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Afghan Cloth
This 45"x58" piece of Antique White Afghan Cloth is woven of washable 100% acrylic fibers. Strips have been woven into the fabric, dividing the fabric into 5" squares. Each small square is evenly woven with 90 threads running each way. The package contains enough fabric for a full-size afghan, or you may cut the piece in half to make two 29"x45" baby afghans. There are 18 threads per inch, but most commonly, the cross stitches are done over two threads. This afghan is virtually the same as Anne Cloth, the difference is that this afghan is softer.
Afghan Cloth 45" x 58", $24.49 $23.49! Add to Wish List

Alphabet Afghan - Ecru
A generous 54"x 60", pre-fringed afghan made of 100% cotton with 18 threads per inch. The large central design area is 30.4"x 36.6" and is surrounded by 26 squares measuring 5.5", perfect for alphabet designs. Design book included.
Alphabet Afghan - Ecru, $51.12 You Save $7.68, $43.44! Add to Wish List

Anne Cloth Afghan
Probably the most asked for afghan fabric, Anne Cloth has been used in dozens of patterns in magazines and books-and with good reason! It is great looking and easy to stitch on. 100% cotton, 45"x57" afghan cut (7 pattern squares wide by 9 squares long). Each pattern square has a 5"x5" 18 count stitching area. Shown with added lace trim (not included).
Anne Cloth - Opalescent White, $74.28 You Save $3.72, $70.56! Add to Wish List
Anne Cloth - White, $62.30 You Save $3.12, $59.18! Add to Wish List

Baby Alphabet Afghan
This Baby Soft Afghan is made of 100% cotton and measures 41"x 45". A central design area is 21"x 25" and is bordered by twenty-six 3.75" blocks. The entire afghan is 18-count. A special finish lends to stability when stitching and becomes BabySoft when washed. Alphabet design book included.
Baby Alphabet Afghan, $23.90 You Save $3.60, $20.30! Add to Wish List

Country Home Afghan
100% Polyacrylic. 18 Ct. Fabric, 3 squares by 3 squares. Stitch area in each square is 8 1/4" x 12 1/2". Overall size is 48" x 55".
Country Home Afghan, $57.10 You Save $2.86, $54.24! Add to Wish List

Evenweave Throw by Charles Craft
100% cotton. Dimensions: 32" x 44". 35 Blocks measuring 4.75" x 4.75". 16 count. Free snoflake design included along with fringing instructions. Also great for machine embroidery.
Evenweave Throw - White, $19.66 You Save $1.97, $17.69! Add to Wish List

Fireside Afghan
100% Polyacrylic afghan by Wichelt Imports. 18 Count Fabric. 60" wide. 63 Squares. Beige/Beige
Fireside Afghan Antique White / Ivory - 35 Squares, $98.40 You Save $4.92, $93.48! Add to Wish List
Fireside Afghan Antique White / Ivory - 63 Squares, $! Add to Wish List
Fireside Afghan Beige/Beige 63 squares, $116.00 You Save $5.81, $110.19! Add to Wish List
Fireside Afghan Beige/Red 63 Squares, $! Add to Wish List

Gloria Afghan by Zweigart
Simple, yet elegant. Stitch the large (29 1/2" x21 1/2") central area, stitch the 4" wide border, or both! 100% polyacrylic; 14 stitch count. 47"x55" afghan cut. Ready to fringe or hem.
Gloria Afghan - Soft White, $70.10 You Save $3.52, $66.58! Add to Wish List

Lady Elizabeth Afghan
This beautiful 52" x 60" Antique White afghan is 100% cotton and features twenty 6 1/2" panels for stitching. Each 14 count panel is surrounded by an elegant star weave. Create a family heirloom!
Lady Elizabeth Afghan, $37.55 You Save $5.64, $31.91! Add to Wish List

Nursery Time Baby Afghans by Charles Craft
This classic afghan measures 38" square and features twenty five 6 inch blocks for stitching. Made of easy-care Royal Classic yarn (100% cotton). The antique white afghan has simple twill weave dividing the blocks. 14 Count.
Antique White Nursery Time Afghan, $32.85 You Save $4.94, $27.91! Add to Wish List

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