Thimble by Dritz, $2.59 $1.99!

Applique Pins
3/4" pins great for small applique work. Comes in a handy reclosable case. Measurement: 0.6mmx3/4"(20mm) 150 pins in a case.
Applique Pins, $6.75 $5.80!

Assorted Strip Magnets by Yarn Tree
Assorted Strip Magnets (3", 4", 6", and 7"). Work great on magnet boards or any metallic surface.
Flexible Strip Magnets, $2.00 $1.79!

Attachable Thumb or Finger Magnifier
5x Magnification. An adjustable magnifier, small and lightweight in design. Expandable ring for fingers. Great for close work in embroidery, quilting and needle art.
Attachable Thumb or Finger Magnifier, $5.99 $5.33!

Wax stabilizes the twist of thread, strengthens thread and reduces knotting. Use as a refill for Dritz-622 Beeswax Holder. Will not stain or discolor thread. 1/3 ounce.
Beeswax, $2.49 $1.91!

Beeswax with Holder
Wax stabilizes the twist of thread, strengthens thread and reduces knotting. Simply run thread through grooves in holder. 1/3 ounce.
Beeswax with Holder, $3.69 $2.83!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot, $5.39 On Sale for Only $4.47!!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot With Flowers
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot With Flowers, $5.69 $5.33!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot With Flowers II
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot With Flowers II, $5.69 $5.33!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Fan and Scissors
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Fan and Scissors, $5.39 $4.99!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Gentleman
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Gentleman, $5.69 $5.33!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Lady
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Lady, $5.39 $4.99!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Pink Roses
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Pink Roses, $5.39 $4.99!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Scissors
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Scissors, $5.69 $5.33!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Sewing
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Sewing, $5.39 $4.99!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Shoe
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Shoe, $5.39 On Sale for Only $4.47!!

Buratini Thread Organizer - Watch & Boy
Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
Buratini Thread Organizer - Watch and Boy, $5.69 $5.33!

Clip and Flip Magnifying Glasses
The CF-10 Clip & Flip from Carson Optical are a flip-up, 1.5x power Magnifying lenses that turns any pair of regular glasses into "flip-down" Hands Free Magnifiers. The Clip & Flip Magnifiers can assist with hobbies, crafts or reading. Included with the Magnifying Lenses is a pouch. 5" x 2.5" x 1"
Clip and Flip Magnifying Glasses, $10.99 $9.89!

Clip-On Retracto Reel
For holding small scissors, pens and other light objects. Expands to 16".
Clip-On Retracto Reel - Neon Green, $3.49 $3.19!

Clover Desk Needle Threader
Automatic needle threader. This tool is a must for every sewer and quilter. Easy to use and it threads your needles with a simple push of a button. The threader has a built in cutter. Available in 3 colors; Purple, Green and Pink.
Desk Needle Threader - Pink, $14.95 $12.85!
Desk Needle Threader - Purple, $14.95 $12.85!

Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case
A new way to store threaded needles. This domed needle case winds pre-threaded needles into a reel. It can hold up to ten threaded needles with up to 32" of thread each. Perfect for the quilter or stitcher who has multiple threads in use to match a project.
Clover Dome Threaded Needle Case (C625), $9.50 $8.16!

Clover Embroidery Needle Refill
3-Ply Needle Refill for Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool.
Clover Embroidery Needle Refill (3-Ply Needle), $6.99 $6.00!

Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool
Stitches as quickly as if you were drawing a picture. Simply thrust the needle through the fabric and pull it up, slide the needle ahead and repeat the process. Includes: embroidery stitching tool, embroidery stitching tool needle refill, three-ply needle with protective cover, embroidery stitching tool needle threader and complete instructions with diagrams.
Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool, $11.50 On Sale for Only $9.16!!

Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool Needle Threader
Designed specifically for easy threading of embroidery stitching tool.
Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool Needle Threader, $4.99 On Sale for Only $3.73!!

Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic
Thread Pic is the perfect tool for hiding or removing stray threads as it easily slips through fabric, leaving no marks or punctures. Hide broken threads. Pull threads to the inside of the project... never to be seen again! Remove unwanted stray threads caught between the top and batting. Correct mistakes in corners. Use to hold your project in place while stitching. Push edges for quick turn applique projects. In serging, use to hide serger tails in the seam.
Soft Touch Thread Pic, $8.95 $8.05!

Clover Water Soluble Marker Fine Point
Use this for marking lines on fabric! The water soluble ink easily comes off with a damp cloth. This package contains one fine point water soluble marker. Color: Blue
Clover Water Soluble Marker Fine Point - Blue, $4.95 $4.45!

Complete Cross Stitch Gauge by Cottage Mills
With the Complete Cross Stitch Gauge from Cottage Mills you can tell where to start stitching, count stitches, and find the stitched size of a design. Scales for 11, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, and 36 count fabric. Includes a floss color comparison chart for DMC, Coats, and Anchor floss.
Complete Cross Stitch Gauge, $5.99 $5.33!

Craft Glove - Medium
Craft Glove provides therapeutic comfort for hands at work, hobby, or play. Ergonomic support gloves relieve repetitive motion and help ease arthritic pain. The glove's hand hugging, stretch spandex works to massage your hand and wrist, while providing support and warmth from pain and stiffness. One ambidextrous glove fits right or left hand. Fingerless design leaves fingers free for full sensation and complete dexterity. New Extra Long Wrist Band. Made of interlocking knitted fibers. Color: Natural Beige. Size: Medium. One glove per package. Made in USA.
Craft Glove - Medium - 1 Per Package, $8.49 $7.95!

Cross Stitch Gauge
At last! This new and improved Cross Stitch Gauge has gauges for all your stitch counts: 11, 14, 16, 18, 22, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32, 36, and 40. Three openings across this 3"x10" tool make it easy to count your fabric. Also has rulers for inches, as well as centimeters, so if you know you have 50 stitches, you can tell how many inches that will be when stitched on different counts of fabric just by looking at your gauge. Made of durable white plastic and printed with blue.
Cross Stitch Gauge (Ruler), $4.00 $3.59!

Custom Corder by Kreinik
A hand-held tool that twists together two or more strands of thread to create cording for jewelry or any craft. Comes with instructions for the twisting process. The corder can be used with a great variety of threads including Kreinik metallics, floss, rayon, pearl cotton, fine yarns and more. Produce colorful and professional looking trims in seconds!
Kreinik Custom Corder, $16.99 $15.45!

Darice Plastic Floss Bobbins
Plastic Embroidery Floss Bobbins. This package contains 25 white plastic bobbins.
Darice Plastic Floss Bobbins, $1.89 $0.99!

Darice Round Magnets With Foam Adhesive
0.75" round magnets with foam adhesive.
Darice Round Magnets With Foam Adhesive, $3.99 $3.29!

Darice Spring Tension Needlework Hoop
Super easy to use, spring tension hoops eliminate the need to tighten tiny screws. Lay your fabric over the outer hoop, give the inner hoop a squeeze and gently set it inside the inner hoop. Low profile also very useful for those doing free-hand embroidery and applique with the machine as this hoop fits nicely under the feeddogs.
Darice Spring Tension Needlework Hoop 3 1/2", $2.89 $2.29!
Darice Spring Tension Needlework Hoop 5", $3.59 $2.84!
Darice Spring Tension Needlework Hoop 7", $4.39 $3.69!

Deluxe Mesh Bag w/Handles
Soft flexible mesh-like bags. Designed in an extra strong nylon string for durability. Soil and moisture resistant. Ideal for organizing all of your needlework supplies! The Deluxe Mesh Bag also has dual nylon handles & a black nylon exterior zippered pocket
Deluxe Mesh Bag with Handles 10x13, $14.40 $13.49!

DMC Arm Chair Needlework Organizer
Keep everything you need to stitch your next project right at your finger tips. The Armchair Needlework Organizer includes a removable pin cushion, a button to hold loose thread and a snap loop to hold your scissors. Also comes with large pockets to store your floss, designs and stitching supplies. Rest it on your favorite arm chair or sofa. DMC logo embroidered on the front. Dimensions: 20" x 12-1/4"
DMC Arm Chair Needlework Organizer, $15.19!

DMC Bobbin Winder
A plastic winder that can be used to wind floss, ribbon, thread or yarn onto cardboard or plastic bobbins for easy storage.
DMC Bobbin Winder, $1.49!

DMC Cardboard Floss Bobbins
High quality, white cardboard bobbin cards. Bobbins are used for winding floss for easy storage. Customized with DMC logo. 56 per package.
DMC Cardboard Floss Bobbins, $1.42!

DMC Color Card
12-page printed color card including Floss, Pearl Cotton Balls (sizes 5,8 & 12), Pearl Cotton Skeins (sizes 3 & 5), Pearl Cotton Metallic, Color Variations Floss, Light Effects & Satin Floss. Product descriptions with usage recommendations for each thread, washing & care instructions, numerical color locator for easy reference, and presented in 3 languages (English, French & Spanish).
DMC Color Card, $7.49!

DMC Embroidery Tracing Paper
Now any line drawing can be transferred onto apparel or a home decor item, then quickly stitched for a customized look. Premium quality, wax-free paper which is less powdery and better grade than most tracing papers. Includes two 8-1/2"x11" sheets of tracing paper - one blue (light/medium colors) and one yellow (dark colors). Produces high definition traced lines for easy visibility. Markings rub off with soft pencil eraser or damp cloth.
DMC Embroidery Tracing Paper, $3.39!

DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen - Blue
Draw or trace any design on a favorite item and stitch over the lines for a unique fashion statement. Non-permanent ink is removeable with water. Works well on light and medium colored fabrics.
DMC Embroidery Transfer Pen - Blue, $2.65!

DMC Embroidery Transfer Pencil - White
Draw or trace any design on a favorite item and stitch over the lines for a unique fashion statement. Pencil produces easy-to-see lines and works well on dark fabrics, such as denim. Markings rub off or can be removed with water. Includes free sharpener.
DMC Embroidery Transfer Pencil - White, $1.89!

DMC Floss Labels
A set of small, pre-printed self-stick labels that can be adhered to DMC or other brand floss bobbins. Pack contains 500 labels, printed with all 464 solid and variegated color numbers, plus extra labels for popular shades, and 20 blank labels.
DMC Floss Number Stickers, $1.47!

DMC Magnetic Needle Case
Decorative needle keeper helps stitchers keep track of their needles. The strong magnet inside keeps needles in place so they don't 'escape' onto the floor. The compact size makes it easy to carry. 1-5/8" x 2-3/4". Designs may vary.
DMC Magnetic Needle Case, $5.89!

DMC Metal Needle Case
A vintage style brushed pewter tool that will make a classic, timeless statement for years to come! Features the DMC logo. Value and quality consumers have come to expect from DMC. A handy way to store needles when stitching. Needle case features a ring for attaching to a chatelaine or to secure to a project. Attractive brushed pewter finish with vintage styling.
DMC Metal Needle Case, $6.59!

DMC Metal Rings
Metal craft rings to organize threads and bobbins for needlework projects. Use rings to sort and store craft materials or use as a base for creative craft activities. 2 per package.
DMC 1 1/2 inch Metal Rings, $1.39!
DMC 2 1/2 inch Metal Rings, $1.39!
DMC 3 inch Metal Ring, $1.39!

DMC Needle Organizer
A compact way for stitchers to store and organize their needles. Contains five storage compartments with rounded slots for easy removal of needles. The clear snap-top keeps the needles within view, while holding them securely in the case.
DMC Needle Organizer, $2.49!

DMC Needle Threader
A sturdy aluminum threader that is three threaders in one. Contains one hook for threading heavy weight threads and yarns, one hook for medium weight, and a wire for use with fine thread.
DMC Needle Threader, $1.69!

DMC Needlework Project Keeper
Perfect to store unfinished needlework projects. Simply lay a project on the quilted fabric and roll it up for safe keeping. The tube inside can be used to store embroidery scissors, threads and other supplies. 24"w X 16-1/2"h. Turquoise W/White Floral Print.
DMC Needlework Project Keeper, On Sale for Only $18.69!!

DMC Plastic Bobbins With Metal Ring
Metal ring provides convenient storage for bobbins. Package includes 28 plastic bobbins. 28 bobbins per package.
DMC Plastic Bobbins With Metal Ring, $1.49!

DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins
Plastic bobbins are debossed with the DMC logo and area for floss color number. Bobbins are used for winding floss for easy storage. 28 per package.
DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins, $1.39!

DMC Scissor Case
An easy way to hold scissors while stitching. The Scissor Case features a ring with a chain for conveniently hanging or for attaching to a chatelaine. Vintage look with brushed pewter finish. Accommodates Scissors Up To 4".
DMC Scissor Case, $6.59!

DMC Thread & Yarn Cutter
A handy needlework cutter that is two-in-one, as it works on both threads and yarns. Brushed pewter finish, with attractive vintage styling.
DMC Thread & Yarn Cutter, $6.59!

Double Needle Threader
Two threaders in one! Thread both large and small-sized needles. **This case on this item is made of slightly sturdier plastic than Clover's Premier Double Needle Threader
Double Needle Threader, $4.25 $3.64!

Double Needle Threader
For fine threads in small eye needles, use pointed loop on threader. For embroidery floss and pearl cottons in large eye needles, use squared loop on threader.
Double Needle Threader, $3.59 $2.76!

Dritz Looped Needle Threaders
This flexible wire threader has a small loop at its end which holds the thread securely as the thread passes through the eye of the needle. Threader can also be used for stringing beads. Useful for hand, machine and serger needles.
Dritz Looped Needle Threaders, $7.79 $5.98!

Easy-Count Guideline by R&S Designs
Tired of counting? Easy-Count Guideline is the first product to keep your place on the fabric itself, reducing counting time and improving your speed. Easy-Count Guideline will assist you in locating the exact point to stitch on the fabric. Form Guideline boxes to match the cross stitch grid pattern, making stitching a breeze. This product is an asset to any stitcher and is easy to add to a project in progress. Removes easily.
Easy Count Guideline, $9.00 $7.76!

Erasable Highlighter Pen - Pilot FriXion
The Pilot FriXion Light is an erasable highlighter featuring Pilot's patented thermo-sensitive erasable ink. It allows you to highlight and erase repeatedly without damaging books or contents.
Blue Erasable Highlighter Pen, $1.49!
Green Erasable Highlighter Pen, $1.49!
Orange Erasable Highlighter Pen, $1.49!
Pink Erasable Highlighter Pen, $1.49!
Yellow Erasable Highlighter Pen, $1.49!

Fabri-Care 8 oz. Jar Fabric Cleaner
Fabri-Care, 8 Ounce Jar. Now you can use the same cleaning formula used by museums to clean priceless textile works. FabriCare, containing 100% Orvus, is a safe and effective cleaner without the oils, perfumes, and additives found in household detergents (which can leave an oily residue that will attract dirt). Prewashing fabrics and threads with FabriCare before stitching will dramatically reduce the risk of colors bleeding. For cross stitch, crewel, quilting, and most types of needlework. Not recommended for needlepoint (water will remove the sizing in the canvas). Use 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of water. Environmentally safe. Contains no phosphates.
Fabri-Care 8 oz. Jar Fabric Cleaner, $6.00 $5.39!

Flexible Magnetic Board by Yarn Tree
Lightweight, flexible "magnetic" board is perfect for carrying in totes. Weighs only 4 ounces and has no sharp edges. Bright white vinyl on both sides is easy to wipe clean. Two strip magnets are included to help you keep your place as you are following your graph. Measures about 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".
Flexible Magnetic Board, $6.50 $5.89!

Flexilens 7-inch Clip-on Craft Magnifier
Slim but powerful; this flexilens is ideal for clipping onto small frames or work surfaces. With a 3.5" diameter lens with a 0.75" higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm; giving you the detailed precision you need, exactly where you need it. Arm length: 17.5cm (7 inches). Lens diameter: 9cm (3 1/2 inches). Lens magnification: 2.25x. Inset lens diameter: 2cm (1 inch). Inset lens magnification: 4x.
Flexilens 7-inch Clip-on Craft Magnifier, $31.00 $26.99!

Floss Keys by Yarn Tree
Pack of Plastic Floss Keys and Stickers. New and improved design has a tab to hold the number sleeve off the floss skein or you can use the adhesive stickers to write your own number label, a softly curved top, and two diagonal slits to hold the ends of the floss. Use these sturdy plastic floss holders to wrap your floss around. 2 1/4" tall and 2" wide.
Large Floss Keys - Pack of 100, $16.00 $14.39!
Large Floss Keys - Pack of 50, $8.20 $7.39!

Floss Organizer Butterfly
Compact size allows this unique organizer to be taken anywhere. Features E-Z pull single strand release. Holds 24 colors!
Floss Organizer 4 1/2" Butterfly, $1.99 $1.69!

Floss Stick Organizer
Keep 20 colors of floss organized on these solid hardwood holders. Includes needle magnet to store your needles. Use a pencil to write floss numbers on the wood surface and erase before your next project. The Floss Stick 1 3/4" x 11" overall. Single Stick.
Floss Stick Organizer, $10.00!

Floss-A-Way Econo Pack - 100 Bags
The easy way to store all of your floss. These 3"x5" zip lock bags have a white area on the front to write the floss number so that you will always be able to find the right color!
Floss-A-Way Econo Pack - 100 Bags, $7.59 $6.97!

Floss-Pak Bulk Packs by Yarn Tree
The easy way to store all of your floss. These 3"x5" zip lock bags have room on the front to write the floss number so that you will always be able to find the right color!
Floss Pak - 30 Extra Bags, $3.30 $2.97!
Floss Pak-100 Extra Bags, $9.00 $8.10!

Foam Thread Straighteners
Use Thread Straighteners to remove folds, curls, and kinks from synthetic threads, twisted silk and metallic threads. Just wrap your cut lenght of thread around each rubber center. Then firmly pull the thread until you feel it "give". You can always re-pull if the thread is not smooth. Do NOT pop or yank the thread as this gives you uneven results. The upper Thread Straighteners are harder plastic and triangular. The lower Thread Straighteners are soft foam and round. The center area works the same on both. Some stitchers prefer the foam/lower centers with brighter colors. Some prefer the triangular centers with softer colors and they will not roll off your work surface. 4" - sold 2 to a package.
Foam Thread Straighteners - 1 Pair, $5.00 $4.69!

Folding Stand by LoRan
This compact, lightweight stand holds your graphs and books in a convenient upright position. Folds flat for easy storage.
Folding Stand for Needlework 6" x 9", $9.59 $8.26!

Fox Trot Needle Slide by Just Nan
A cute little case to keep your needles safe. Measures 1 1/4" x 3" and features a magnet inside to hold needles. The sliding top slides closed. Perfect for needles, pins, buttons, and treasures!
Fox Trot Needle Slide, $7.60!

Handeze Craft Glove Pair
Recommended by doctors, these therapeutic gloves are the ideal way to get relief from hand cramping. Two way stretch massages hands for comfort. Beige or blue color. Available in Size 2 (extra small),Size 3 (small), Size 4(medium), or Size 5 (large).
Handeze Craft Glove Pair - Size 3 Beige, $20.00 $17.99!
Handeze Craft Glove Pair - Size 3 Blue, $20.00 $17.99!
Handeze Craft Glove Pair - Size 4 Beige, $20.00 $17.99!
Handeze Craft Glove Pair - Size 4 Blue, $20.00 On Sale for Only $15.99!!

Handeze Single Craft Glove
Recommended by doctors, these therapeutic gloves are the ideal way to get relief from hand cramping. Two way stretch massages hands for comfort. Beige or blue color. Available in Size 2 (extra small),Size 3 (small), Size 4(medium), or Size 5 (large).
Handeze Single Craft Glove - Size 3 Blue, $10.98 $9.89!
Handeze Single Craft Glove - Size 4 Beige, $10.98 $9.28!
Handeze Single Craft Glove - Size 4 Blue, $10.98 $9.89!

Home of a Stitcher Thread Keep
This threadkeep is approximately 3.75" across and has 14 holes. The chalk image blends into the black wooden background.
Home of a Stitcher Threadkeep, $10.00!

Hook & Loop No Basting System by Yarn Tree
Hook & Loop No Basting System For SCROLL RODS, 3 Yards, 1 inch wide. Hate to baste? Then the Hook & Loop No Basting System is the ticket! Attach your fabric instantly to the scroll rods, remove it, and reattach it in the blink of an eye. Enables you to maintain the tension needed to produce even stitches. 1" wide for easy attaching.
There are two parts to the system which is made of a special Velcro. Each has a sticky back. The first part (for scroll rods) permanently attaches to the scroll rods and is reusable over and over. You can even retrofit your existing rods as it is easy to apply. The second part (for fabric) permanently attaches to the project and is cut off after using. When you start a new project, you only replace the second part which goes on the fabric.
Hook & Loop No Basting System for Scroll Rods, $11.68 $10.49!

Hummingbird Needle Threader
Beak swings upward to expose wire and downward to protect for storage. Small lanyard hole in the top of wing for inserting cord or string. Suitable for most hand needles except beading needles.
Hummingbird Needle Threader, $3.99 $2.84!

Iron-On Transfer Pencil
Transfers designs from paper to fabric with iron. Trace or draw your own designs. Always test pencil on swatch of fabric to be sure marks will transfer satisfactorily. 1.Draw design on plain sheet of paper or trace design using tissue paper. Make dark lines for a clear transfer. NOTE - Design will be reversed when transferred. 2.Position paper design side down on fabric. 3.Set dry iron on "Cotton" setting, press for 5-10 seconds. 4.Without moving the design, lift one corner to check transfer. Press again, if necessary. Use only when design will be covered by paint, thread, embroidery floss, etc.
Iron-On Transfer Pencil - Red, $3.49 $2.68!

Judy's Boo Boo Snips
Judy's Boo Boo Snips are a perfect complement to Judy's Boo Boo Stick when it comes to quickly, safely, and easily removing threads. Simply slide the fine pointed tip of the Snips under the stitches to be removed, lift them away from the fabric and snip. The angle of the tips is designed to afford easy access to the threads while keeping your fingers away from the fabric, thus avoiding soiling or fraying the fabric. Follow the snipping of the threads with Judy's Boo Boo Stick for a truly trouble-free stitch removal.
Judy's Boo Boo Snips, $9.00 $8.46!

Judy's Boo Boo Stick
A fantastic tool for removing unwanted threads! Judy's Boo Boo Stick is linen and even-weave friendly - By dragging clipped floss out the back of the fabric, the positioning of the fabric threads are not dislodged and the delicate fibers are not frayed. The Boo Boo Stick removes stitches faster than pulling with fingers,needles or scissors. There is no damage to the face of the fabric and the alignment of fiber threads are not disturbed.
Judy's Boo Boo Stick, $9.00 $7.95!

Kreinik Metallic Thread Color Card
Organized by color families, this handy flip-through book has actual thread samples of Kreinik metallic colors. Includes a chart showing which color comes in which Kreinik thread size.
Kreinik Metallic Color Card, $34.27 On Sale for Only $25.69!!

Lap Stand Combo Set of 2 Hoops
These innovative lapstands are lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and unassemble and can be used individually! Both hoops feature a no-slip surface, and when unassembled the whole system is less than an inch in height, easily slipping into your project tote bag. Great for storage, classroom work or traveling.
Lap Stand Combo 10" And 14" Hoops, $57.99 $50.99!
Lap Stand Combo 5" And 7" Hoops, $39.99 On Sale for Only $30.71!!
Lap Stand Combo 7" And 10" Hoops, $52.99 On Sale for Only $42.22!!

LED Lighted Needle Threader
Dritz-LED Lighted Needle Threader: Green. Retractable wire threader with LED light that activates when threader slides out of case. Built-in thread cutter on side and slot on end for attaching to a lanyard. Comfortable size and shape with finger grips on backside.
LED Lighted Needle Threader, $6.99 $5.24!

Lil' Needle Keeper by Yarn Tree
Forever hunting your needles? No more searching with your new Needle Keeper from Yarn Tree. Crisp looking white magnet keeps your needles secure while clear lid allows you to see what is inside. Easy to find in your organizer. Measures only 1 3/4" x 3" so you can have a different box for each size of needle. Two size 24 needles included.
Lil' Needle Keeper, $2.50 $2.29!

Little Lady Mouse Mini Slide
A cute little case to keep your needles safe. Strong removable magnet. Sliding top snaps closed. Measures 2"x 1"
Little Lady Mouse Mini Slide, $6.50!

LoRan Book Keeper 11"
Conveniently organize all your craft books. catalogs, magazines without punching holes in them.

Instructions: Open craft book, pattern, chart or magazine etc. to its center. Slip page thru slot in bookkeeper. Slide bookkeeper to center of booklet. Place in proper size 3 or 4 ring binder. 12 per package.
LoRan Book Keeper 11", $4.99 $4.29!

LoRan Large Project Card
Organize floss for your project. Each card holds 20 colors and the attached magnetic holder will keep needles handy. Each package contains 3 cards.
LoRan Large Project Card (PL-3P), $2.49 $2.09!

LoRan Line Magnifier With Sliding Markers
Ideal for use with needlework graphs & small instructions. This unique line magnifier also features vertical sliding markers to better help you define and bracket your work area. Bright horizontal red line locates your place. Recessed strong magnets hold securely to a magnet board or any metal surface. Magnifies 2.6x. 7/8"X6-1/2".
LoRan Line Magnifier With Sliding Markers, $7.49 $6.39!

LoRan Magnet Board & 6 Inch Ruler
Magnets enable you to find and keep your place as your work progresses. An indispensable item for all needleworkers. For use with charts, graphs, and other printed material. Convenient size for most graphs and books. Includes Two-in-One Magnetic Ruler. Shown with the LoRan Folding Stand for needlework (sold separately). Measures 8x10
LoRan Magnet Board & 6 Inch Ruler, $6.79 $5.86!

LoRan Magnetic Line Magnifier
Ideal for use with needlework graphs and small instructions. Bright red line to help keep your place. Recessed magnets to hold graph or pattern to a magnet board or any metal surface. Magnifies 2.6x. Size 7/8" x 6 1/2".
LoRan Magnetic Line Magnifier, $7.09 $5.98!

LoRan Magnetic Strips 4/Pkg
LoRan magnetic strips are used for holding stitchery charts and patterns in place on magnetic boards. 4 per package: 1/2" x 4" (2), 1/2" x 8" and 1/2" x 12".
LoRan Magnetic Strips 4/Pkg, $7.99 $7.19!

LoRan Master Cards
Holds fibers for easy identification while keeping threads flat and tangle-free. Attached magnetic holder keeps needles handy. Contains 3 Master Cards. Each card holds 15 floss colors. 11" x 2.75".
LoRan Master Cards, $2.09 $1.89!

LoRan Needle Threader
Threading a needle can be a daunting task, but not with this needle threader. For large eye needles. Instructions: 1. Hang needle on Threader. 2. Lay thread over the hook. 3. Pull thread through the needle's eye.
LoRan Needle Threader, $1.79 $1.51!

LoRan Needleholder Card
Holds up to 12 pre-threaded needles on a magnetic pad so that you can change colors without threading and unthreading a single needle. Additional magnets enclosed to attach to back of card for use with LoRan magnet boards.
LoRan Needleholder Card, $3.09 $2.66!

LoRan Project Cards
Holds fibers for easy identification while keeping threads flat and tangle-free. Attached magnetic holder keeps needles handy. Holds up to 20 colors with various hole sizes to accommodate varying color quantities.
LoRan Project Cards, $3.69 $3.18!

Magnet Strips by ProMag
1/2" x 4" Magnetic Strip - with adhesive - 6 Ct. .060" thick flexible magnet. Make anything magnetic with our magnetic tape. Cut to desired length, peel and stick your way to great magnetic projects. Applications: Paper, Artwork, Lists, Notes, Photos and Crafts.
ProMag Adhesive Magnet Strips, $1.15 $0.99!

Magnetic Highlighter 2 by Yarn Tree
Magnetic High Lighter 2. Tired of losing your place? These simple 6"x1" High Lighters will help you keep track of your spot on charts and any written text. Yellow color helps guide your eyes, while transparent color lets you see what's coming next. When you're stitching a row, you can see that single symbol floating alone in the line below so you can stitch it while you are nearby instead of carrying threads across your work. Magnetic High Lighter 2 has two small magnets on each end so you can use it on a metal board but still see through the width of the guide. This guide will slide easily while maintaining grip. Use the top magnets to hold your needles out of your way.
Magnetic Highlighter 2, $2.49 $2.19!

Magnetic Highlighter Guide by Yarn Tree
Tired of losing your place? These simple 6"x1" High Lighters will help you keep track of your spot on charts and any written text. Yellow color helps guide your eyes, while transparent color lets you see what's coming next. When you're stitching a row, you can see that single symbol floating alone in the line below so you can stitch it while you are nearby instead of carrying threads across your work. Three styles of High Lighter are available. Magnetic High Lighter 1 has a strip magnet across the bottom for a double guide feature. This guide has a firm grip to your metal board so you will not lose your place. Top magnet will hold your pre-threaded needles out of your way.
Magnetic Highlighter 1, $2.50 $2.29!

Magnetic Needle Keeper
This handy keeper is ideal for storing any needle safely. Clear plastic cover with added bonus of two needles.
Magnetic Needle Keeper, $2.95 $2.29!

Magnetic Tape Dispenser from Xyron
3/4" wide x 300" (25') long dispenses easily and can be torn with your hands. Strong magnetic strength allows the Xyron magnet tape to be thinner than other magnets. Can be torn with your hands. Dispenses easily. Use only as much as you need - no need to buy full sheets.
Adhesive Back Magnetic Tape Dispenser, $6.99 $6.29!

MagniLook Hanging Magnifier
The LK-10 MagniLook from Carson Optical is the Magnifier that's always ready! This Magnifier boasts a 3x power crystal-clear acrylic lens, 6x power spot lens, adjustable neck cord and pouch. Having trouble remembering where you put your Magnifier? The MagniLook Magnifier is your solution. Wear the MagniLook Magnifier around your neck and you'll know where to find it when you need it! 2.875" x 2" x .3125"
MagniLook Hanging Magnifier, $5.99 On Sale for Only $4.72!!

MagniMark Page Magnifier and Ruler
The MM-22 MagniMark from Carson Optical is a compact page Fresnel 3X Magnifier with a 6-inch ruler. Use the MagniMark Magnifier to keep your place in your book or to assist in reading. The MagniMark is the perfect bookmark! 7.5" x .125" x 2.625"
MagniMark Page 3X Magnifier and Ruler, $2.99 $2.69!

MagniSheet Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier
A framed magnifier that allows you to easily read patterns, instructions and project sheets. The DM-11 MagniSheet from Carson Optical is a full page Fresnel Magnifier within a frame. This 2x power Magnifier is great for any large area with small print! 10.5" x 8.25" x flat. To get the best results from your magnifier, hold it approximately 4" above the page. Do not place it directly on the page.
MagniSheet Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier, $4.99 $4.49!

MagniShine LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier
The HF-66 MagniShine from Carson Optical is a wearable 2x power Hands Free lighted Magnifier. Its built-in twin LED lights prevent eyestrain and provide bright, shadowless illumination. The MagniShine Magnifier has an adjustable neck cord for any sewing or craft activity where both hands are needed. 9" x 6" x .75". Batteries: 3 AAA (not included).
MagniShine LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier, $21.99 $20.62!

Metal Needle Threaders
3 per package.
Metal Needle Threaders, $1.99 $1.53!

Mill Hill Needle Threader
Mill Hill Needle Threader. Use with Mill Hill projects, designed for small eye needles. 2 per package.
Mill Hill Needle Threader, $2.60 $2.36!

Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter
Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter. 2 per package.
Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter, $4.35 $3.95!

Nap Riser Brush (Bunka Brush)
A Nap Riser Brush (Bunka Brush) is a detailer tool for needlework or knitting/crocheting. Tool slips around a few fingers and is used to brush the nap of napped fabrics, add brushed interest to an area of needlework or smooth stray novelty yarn fibers. Also great to tame the nap of velvet and corduroy. It's one of those tools that once you own it, you wonder how you ever worked without it!
Nap Riser Brush (Bunka Brush), $3.99 $3.74!

Natural Fit Leather Thimble
A new shape created to give you a perfect fit. A finger-shaped leather thimble from 3-dimensional stitching technology. No seams or stitches where the needle hits the thimble allowing the needle to be pushed from the most convenient spot. The unique shape creates a smooth curve from the edge of the fingertip to the middle of the finger for a cozy natural fit.
Natural Fit Leather Thimble - Large, $13.95 On Sale for Only $10.88!!

Needle Grabbers by Collins
Grips that stubborn needle and pulls it through fabric with ease. Use for quilting, sewing heavy fabrics and leather. 2 per package.
Needle Grabbers by Collins, $2.19 $1.79!

Needle Palette by Yarn Tree
Handy, portable little case with a special foam pad to hold your threaded needles. Color/symbol cards keep track of each thread color and the corresponding symbol. Flexible foam allows you to close the lid without removing your needles. Measures 4 3/8" x 2" x 1/2".
Needle Palette, $5.00 $4.49!

Needle Storage Tubes
Perfect for storing various sizes of the same type of needle! Can hold up to 2-1/2 inch long needles. This package contains three 3-1/4 inch long storage tubes and thirty-three clear needle identification labels.
Needle Storage Tubes, $7.59 $5.69!

Needle Threader For Embroidery Needles
New design! This new Embroidery Threader has a 'flat tip' that gives you smooth threading when used with thick threads. Works with any type of threads, yarns and embroidery needles.
Needle Threader For Embroidery Needles, $9.99 $8.58!

Needle Threader With Cutter
For most hand and machine needles. Recessed cutter protects fingers.
Needle Threader With Cutter, $1.99 $1.53!

Needle Threader with Magnifier
For threading needles quickly and easily. For most hand and machine needles. 3" with 1" lens.

Instructions: 1.Using magnifier, insert wire loop into eye of needle. Pinch point of wire for easier insertion into eye of needle. 2.Place thread into wire loop. Pull threader out of needle.
Needle Threader with Magnifier, $2.19 $1.64!

Needlework Graph Paper
Printed graph paper is ideal for designing original needlework. Graph paper allows stitcher to use color or symbols to visualize the finished product. Black ink. Each pad consists of 40 assorted 8-1/2" x 11" sheets: eight 10 count, twelve 11 count, twelve 14 count and eight 18 count sheets. Protective cover page.
Needlework Graph Paper 8 1/2" x 11", $5.09 $4.48!

Pako Floss Organizer
An original design for floss and needle storage. Floss used for a project is looped on short hooks and held snug in compacted foam notches. The tension produced enables stitchers to remove a strand as needed without knotting and twisting. Individual "windows" over each hook are ideal for color number ID and/or holding prethreaded needles. Fibers are hung on both sides of the organizer making this a great tool for large designs. 50 floss.
Pako Floss Organizer, $29.99 $21.99!

Pako Magnetic Line Counter
Labeled "de Luxe", this line counter fits its name. Crystal clear quality acrylic pad features centered horizontal and vertical lines to easily keep your place on patterns. Recessed magnet pads in each corner work with any magnetic board. Raised finger grips on side edges make for easy adjustment.
Pako Magnetic Line Counter 3 3/8" x 4", $12.99 $11.99!

Pako Needle Organizer
The ultimate needle organizer! Needles stay accessible without slipping and tangling because each is inserted into a foam-type pad. Central panel allows you to easily track fiber colors/numbers. Organizer sets at a 45 degree angle for easy visibility. Organizer includes 10 replacement color cards.
Pako Needle Organizer, $27.99 $19.99!

Petite Needle Threader And Cutter
Threader and Cutter in one. 2 per package.
Petite Needle Threader And Cutter, $4.00 $3.43!

Pink Ladies Needlebook & Butterfly Tin Needle Holder
A 2" round needle tin enhanced with a colorful patterned decal and a butterfly jewel. There is ribbon trim on the lid and wool for inside of needlebook packaged inside tin. Also comes with a color mini-leaflet, instructions, and embellishments (gold crystal beads, white pearl beads, and a snap) packaged in a pillow box. Model is stitched on 32 Ct. White Belfast with DMC floss. Stitch count is 46H x 25W.
Pink Ladies Needlebook & Butterfly Tin, $19.99!

PROP-IT Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder with Magnifier
A collapsible stand made of durable black plastic. The adjustable support holds oversized materials, including charts, patterns, magazines, leaflets and books. Elastic page holder keeps books open and papers secure. Folds open instantly and closes flat to 8-1/2" x 11" for storage and portability. Includes magnets in different sizes and a 5" bar magnifier.
PROP-IT Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder with Magnifier, $32.29 $29.99!

Protect and Grip Thimble
Protect and Grip Thimbles offer the perfect combination of soft, elastic material with the safety of a metal thimble cap. The scallop design offers breathability, keeping your finger cool. Its excellent elasticity helps the thimble form naturally to your fingertip for a light fit. Safe and smart, the ridged and dimpled metal cap holds the needle tip in place and pushes needles in safely. This new thimble provides comfort and lightness. DIAMETER SIZES: 6025 Small - 14.5mm (9/16"), 6026 Medium - 15.5mm (5/8"), 6027 Large - 17mm (21/32").
Protect and Grip Thimble - Large, $8.95 On Sale for Only $6.70!!
Protect and Grip Thimble - Medium, $8.95 $7.69!
Protect and Grip Thimble - Small, $8.95 $7.69!

Pumpkin Party Mini Needle Slide by Just Nan
Just Nan Needle Slides are just the thing to store your needles and pins. Each tin is colorfully decorated and contains a powerful magnet to hold your pins securely in place. The tin top easily sildes on and off and securely locks to protect your contents. Measures 2" x 1".
Pumpkin Party Mini Needle Slide, $6.50!

Punch Embroidery Needle Threaders
Includes 5 needle threaders in a protective storage tube with non-roll lid.
Punch Embroidery Needle Threaders, $10.25 On Sale for Only $8.49!!

Quilter's Threader by Collins
Precision threader for easy threading of very fine needles including Betweens, Sharps, Milliners and Beading. Ideal for both hand and machine needles. 2 per package.
Quilter's Threader by Collins, $3.99 $3.25!

Rainbow Hummers Needle Slide by Just Nan
A cute little case to keep your needles safe. Measures 1 1/4" x 3" and features a magnet inside to hold needles.
Rainbow Hummers Needle Slide, $7.59!

Reclosable Clear Storage Bags
Store and organize beads, buttons, floss, jewelry and small household items in these sturdy, reclosable bags. Three different size bags match most small items and fit in many popular craft organizers, as well as in your pocket or purse.
Reclosable Clear Storage Bags - 2" x 3", 100 Bags, $1.49 $1.29!
Reclosable Clear Storage Bags - 3" x 4", 100 Bags, $2.49 $1.62!
Reclosable Clear Storage Bags - 4" x 6", 100 Bags, $2.99 $2.63!

Round Magnets by ProMag
Standard energy flexible magnet. Glue our high quality round magnets to your project for instant magnetic art. Applications: All Purpose, Crafts and Office.
ProMag 1" Assorted Color Round Magnets, $2.99 On Sale for Only $2.29!!
ProMag 1/2" Round Magnets (10 piece), $1.89 $1.63!
ProMag 1/2" Round Magnets (12 piece), $1.15 $0.99!
ProMag 3/4" Round Magnets (8 piece), $2.19 On Sale for Only $1.68!!
ProMag Round Magnets with Foam Adhesive, $1.99 $1.72!

Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz
The perfect thimble for needlecraft, sewing, and quilting. Safety ridge on top keeps needle from slipping. Nickel-Plated Zinc.
Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Medium, $2.39 $1.83!
Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Petite, $2.09 On Sale for Only $1.39!!
Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Small, $2.09 On Sale for Only $1.39!!

Snag Nab It by Dritz
Handy little tool to catch snags or wayward threads and take them to the back. Only 2 3/8" long with a needle point. Half the tool is textured which is what catches the thread. Poke through from the front to capture the snag or thread, put through to the back and rearrange the fibers to cover the hole.
Snag Nab It, $2.19 $1.69!

Square Magnets with Adhesive Foam by ProMag
Standard Energy Square Magnets with foam adhesive. .187" thick standard energy flexible magnet. Simply peel and stick our foam adhesive magnets to your project. Great for uneven surfaces! Applications: All Purpose, Crafts and Office.
ProMag 3/4" Square Magnets with Foam Adhesive, $1.69 $1.46!

Star De-Tailor by Compustitch
The Star De-Tailor is great for finishing that one last stitch when the floss is too short. Simply insert the long wire through the back of stitches, catch the too-short ends and pull them through!
Star De-Tailor, $5.50 $4.99!

Static Cling Highlighter Guide
Clear plastic highlighter is ideal for following patterns. Static cling adheres to your pattern and clearly highlights chart or text. Perfect for cross stitch, knitting and crochet and reading maps or recipes.
Static Cling Highlighter Guide 6"x1", 3 Per Package, $2.99 $2.63!

StitchBow Binder Inserts
Loaded floss holders can easily be organized in this transparent binder insert. Each one holds 15 skeins. Organize inserts by color number or project. Inserts can then be stored in either the StitchBow Binder or in the Needlework Travel Bag.
StitchBow Binder Inserts, $2.29!

StitchBow Floral Mini Needlework Travel Bag
Organize and hold your needlework projects and accessories. Interior features two silk pockets on one side for holding small notions and felt pocket on other side to hold patterns and larger notions. Four ring binder holds mini binder inserts U1335L (one included with organizer). Measures 20-1/2"x9" open and 9-3/4"x9"x1-1/4" closed. Adjustable straps up to 26".
StitchBow Floral Mini Needlework Travel Bag, On Sale for Only $11.45!!

StitchBow Floral Needlework Roll
Roll holds 20 DMC StitchBow floss holders. Just load skeins onto your StitchBow floss holders and slip them into the StitchBow Roll. Then roll it up and drop into your project bag and you're ready to go! Roll up measures 27"x8" open. Clear dividers make it easy to see skeins, with clear flap to prevent holders falling out. Ties shut.
StitchBow Floral Needlework Roll, $8.69!

StitchBow Floss Holder
A totally new way to hold DMC embroidery floss. The floss can be instantly loaded onto the StitchBow Floss Holder. The flexible holder maintains the original shape and fullness of the floss skein when storing it and, because the floss is not stretched, it covers the fabric better.
StitchBow Floss Holder, $1.39!

StitchBow Mini Needlework Travel Bag Inserts
Loaded floss holders can easily be organized in this transparent binder insert. Each one holds five skeins. Organize inserts by color number or by project. Inserts can then by stored in the StitchBow Mini Travel Bag.
StitchBow Mini Binder Inserts, $1.46!

StitchBow Needlework Travel Bag
Organizes your needlework projects and accessories. Features include: zippered on three sides, adjustable straps to 28", one large pocket outside, large zippered pocket on one inside flap, one medium and one small zippered pocket and one small pocket with flap on other inside flap, three ring binder to hold U1242 StitchBow Binder Insert (one included with organizer). Organizer measures 24-1/2"x14" open, 11"x14"x1-1/2" closed.
StitchBow Needlework Travel Bag, $20.99!

Stitching Mends the Soul Thread Keep
This threadkeep is approximately 3.75" across and has 14 holes. The chalk image blends into the black wooden background.
Stitching Mends the Soul Threadkeep, $10.00!

Sulky Paper Solvy Soluble Stabilizer
12 sheets. Disolves in water in seconds! A great way to use designs off your computer or the internet. Quickly print one or more copies of a design and have it "disappear" once it's stitched. Use Paper Solvy as a base, backing, or topper, with or without printing a design on it, for Quilting Designs, Applique, Foundation Piecing, Sashiko, Counted Cross Stitch and more! Print multiple copies of designs in copy machines, ink-jet or bubble-jet printer; trace designs using pencils or permanent-ink markers; or heat transfer designs using Sulky Iron-on Transfer Pens.
Sulky Paper Solvy Soluble Stabilizer - 8 1/2" x 11", $8.99 On Sale for Only $7.08!!

Sullivans Floss Color Number Stickers
Stickers for all 454 solid Sullivans embroidery floss color numbers, plus 200 blank labels for customizing (672 stickers). For use on cardboard and plastic bobbins.
Sullivans Floss Color Number Stickers, $1.69 On Sale for Only $1.39!!

Sullivans Thread Color Card
Contains actual thread samples for all 454 Solid Colors of Sullivan's brand floss. ***A conversion to DMC is provided on the card.
Sullivans Floss Color Card , $30.00 $26.99!

Super Bright Portable LED Lamp
Super Bright Portable LED Lamp in White. Keep your small spaces bright, or bring with you while camping! Choose from three levels of brightness! Fold flat for easy storage. This lamp can be charged by AA batteries or by a USB (batteries sold separately). Lamp has twenty-four LED bulbs that stay bright for 100,000 hours. This package contains one 5x3x2 inch portable LED lamp and one 3-1/2 foot USB power cable.
Super Bright Portable LED Lamp, $15.00 $13.99!

Susan Bates Hoop-La Embroidery Hoops
Hoop-La embroidery hoops are available in six bright colors- pink, purp le, green, turquoise, orange and yellow. They feature the Super Grip Lip that always keeps your project securely in place. Add some zip to your embroidery hoop section with the colorful Hoop-La!
Hoop-La 10" Embroidery Hoop (Susan Bates), $3.15 $2.22!
Hoop-La 4 1/2" x 9" Embroidery Hoop (Susan Bates), $2.90 $2.09!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 3" x 6" Embroidery Hoops, $2.60 $1.83!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 4" Embroidery Hoops, $2.60 $1.83!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 5" Embroidery Hoops, $2.60 $1.83!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 6" Embroidery Hoops, $2.90 $2.04!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 7" Embroidery Hoops, $2.90 $2.04!
Susan Bates Hoop-La 8" Embroidery Hoops, $2.90 $2.04!

Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop
Molded plastic hoop is preferred by some stitchers for its soft surface and tight grip. Features the Super Grip Lip that always keeps your project securely in place.
Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop - 10", $3.15 $2.21!
Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop - 4 1/2 x 9, $2.90 $2.04!
Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop - 4", $2.50 $1.76!
Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop - 6", $2.90 $2.04!
Susan Bates Plastic Deluxe Super Grip Hoop - 7", $2.90 $2.04!

Tapestry Needle Threaders by Dritz
For threading needlepoint and tapestry yarn needles quickly and easily. 2 per package.
Tapestry Needle Threaders (Dritz-10500), $1.59 $1.22!

The Thread Lite Lighted Needle Threader
The Thread Lite Lighted Needle Threader is the perfect gift for anyone who threads a needle! Great for low lit areas and people who have trouble threading a needle. Features a protective cover and batteries are included.
The Thread Lite Lighted Needle Threader, $7.29 On Sale for Only $5.74!!

Thermal Thimbles by Dritz
Dritz Thermal Thimbles. Protect your fingers from heat with these thermal thimbles! Designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand, these heat-resistant Thermal Thimbles help you press your clothing and fabrics without burning your fingers. These are not intended for use with needles or sharp objects. This package contains three thimbles in different sizes to choose your best fit. Sizes: 1.01 inches, 0.89 inches and 0.76 inches.
Thermal Thimbles by Dritz, $5.99 $4.21!

ThimblePad by Colonial Needle
Works like a thimble, feels like a dream! Comfortable enough to wear all day. Reusable self-adhesive leather pad sticks to your fingertip and is tough enough to handle the heaviest stitching projects. Its lightweight construction gives you more needle control, so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure. Keep handy - sticks to any hard surface: quilting frame, sewing machine, ruler, scissors or sewing box.
ThimblePad, $7.79 $7.29!

Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Gold
Thread cutters by Clover Needlecraft are great gadgets for quick thread cutting! The Thread Cutter Ring features a brass ring with a stainless steel blade that can be easily adjusted to fit any finger. The Thread Cutter Pendant is designed with a sharp circular blade inside so threads can be cut using any of the grooves.
Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Gold (C455), $7.50 On Sale for Only $5.97!!

Thread Hopper/Thread Counter - My Big Toe Designs
Thread counters, or thread 'hoppers', are a great tool to add to your needlework bag. The two needles are used for counting over on your fabric. Just anchor one needle, and start counting with the second needle. When you reach a certain number, like 10, 15, or 20, just anchor the second needle. Remove the first needle, 'hop' over the second needle, and count some more! This are fantastic when gridding fabric, counting out from the center, or marking your place. The two needles are held together with colored thread and joined with a beautiful set of beads. Available in assorted colors - pictured Thread Hopper is only an example.
Thread Hopper/Thread Counter (assorted colors), $5.99!

Thread Organizer & Cutter
Sturdy plastic thread organizers have a handy thread cutter at one end & a needle holder on the other. Has 26 5/16" holes for threads. 1 1/2" wide x 7 3/4" long. A tape writing strip is on the back for identifying each color. Comes in assorted colors; sold individually.
Thread Organizer & Cutter, $4.00 $3.59!

Thread Tux Thread Dispenser
Organize different brands and types of threads with Thread Tux by Yarn Tree. Keep your threads protected from excessive handling, oils, and tangles by dispensing your threads directly out of the storage bag. Each Thread Tux measures 2" x 8 1/2" with a storage area of 2" x 7". Pack of 100. Formal wear for your threads - Life's more fun when you can dress up a little!
Thread Tux Thread Dispenser - Apricot, $8.00 $7.19!
Thread Tux Thread Dispenser - Carnation, $8.00 $7.19!
Thread Tux Thread Dispenser - Cornflower, $8.00 $7.19!
Thread Tux Thread Dispenser - Pistachio, $8.00 $7.19!
Thread Tux Thread Dispenser - Wisteria, $8.00 $7.19!

Tonic Studios Kushgrip Thread Cutter
A lanyard thread cutter with a thoroughly modern design! Soft plastic material guards an internal rotary blade. Cutter has 7 notches which cut threads or yarn. Great grey and purple coloring. Includes purple lanyard cord.
Tonic Studios Kushgrip Thread Cutter, $6.95 $5.99!

Trolley Needle Thread Controller by Yarn Works
Multi-purpose thread controller and finger protector. Designed to eliminate the turning and twisting of fibers when performing needlepoint, smocking, seams, hems and stitching ruffles. It will control multiple threads for smooth professional results. The Trolley Needle is worn on the middle finger and is easy to use. Adjustable to any finger size.
Trolley Needle Thread Controller, $8.99 $8.09!

Udderly Smooth Cream
Useful as an aid for keeping skin soft and supple, it helps prevent snagging when working with fine fabrics and specialty fibers. Contains Allantoin, Dimethicone, Lanolin Oil and Propylene Glycol in an Emollient Base.
Udderly Smooth Cream 2 Ounces, $3.19 $2.87!

Ultimate Pressing Cloth by Yarn Tree
Easily absorb water from your stitched and washed needlework and use as a steaming cloth when you press your needlework to remove wrinkles. 100% rayon, the 1/8" thick pressing cloth is heavier than most others. Free cleaning instructions and stain removal guide included. Measures 20"x27".
Ultimate Pressing Cloth, $5.00 $4.49!

Ultra Thimble
Simply the ultimate thimble for any hand stitching. Made of stainless steel with precision-cut dimples for great needle control. Secured to finger with special reusable adhesive. Attach one to your upper pushing finger (or thumb) and another to your under deflecting finger. Stitch pain free for hours at a time. Additional Adhesive Replacements sold separately. One size fits all.
Ultra Thimble - 8 per package, $8.69 $8.14!

Under Thimble Adhesive Replacements
Adhesive Replacements are used to secure the UlrtaThimble and UnderThimble to fingertips. Each pad can be used again and again. 8 pads per package.
Under Thimble Adhesive Replacements - 8 per package, $3.19 $3.05!

View Stick Magnifier
Hands free, adjustable line magnifier clips directly to your pattern book. 9" long, 1" wide. It can be used on different widths of charts and can be used on either the right or left hand side. Double red lines highlight the line you are on so you don't get lost on your chart or text. Easy to move down the page as you work. Useful for cross stitch charts, knit or crochet patterns, data entry, reading, etc. Assorted colors.
View Stick Magnifier, $10.00 $8.99!

Walnut Crystals
Just like walnut ink but in dry crystal form. Mix the solution in any range of hues from a very light tea-style stain to nearly black. Choose the shade you want by how much water you mix in. Great for fabric, paper, leather, wood and more. Contains 2 ounces of crystals. Archival safe. Acid free.
Walnut Crystals - 2 oz. Jar, $7.49 $7.16!

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