Label Love Stamp Set

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Label Love Stamp Set


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Size: Largest Stamp is 1/4" x 3 1/2"

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Item: ALT1083 - Type: Rubber Stamps.
The versatility of the sentiments and the unique label style of this stamp set makes it a favorite among our customers. You can stamp them for a simple one-layer look, emboss them for texture and shine, or layer them to add an interesting dimension to your projects. This set is a perfect addition for any card maker or scrapbooker. This is a 4" x 6" stamp set containing 16 individual stamps made in the USA from high quality photopolymer. All of the label greetings are 3/8" wide and range from 1" to 3" in length. ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Succulents Stamp Set by Altenew
Succulents have become very popular in home decor, and we have noticed them making their way into the art world as well! For good reason too - succulents are perfect for when you want to add a touch of nature, but without your typical florals. They are also great for (the always challenging to make) masculine projects!

Contains 10 stamps. Features several potted plants/succulents and the sentiments "thank you for your hospitality", "wishing you the very best", "congratulations", "it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home", and more!

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Raise the Steaks Stamp Set by Altenew
Does anyone out there love a good pun? We do, and this set is full of them! Perfect for masculine cards, cards for children, or anyone who could use a good laugh!

Contains 20 stamps. Features several steaks and the sentiments "generosity like yours is", "rare", "congratulations on a job", "well done", "a friend like you is", "loving you is no mis-STEAK", "you don't just MEAT expectations, you exceed them, and more!

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Lace Up Stamp Set by Altenew
A large piece of lace design that can be used in many ways. You can use it to stamp, color, emboss, crop out shapes, and do many more techniques. The lace is complemented with a set of hearts and some sentiments.

Contains 15 stamps. Features a large piece of lace and the sentiments "I cherish our friendship", "thank you for all you do", "you are made of awesome", "I think of you often", and more!

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Dancing in the Rain Stamp Set by Altenew
You'll be dancing in the rain with this sweet new stamp set! It includes two umbrellas, silhouette images, and fun extras such as realistic rain for a unique set you are sure to love.

Contains 17 stamps. Features a girl dancing in the rain, umbrellas, rain, and the sentiments "will you dance with me in the rain", "coffee, books, and rain = A Perfect Day", "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain!", and much more!

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Doctors Rule Stamp Set by Altenew
With this set, we are introducing a fresh theme to our stamp line. This is perfect set for those who are doctors or know doctors. However, most of the sentiments can be used for various occasions and don't necessarily have to be used for doctors only.

Contains 21 stamps. Features the sentiments "healing starts with a smile", "happy healing", "keep calm and save lives", "congrats doc", "you made it!", and much more!

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Super Script 2 Stamp Set by Altenew
Super Script sentiment set is a customer favorite. We have added new phrases to expand your collection, and they can be mixed and matched for even more sentiment possibilities! This brush script-inspired set will add artistic flair to your projects, and they will be right on trend!

Contains 19 stamps. Features the sentiments "for", "everything", "you", "me", "mr.", "mrs.", "wish", "make a ", "upon a star", "wish", "hooray", "love", and "thanks".

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Scribbled Flowers Stamp Set by Altenew
This set has some flowers that are single step and others that are double-step. With several building elements, and a collection of sentiments, we hope that you will enjoy using this set!

Contains 29 stamps. Features many beautiful flowers and the sentiments "thank you", "smile", "congratulations", and more!

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You Are... Stamp Set by Altenew
Not only does this set have amazing heart-warming sentiments, but it also has two beautiful foliage images that were inspired from an eighteenth century vase of Chinese origin. These images are great for coloring and building beautiful backgrounds.The sentiments are great to send a few words of encouragement, a smile, or simple appreciation to those dear in your life. The sentiments are also perfect for memory-keeping.

Contains 20 stamps. Features foliage and the motivational sentiments "you are awesome!", "love your smile", "wishing the best for you", "be brave", and much, much more!

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Beautiful Lady Stamp Set by Altenew
Do you have a special lady in your life? Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, wives, nieces, aunts, and friends are all honored in this beautiful set! It also features a large image of a lantana flower - perfect for stamping alone or for coloring.

Features a beautiful flower, as well as the sentiments "best wishes", "sending love", "happy birthday", "many thanks", "to my", "for my", "congratulations", "grandmother", "sister", "wife", "daughter", "mother", "in-law", "just a note", "beautiful", "our", "aunt", "niece", and "friend".

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Painted Rose Stamp Set by Altenew
We just love watercolor, and this set is designed to make you look like a pro! The rose and each leaf have 3 layers, and they are so easy to line up due to the loose style.

Contains 21 stamps. Features flowers, petals, leaves, and the sentiments "thinking of", "I miss", "I love", "amaze me", "are my everything", and more!

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Festive Silhouettes Stamp Set by Altenew
Your favorite Christmas and Winter icons are present in this fresh new stamp set. Build a forest of evergreen trees, a gorgeous row of holiday ornaments, and more! The images in this set are paired with sentiments that we know you will just adore!

Contains 12 stamps. Features a Christmas tree, ornament, reindeer head, the sentiments "happy holiday wishes to you and yours", "peace", "love", "joy", "noel", and "merry Christmas".

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Goals Stamp Set by Altenew
The versatility of the sentiments makes this set great for all kind of paper crafting projects. You can use them on planners, scrapbook layouts or cards.

Contains 8 stamps. Features the sentiments "if not now, when?", "make it happen!", "dare to dream!", and more!

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Eid Greetings Stamp Set by Altenew
Eid is a joyous Muslim holiday that is celebrated twice a year; Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Eid Al-Fitr is a celebration at the end of Ramadan, a month of dawn-to-sunset fasting and perseverance. Eid Al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu Al-Hijjah, the 12th month in the lunar calender.

Contains 22 stamps. Features Arabic stript and the sentiments "Eid Mubarak", "may Allah accept from you and us", "Eid Mubarak", "thank the almighty for bringing us this day of joy and forgiveness", "happy Eid", "may the Guidance and Blessings of Allah be with You and your Family", and "wishing you a very".

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Precious Moments Stamp Set by Altenew
Heartfelt words, from mother to daughter, father to son, or vice versa, along with some beautiful decorative leaves and flowers is what this stamp set is all about. The heart warming sentiments in this stamp set may be used both inside and outside cards made for your loved ones!

Contains 40 stamps. Features the family sentiments "dear dad", "my beloved daughter", "dearest mom", "my darling son", "time and again, for you I"d risk it all", "you are my life's anchor", "it's the little memories that will last a lifetime", and much, much more!

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Ori Kami Stamp Set by Altenew
Hundreds of years before ink pads and photopolymer stamps, a common form of paper crafting was the Japanese art of origami- the name "Ori Kami" comes from "ori" meaning folding, and "kami," which means paper. We have chosen to honor this art form with a fun and beautiful stamp set! In addition to the animal forms, you will find sentiments which correspond to their symbolism. The images look great stamped on their own or colored in, but you can also achieve an authentic origami look with paper piecing. We know you will enjoy playing with this set!

Features a paper fish, butterfly, dove, hummingbird, crane, fox, and elephant, as well as the sentiments "may loving memories bring you peace and strength", "wishing you luck peace, and happiness", and "congratulations on your wedding day".

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2016 Stamp Set by Altenew
Not only can you use the large ornate '2016' for your scrapbook layouts or other projects this year, but you can also get creative and use the numbers on their own to create birthday cards or note important dates. The two accompanying sentiments are great for any occasion.

Contains 3 stamps. Features the sentiments "2016", "be the change you want to see in others", and "wishing the best for you".

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Trophy Life Stamp Set by Altenew
We love to create innovative stamps for our customers, and this fun and quirky set will be one that you will love to grab for all sorts of occasions! Our mix-and-match trophies pair with a variety of sentiments for congratulations, encouragement, or appreciation cards. Whether you are a kid or an adult, everyone deserves a trophy!

Contains 24 stamps. Features several trophies, #1 awards, stars, and the sentiments "you're a winner", "the best", "my hero", "for the greatest", "husband", "couple", "wife", "we're proud of you", "congratulations", and much more!

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Sketchy Cities America Stamp Set by Altenew
This set features two of America's iconic city skylines - Manhattan and Boston. The sketchy style is an urban twist on a skyline stamp, and will add a fun, artistic, and edgy look to your projects! This set includes sentiments for a variety of occasions- so you don't need to live in one of these cities to enjoy using these stamps. Also features the sentiments "New York", "Boston", "love you from here to", "sending happy thoughts your way", "thinking of you", "have a wicked good birthday", and "congratulations".

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Halftone Smile Stamp Set by Altenew
Many of us create to spread joy and to make others feel special and happy. This set is just perfect for those "just because" cards, since these sentiments are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face! It is a continuation of our popular Halftone series, and the large size makes it perfect for scrapbooking and home decor projects as well.

Contains 14 stamps. Features the sentiments "when all else fails, smile!", "lights up my world", "it looks good on you", "you're the reason!", and more!

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Sketchy Landmarks Stamp Set by Altenew
In the same spirit as our popular Sketchy Cities series, we are now bringing you a sketchy landmark! This set features an artistic representation of Westminster Abbey's North entrance in London, England. The corresponding sentiments include phrases for Christmas, sympathy, and weddings- making this a versatile set that can be used year-round!

Contains 11 stamps. Features Westminster Abbey's north entrance and the sentiments "may your family find peace", "at Christmas, all roads lead home", "for two special people on a very special day", "may you live happily every after", and much more!

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Super Script Scrapbook Stamp Set by Altenew
Based on the popular Super Script stamp sets we have for card makers, this set includes words and phrases in a bold and trendy brush script font - perfect for scrapbooking! These words were suggested to us by scrapbookers so we know you are sure to use them often! This is a 6" x 8" clear stamp set containing 14 stamps made in the USA from high quality photopolymer.

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Birch Land Stamp Set by Altenew
This beautiful set is perfect for building scenes and for creating stunning watercolor projects! Once you get your hands on this set, you will feel like you can watercolor just about anything!

Features a birch tree, branches, birds, and the sentiments "with deepest sympathy", "with caring thoughts", "peace, prayers, and blessings", "thinking of you", "hugs", "wishing you", "happiness", "a beautiful day", "smile", "warm wishes", and "love".

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Winter Cardinal Stamp Set by Altenew
We know how much you like stamp layering, so we have created a 5-step cardinal with realistic details. For quick projects, the base image can be stamped on its own for a cool silhouette effect. Of course, with more ink colors (and a bit more patience!) you can easily stamp all five layers for a look that wows! The lovely bird image is paired with a few unique sentiments you are sure to love. Features the sentiments "you make my heart", "the songs of winter", "as if no one is listening", "if I cannot fly, let me", and "those who wish to always find a song", as well a cardinal.

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Way Too Sweet Stamp Set by Altenew
This set has all things cute, sweet and edible! You will love the little ice cream bars, cupcakes and candies packed in this set, and the sentiments are simply adorable! This set is perfect for children, parties, but really you can use it anytime to send someone a sweet message.

Contains 20 stamps. Features ice cream, cupcakes, popsicle, candy, and the sweet sentiments "you are my favorite", "the best things in life are so sweet", and "you deserve a day sprinkled with fun".

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Beautiful You Stamp Set by Altenew
Inspired by cute embroidery patterns, the images in this set can be used for various crafty projects. You can use them to create whimsical cards, stitch them on kitchen towels, or stamp them on coasters. You can also create pretty wreaths by drawing a circle and stamping selected images around it.

Contains 17 stamps. Features various flowers, fruits, and leaves.

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Bunny Love Stamp Set by Altenew
This stamp set is the ultimate play-date set! The series of bunnies and chicks are inspired by a 6 year old's doodle drawings. Create cards that little ones will enjoy but can also brighten the day for an adult. Bunnies and chicks are fun for all ages!

Contains 12 stamps. Features bunnies, chicks, and the sentiments "welcome spring", "hello spring", and "you've been missed".

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Congrats Stamp Set by Altenew
This humorous set will have you smiling in no time! The images are based on those silly air dancers that can be found alongside the road at car dealerships and promotional events. Now you can stamp smiling and laughing tube men to add a touch of whimsy your projects. This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp set containing 20 stamps made in the USA from high quality photopolymer.

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Thoughts and Reminders Stamp Set by Altenew
This set contains a mix of large sentiments which can serve as encouragements and reminders. For card makers, these can be used as the focal point, as a subtle background, or to imprint patterns on shapes and stamps. These sentiments are also great for scrapbooks and framed arts.

Contains 5 stamps. Features the inspirational sentiments "believe in the good of everything", "wish list", "chase your dreams, you might catch one", and much more!

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Wood Pallet Background Stamp Set by Altenew
Wood pallets are all the rage in home decor, and now you can stamp them onto your projects. This 6″x8″ set comes with a massive background stamp, and a few fun extras you will love!ts. Create one today with this beautiful multi-layered Orchid stamp set!

Features the sentiments "congratulations" and "you are amazing", as well as a large wood pallet background, a banner, and stars.

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Beautiful Quotes Stamp Set by Altenew
With different writing styles, these sentiments are not only perfect for quick and small greetings on your projects, but also great for inside of a card. Pair them with our floral stamps, geometric stamps, or more to create various designs.

Features quotes from many famous individuals, including "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year -Ralph Waldo Emerson", "What really counts are good endings, not flawed beginnings -Ibn Taymiyyah", "Kind words cost you nothing, but are sometimes worth more than a million dollars -Omar Suleiman", "great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people -Elenor Roosevelt", "a smile is a curve that sets everything straight -Phyllis Diller", "One kind word can warm three winter months -Japanese Proverb", and "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things -Albert Einstein".

Also includes the inspirational sentiments "when all else fails, smile", "be happy and smile", "I automatically smile when I see you", "whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy", and "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn".

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To the Moon Stamp Set by Altenew
Galaxies and space themes are gaining popularity in the card world, and we cannot wait to see what you make with this unique stamp set! The awesome moon image can be stamped in one, two, or three layers, giving you some versatility while you create. Add some coordinating sentiments, and you'll have a cool card! This is a 4" x 6" clear stamp set containing 14 stamps made in the USA from high quality photopolymer.

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Geometric Menagerie Stamp Set by Altenew
We like to stay on top of the trends, and geometric/faceted icons are definitely in! With all the cheesy puns which pair with the animal images, this set is sure to make someone smile. The outlines look great stamped on their own, and are particularly striking when colored in. We think you'll love it!

Features a geometric lion, bear, and giraffe, as well as the humorous sentiments "I look up to you", "you fill my heart with pride", "I cannot bear to be without you", "you're cool (and I"m not lion!)", "so sorry, please bear with me", "what's up?", and "you giraffe me crazy".

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Coffee Talk Stamp Set by Altenew
Step aside, water - this is a job for coffee! Designed for all you coffee lovers out there, this set is packed with punny sentiments in a trendy mix of fonts which are sure to make you smile. We have also included a splatter image along with a unique heart-shaped coffee ring to bring your projects to the next level!

Contains 15 stamps. Features coffee stains, the sentiments "you can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee", "my blood type is coffee", "just a little something to get you back in the grind", "you are brew-tiful", "you mocha me happy", and much more!

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Coffee Love Stamp Set by Altenew
Make a card, a gift tag or a wall art for all the coffee lovers in your life. Equipped with a range of coffee pots and cups, you can mix and match the images with a choice of a fun sentiment to make the perfect blend!

Contains 22 stamps. Features coffee mugs, beans, pots, and the sentiments "Coffee - when your brain needs a hug", "let's meet for coffee soon", "love you more than coffee", and much, much more!

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Remember This Stamp Set by Altenew
We are very excited about this stamp set! Not only will you get beautiful and intricately delatiled floral images once you stamp all the layers, but you will also get to mix and match and create a variety of floral arrangements!

Features many flowers and their silhouettes, as well as the sentiments "with every difficulty there is ease" and "you are precious".

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