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Attach-A-Mag Flexible Lighted Magnifier
The AM-20 LED Attach-A-Mag from Carson Optical is a Hands Free, fully adjustable, LED lighted Magnifier with a clamp-on base that attaches to most tabletops. Its large 2x power acrylic lens provides sharp, crystal-clear images. Also available in a non-lighted version- Attach-A-Mag
Attach-A-Mag Flexible Lighted Magnifier, $22.99 On Sale for Only $17.99!!

Carson FlexNeck Plus Ultra-Bright LED Booklight
This booklight clips to any size book or magazine, and can be used for convenient table-top illumination. This package contains one booklight with a fully adjustable lamp-head and 6 ultra-bright LED lights. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Carson FlexNeck Plus Ultra-Bright LED Booklight, $15.99 $14.99!

Carson MagniFlp Plus Pocket Magnifier
The flip open magnifier can be used for reading all fine print, including coupons, labels at the grocery store, menus or more! This package contains one 2.25" x 2.25" pocket magnifier with 7x, 5x and 2.5x power and built-in folding case.
Carson MagniFlip Plus Pocket Magnifier, $5.49 $5.14!

Clip-On All Purpose Craft Light
Frank A Edmunds Clip-On Craft Light. This lightweight and portable mini lamp clips easily to any frame, hoop, table, book etc. With a 12" adjustable neck, the light is concentrated right where you need it! Perfect for all crafts! This package contains one black adjustable clip-on lamp with three LEDs and battery. Lamp clips onto items up to approximately 1/2" thick.
Clip-On All Purpose Craft Light, $15.00 $13.99!

Daylight YoYo Magnifier - White
This compact fold-able pocket LED magnifier is ideal to carry in your pocket. The magnifier has a 2.25 inch, 8D 3.0X magnifying lens and three bright Daylight LED's perfect for on the go travel. Comes with a wrist strap. Requires three AAA batteries (not included). Magnifier stands 6.5 inches tall fully extended, 3x3.5x1.375 inches closed.
Daylight YoYo Magnifier - White, $20.00 $17.25!

Eyeglass Clip Magnifier
2X magnifier glasses that clip onto your eyeglasses. Comes with a free protective bag.
Eyeglass Clip Magnifier, $4.89 $3.75!

Flexilens 7-inch Clip-on Craft Magnifier
Slim but powerful; this flexilens is ideal for clipping onto small frames or work surfaces. With a 3.5" diameter lens with a 0.75" higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm; giving you the detailed precision you need, exactly where you need it. Arm length: 17.5cm (7 inches). Lens diameter: 9cm (3 1/2 inches). Lens magnification: 2.25x. Inset lens diameter: 2cm (1 inch). Inset lens magnification: 4x.
Flexilens 7-inch Clip-on Craft Magnifier, $31.00 $26.99!

FreeHand LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier
The FH-25 FreeHand from Carson Optical can be used as a Hand Held Magnifier or folded for convenient Hands Free use. The FreeHand Magnifier features a 2.5x power lens with a built-in 5x spot lens for viewing the finest details. A built-in LED light allows for use even in low light conditions. 8" x 3" x 1". Batteries: 2 AA (not included).
FreeHand LED Lighted Hands-Free Magnifier, $16.99 On Sale for Only $13.54!!

Glass Magnifier 9mm - 5X Magnification
This handheld magnifier features a higher zoom rate than most for those minute details while crafting, reading maps, and much more. This package contains one black rimmed magnifier.
Glass Magnifier 9mm - 5X Magnification, $2.19 $1.89!

Lighted Magnifold Magnifier
The MJ-50 LED Lighted MagniFold from Carson Optical represents the latest in Handheld Magnifier design. Its rectangular lens is shaped for the way you naturally view things, and a collapsible handle locks into any of three different positions for the most comfortable alignment. Fold the handle flush for easy storage. The MJ-50 Lighted MagniFold Magnifier has built-in LED illumination.
Lighted Magnifold Magnifier, $17.99 $15.99!

LoRan Line Magnifier With Sliding Markers
Ideal for use with needlework graphs & small instructions. This unique line magnifier also features vertical sliding markers to better help you define and bracket your work area. Bright horizontal red line locates your place. Recessed strong magnets hold securely to a magnet board or any metal surface. Magnifies 2.6x. 7/8"X6-1/2".
LoRan Line Magnifier With Sliding Markers, $7.49 $6.39!

LoRan Magnetic Line Magnifier
Ideal for use with needlework graphs and small instructions. Bright red line to help keep your place. Recessed magnets to hold graph or pattern to a magnet board or any metal surface. Magnifies 2.6x. Size 7/8" x 6 1/2".
LoRan Magnetic Line Magnifier, $7.09 $5.98!

LumiCraft Hands-Free Lighted Magnifier
The LC-15 LumiCraft from Carson Optical is a wearable 2x power Hands Free lighted Magnifier with a 4x power bi-focal spot lens. It features an LED light which prevents eyestrain and provides bright, shadowless illumination. The LumiCraft Magnifier has an adjustable neck cord for any sewing or craft activity where both hands are needed. This Magnifier comes with a built-in battery operated LED light, which allows for use in low light conditions. 8.25" x 4.75" x .75". Batteries: 2 AA (not included).
LumiCraft Hands-Free Lighted Magnifier, $16.99 On Sale for Only $13.81!!

MagEyes Magnifier Glasses
Reduce eye strain with these hands free, head mounted magnifier glasses. Works great with or without eyeglasses. Comfortable padded head cushion. One size fits all. Very lightweight, only 1 3/4 ounces. Comes with lenses for both 1.6X and 2.0X magnification.
MagEyes Magnifier Glasses - Lenses #2 (1.6X) & #4 (2X), $33.65 $30.89!
MagEyes Magnifier Glasses - Lenses #5 (2.25X) & #7 (2.75X), $41.95 $38.55!
MagEyes Magnifier Lens #5 (2.25X), $15.99 $13.79!
MagEyes Magnifier Lens #7 (2.75X), $15.99 On Sale for Only $12.19!!

Magni-Clips Magnifiers
Effective for many tasks: focusing at an intermediate distance (such as needlework), viewing close-up (such as needle tatting or taking out a splinter) and working or reading outdoors for non-glasses wearers who want a little more magnification. Also supplements the work bi-focal and tri-focal glasses are doing. People may choose to have several pairs, depending on the distance with which the they want to work the task at hand. Clip is positionable. Rubber pads prevent harm to the surface of the wearer's glasses.
Magni-Clips Magnifiers +1.50 Magnification, $15.00 $13.79!
Magni-Clips Magnifiers +2.00 Magnification, $15.99 $14.99!
Magni-Clips Magnifiers +2.50 Magnification, $15.99 On Sale for Only $13.27!!
Magni-Clips Magnifiers +4.00 Magnification, $15.99 $14.99!

MagniFree Hands-Free Hanging Magnifier
The HF-25 MagniFree from Carson Optical is a Hands Free, hanging 2x Magnifier with a 3.5x power bi-focal spot lens. The MagniFree Magnifier has an adjustable cord for easy positioning. This Magnifier is perfect for crafts and any hobby or activity where both hands are needed! 8.75" x 6" x .75"
MagniFree Hands-Free Hanging Magnifier, $14.99 $13.35!

MagniLamp Flexible Arm Lighted Magnifier
The GN-55 MagniLamp from Carson Optical is a Handheld or fully adjustable stand Magnifier with built-in light that lets you see all the details. Its large acrylic 2x power main lens and 3.5x power spot lens provide sharp, crystal-clear images. 7" x 6" x 5.5". Batteries: 2 AA (not included).
MagniLamp Flexible Arm Lighted Magnifier, $19.99 $17.99!

MagniLook Hanging Magnifier
The LK-10 MagniLook from Carson Optical is the Magnifier that's always ready! This Magnifier boasts a 3x power crystal-clear acrylic lens, 6x power spot lens, adjustable neck cord and pouch. Having trouble remembering where you put your Magnifier? The MagniLook Magnifier is your solution. Wear the MagniLook Magnifier around your neck and you'll know where to find it when you need it! 2.875" x 2" x .3125"
MagniLook Hanging Magnifier, $5.99 $5.33!

MagniMark Page Magnifier and Ruler
The MM-22 MagniMark from Carson Optical is a compact page Fresnel 3X Magnifier with a 6-inch ruler. Use the MagniMark Magnifier to keep your place in your book or to assist in reading. The MagniMark is the perfect bookmark! 7.5" x .125" x 2.625"
MagniMark Page 3X Magnifier and Ruler, $2.99 $2.69!

MagniSheet Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier
A framed magnifier that allows you to easily read patterns, instructions and project sheets. The DM-11 MagniSheet from Carson Optical is a full page Fresnel Magnifier within a frame. This 2x power Magnifier is great for any large area with small print! 10.5" x 8.25" x flat. To get the best results from your magnifier, hold it approximately 4" above the page. Do not place it directly on the page.
MagniSheet Deluxe Framed Page Magnifier, $4.99 $4.49!

MagniVisor Magnifying Head-Visor
The MV-23 MagniVisor from Carson Optical is a Hands Free, head-worn 2x Magnifier with a 3x flip-down lens. It comes with an adjustable headband. The MagniVisor Magnifier is perfect for all hobbies and crafts! The Magnivisor is the perfect Low Vision Aid.
MagniVisor Magnifying Head-Visor, $28.99 $25.79!

MiniBrite Lighted Magnifier
The PO-25 MiniBrite Pocket Magnifier from Carson Optical is a compact 3x power slide-out Magnifier with a protective plastic sleeve. The built-in LED light makes it perfect for use in the dark, and its crystal-clear acrylic spheric lens gives you a sharp, distortion-free view. The MiniBrite Pocket Magnifier is compact enough to fit in your shirt pocket or purse. 4 1/4" x 2" x 3/4". Batteries: 3 AAA (not included).
MiniBrite Lighted Magnifier, $9.99 On Sale for Only $7.95!!

Naturalight StarMag LED Clip-On Light
An ultra light clip-on hobby lamp with unique Naturalight LED. Attaches to frames, hoops and books. Battery operated, ideal for travelling. Requires three 1.5V AAA (LR03) batteries (not included).
Naturalight StarMag LED Clip-On Light - Matte Silver, $9.99 $8.59!

Needle Threader with Magnifier
For threading needles quickly and easily. For most hand and machine needles. 3" with 1" lens.

Instructions: 1.Using magnifier, insert wire loop into eye of needle. Pinch point of wire for easier insertion into eye of needle. 2.Place thread into wire loop. Pull threader out of needle.
Needle Threader with Magnifier, $2.19 $1.64!

Scissor Magnifier
Add 5X magnifying power to your favorite small scissors. Perfect for fine stitching, sewing, needlework, crafts, and hobbies. Scissors not included.
Scissor Magnifier, $2.99 On Sale for Only $2.39!!

Super Bright LED Magnifier
Great for reading small text. 18 LED's with a 3X built in magnifier. Snap cover keeps magnifier clean when not in use. Powered by 4 AAA batteries or USB cord. Touch power switch with 3 different levels of brightness.
Super Bright LED Magnifier, $18.49 $17.68!

View Stick Magnifier
Hands free, adjustable line magnifier clips directly to your pattern book. 9" long, 1" wide. It can be used on different widths of charts and can be used on either the right or left hand side. Double red lines highlight the line you are on so you don't get lost on your chart or text. Easy to move down the page as you work. Useful for cross stitch charts, knit or crochet patterns, data entry, reading, etc. Assorted colors.
View Stick Magnifier, $10.00 $8.99!

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