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Bead Mat - 8" x 8"
Soft comfortable mats cushion hands while beading and keep beads and findings from rolling around.
Bead Mat - 8" x 8", $1.49 $1.11!

Beading Hand Needles
Long thin needles excellent for embroidery with beads. 4 needles in a package. Assorted sizes.
Clover Beading Hand Needles Size 10-13, $1.99 $1.70!

Beading Hand Needles by John James
John James Beading Hand Needle. These needles are used for sewing beads and sequins to fabric. Long, thin needles. 4 per package.
John James Beading Hand Needles Size 15, $4.39 $4.12!

Beading Needles by Dritz - Size 10
Short, fine needles for embroidery with beads. 6 per package.
Dritz Beading Needles Size 10, $2.19 $1.68!

Beading Needles by Mill Hill
Great to use for sewing on or stringing beads. 2 needles per package.
Mill Hill Beading Needles, $0.90 $0.79!

Beading Needles by Piecemakers
Long, thin needles with a sharp point for sewing beads on fabric and stringing beads. The size 10 needle is 2 1/8" long; the size 13 needle is 1 7/8" long. From Piecemakers. Four needles per card.
Piecemakers Beading Needles Size 10/13, $2.00 $1.79!

Beeswax with Holder
Wax stabilizes the twist of thread, strengthens thread and reduces knotting. Simply run thread through grooves in holder. 1/3 ounce.
Beeswax with Holder, $3.69 $2.83!

CraftMates Ezy Lock Caddy 14 Compartments
Organizing embellishments has never been easier or more secure. The patented Ezy-Lock feature allows lids open independently so beads stay confined and won't migrate. Same great organizer as the original design but includes larger compartments with contour scoop bottoms and ID Plates. This package contains one Ezy-Lock Caddy (1-1/2x11x5in) with fourteen compartments (each compartment measures approximately (1-1/2x1-1/8x2in). Made of clear, durable plastic.
CraftMates Ezy Lock Caddy 14 Compartments, $6.29 $5.45!

Curved Beading Needles by John James
These needles are used for sewing beads and sequins to fabric. Curved needles. Size: 10. 2 per package.
John James Curved Beading Needles, $2.59 $2.43!

DMC Beading Hand Needles
A very long thin needle with a narrow eye to easily slip through the smallest of beads. The extra length allows for several beads to be strung at one time.
DMC Beading Hand Needles Sizes 10-12, 6 per package, $1.14!

Easy Bead Board - 11" x 7-1/2"
The bead board is designed with three channels located along the outside of the board to use for design preparation and bead placement. It also offers storage compartment for easy access for jewelry findings, beading, needles, thread and separating bead styles, colors and sizes for placement. Make multi-strand necklaces up to 42" in length. Bracelets may be made up to 9" in length. Contains 3 channels and 8 storage bins.
Easy Bead Board - 11" x 7 1/2", $6.19 $5.59!

Gold'n Glide Quilting Needles by John James
John James Size 9 Gold'n Glide quilting needles that are coated and slide effortlessly through fabric and batting. Glides easily for less stress on hands and fast stitching. Ten per package.
John James Gold'n Glide Quilting Needles - Size 9, $3.99 $3.59!

Metal Needle Threaders
3 per package.
Metal Needle Threaders, $1.99 $1.53!

Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter
Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter. 2 per package.
Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter, $4.35 $3.95!

Nymo Beading Thread 100% Nylon
Nymo thread is lightly waxed and twisted, more durable than cotton thread. Ideal for beadwork. 100% Nylon, 9 Yards per package.
Nymo Beading Thread 100% Nylon, Black, $1.19 $1.09!
Nymo Beading Thread 100% Nylon, White, $1.19 $1.09!

Pebbles Beading Needles
Fine Quality Needles in a "Pebble" -The John James Pebbles are designed to store your hand needles safely, making them instantly visible and easily accessible in your sewing box, craft bag, top drawer or even your handbag. Each needle style comes in its own elegant and distinctive color for quick identification.

Dreamy Turquoise Beading Needles 10/12 (4)
John James Pebbles Beading Needles , $8.49 $8.11!

Plastic Storage Tube 2-7/8" x 3/8"
Excellent storage for small beads and other small craft supplies. 6 per package.
Plastic Storage Tubes 2 7/8" x 3/8", $2.99 $2.59!

Plastic Storage Tube 4" x 3/4"
Excellent storage for small beads and other small craft supplies. 4 per package.
Plastic Storage Tubes 4" x 3/4", $2.99 $2.59!

Quilter's Threader by Collins
Precision threader for easy threading of very fine needles including Betweens, Sharps, Milliners and Beading. Ideal for both hand and machine needles. 2 per package.
Quilter's Threader by Collins, $3.99 $3.25!

Short Beading Needles by John James
A short needle thin enough to use for beading. Has a blunt tapestry point. Six needles per card.
John James Bead Embroidery Needles Size 12, $4.39 On Sale for Only $3.64!!
John James Short Beading Needle Size 10, $4.19 $3.93!

Tacky Bob by Flying Needles
Tacky Bob is a unique colorful beading accessory. Inside the acrylic box, both top and bottom areas are covered with an acid-free tacky surface. Just pour your beads on and never worry about spilling again. Since they're stuck on there... you just pick up each bead with your needle as you need it. Foam outer bottom keeps Tacky Bob from slipping around. A good place to pour and work with your beads. Complete with a magnet strip to hold your needle when re-threading. Perfect for travel or at home. Assorted colors and designs.
Tacky Bob Adhesive Bead Box, $8.99 $8.39!

Twisted Wire Beading Needles
Bead it fast! Bead it easy! Twisted wire needles bend rather than breaking and feature large eyes for easy threading. Collapsible eyes slide right through the smallest beads. 5 per package.
Colonial Twisted Wire Beading Needles Size 10, $4.49 $4.19!
Colonial Twisted Wire Beading Needles Size 12, $4.49 $4.19!

YLI Wonder Invisible Thread
A very strong thread with little stretch; great for beading and making jewelry. 1500 yards per spool.
YLI Wonder Invisible Beading Thread - Clear, $4.00 $3.55!

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