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Precious Moments Favorites I (PM83) by Designs by Gloria and Pat
All models stitched on 14 Ct. Antique white Aida using DMC floss. (Does include color options for other races)
I love to tell the story stitch count 126x95.
The Lord is my Shepherd stitch count 150x80.
Love is kind stitch count 106x87.
You are a blessing to me stitch count 90x62.
To my Deer Friend stitch count 120x96.
Sharing a gift of love stitch count 102x60.
He's got the whole world in his hands stitch count 96x59.
This Too Shall Pass stitch count 110x55.
Always Room for one more stitch count 94x73.
Feed my Sheep stitch count 109x91.
Hallelujah for the Cross stitch count 98x70.
Time Heals stitch count 94x65. I'm so glad God blessed me with a friend like you stitch count 119x97.
Blessed are the peacemakers stitch count 110x62.
This is your day to shine stitch count 133x86.
God Bless our home stitch count 102x139.
God Bless you for touching my life stitch count 116x87.
We belong to the Lord stitch count 119x68.
For me stitch count 167x111.
An event worth waiting for stitch count 117x120.

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PM75 - Love Blooms Throughout the Year (Precious Moments) by Designs by Gloria and Pat
"January Snowdrop a quiet joy and pleasure. February Carnation perfect and delicate in every way. March Violet blooms with beauty and grace. April Lily of the Valley fragrant and lovely. May Hawthorne brings pride and pleasure. June Rose blooms with beauty and friendship. July Daisy blooms in harmony and grace. August Poppy blooming in good cheer. September Morning Glory brightens gardens with delight. October Cosmos compassionate and charming. November Chrysanthemum giving thanks and blessings. December Holly brings seasonal joy." Booklet includes 12 patterns. All use DMC floss.

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PM60 Sweet Dreams - Precious Moments Cross Stitch Pattern by Designs by Gloria and Pat
This adorable birth sampler has color coding for three different skin tones. Makes a great birth sampler for framing or baby blanket using the Charles Craft Alphabet Afghan. Stitch count for the birth sampler is 109x141.

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PM71 For Little Boys and Girls (Vol 2) Cross Stitch Pattern by Designs by Gloria and Pat
Includes 13 patterns. All models stitched on 14ct. Cream Aida using DMC floss. "A Little Sweet Tea" stitch count: 109w x 122h. "Baby Cakes" stitch count: 109w x 122h. "Cutie Pie" stitch count: 109w x 122h. "Honey Bunny" stitch count: 109w x 122h. "Sugar Cookie" stitch count: 109w x 122h. "Pretty Princess" stitch count: 114w x 109h. "Pretty Princess(2)" stitch count: 94w x 117h. "Princess of Hearts" stitch count: 88w x 85h. "Little Sprouts" stitch count: 96w x 114h. "Say Peas" stitch count: 90w x 86h. "Waddle I Do Without You" stitch count: 108w x 78h. "This Little Piggy Says Water You Doin?" stitch count: 115w x 80h. "A Barrow Full of Fun" stitch count: 79w x 118h.

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PM73 Sweet Fairy Princess - Precious Moments Cross Stitch by Designs by Gloria and Pat
Booklet includes 9 patterns: "Fairy best friends. May every wish come true. So much fun when you're along. Our flowering friendship. A twinkle in your eye. Prettiest princess. You make my day sparkle. You're the berry sweetest. You color my world." Uses DMC floss.

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PM61 Sweet Land of Liberty - Precious Moments Cross Stitch by Designs by Gloria and Pat
A collection of patriotic Precious Moments designs including "Land of the Free Home of the Brave" Stitch count 141x70, "God Shed His Grace on Thee"Stitch count 167x75, "God Bless America" Stitch count 155x72, "America, You're Beautiful" Stitch count 102x46, "Uncle Sam" Stitch count 98x58, "Marine" Stitch count 94x53, "Army - African American"Stitch count 95x50, "Army - Girl"Stitch count 93x51, "Army - Boy" Stitch count 100x58, "Navy" Stitch count 100x52, "Air Force"Stitch count 99x51, and "Stand Beside Her and Guide Her." Stitch count 121x61. Alphabet included.

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PM68 Welcome Home Baby - Precious Moments Cross Stitch by Designs by Gloria and Pat
Welcome baby home with these adorable designs! Includes "Jesus Loves Me", "We are God's Workmanship", "Stork Birth Announcement", "You're a Perfect Doll", "You're Beary Cute", "Buddies From the Beginning", "Comforted With Love", "He Cleanses My Soul", "He is My Savior", "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", "I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep", "I Believe in Miracles", "You Have Touched So Many Hearts", "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver", "Love is Sharing", "Baby Bundles From Above", "Love One Another", "Loving You Dear Valentine", "Love Covers All", "Make a Joyful Noise", and "Good Friends Are Forever".

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PM70 For Little Boys And Girls - Cross Stitch Pattern by Designs by Gloria and Pat
Patterns for boys include: "Little Buddy", "Buddies", "All Aboard", "Lil' Hero", "Lil' Pilot", "Lil' Racer", "Little Sailor", "You're Tops", "All Star", and "Super Star". Patterns for girls include: "Little Lamb", "My Kitten", "Sweetheart", "Playtime", and "Puppy Playtime". All designs are stitched with DMC floss.

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PM80 Good Night Messengers Of Love - Cross Stitch Pattern by Designs by Gloria and Pat
Good night Messengers of Love contains 15 patterns, these include: May the Lord Bless & Keep you, (Stitch count 89 x 88) How bright you are. (Stitch count 103 x 107) Little star (Stitch count 130 x 128) Sweet Dreams (Stitch count 122 x 113) A star is born (Stitch count 131 x 118) Swinging on a star (Stitch count 128 x 119) Babies are a reflection of God's love (Stitch count 148 x 98) My Teddy my Friend (Stitch count 82 x 103) On a wing and a prayer (Stitch count 112 x 70) He's the joy in my heart (Stitch count 138 x 103) A Rainbow for you (Stitch count 121 x 130) An Angel to watch over you (Stitch count 112 x 96) Love from above (Stitch count 128 x 68) He loves you this much (Stitch count 126 x 81) Godspeed (Stitch count 115 x 86)

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Precious Moments Favorites 2 (PM84) by Designs by Gloria and Pat
All models stitched on 14 Ct. Antique White Aida using DMC & DMC light effects floss.
He's the healer of broken hearts stitch count 94x109.
That's what friends are for stitch count 48x95.
Happy Trip stitch count 67x98.
Good friends are forever stitch count 100x101.
How can two walk together except they agree stitch count 92x93.
Love is from above stitch count 68x106.
May only good things come your way stitch count 85x120.
You can't run away from God stitch count 70x118.
God's ray of mercy stitch count 80x104.
You are such a purr-fect friend stitch count 64x138.
What a wonderful world stitch count 65x79.
Tell it to Jesus stitch count 57x100.
Silent Knight stitch count 135x116.
When hands reach out in friendship stitch count 63x118.
Nobody's Purr-fect stitch count 92x102.
Holy Smokes stitch count 82x112.
Hello Lord, it's me again stitch count 72x97.
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away stitch count 87x147. No tears beyond the gate stitch count 94x131. Go Yes into all the world stitch count 116x136.

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