Q-Snap Frames - Cross Stitch

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Q-Snap Frames
Unique method to hold fabric taut while stitching. Four plastic C-shaped clamps hold the fabric onto the bars. Tension is easy to adjust. You have a smooth stitching surface around entire frame without hoop wrinkles. The Q-snap frame comes apart in seconds to store or to carry in practically any tote.
11x17 Qsnap, $16.80 $15.79!
17x17 Qsnap, $18.50 $17.99!
6x6 Qsnap, $12.30 $11.56!
8x8 Qsnap, $13.95 $13.11!

Kaleidoscope Q-Snap Replacement Clamps
Two 14 1/2" Kaleidoscope Replacement Clamps for 17" Frame Sides. Limited Edition. Replacement clamps to hold the fabric onto the Q-Snap frame. For use with the 17"x 17" Q-Snap frame (Item 123-2495) or the 11"x 17" Q-Snap frame (Item 123-2499). Two clamps per package.
Kaleidoscope Extra Clamps for 17x17 Qsnap Frames, $7.20 $6.49!
Kaleidoscope Extra Clamps for 6x6 Qsnap Frames, $8.50 $7.65!

Q-snap Covers by Yarn Tree
Tuck in the extra fabric to keep it out of your way while stitching with Q-snap frames. Keep your stitching clean and free of oils and other soiling. Come in assorted prints.
11x11 Q-snap Cover, $12.28 $10.99!
11x17 or 11x14 Q-snap Cover, $14.10 $12.69!
17x17 Q-snap Cover, $16.06 $14.39!
6x6 Q-snap Cover, $8.20 $7.39!
8x11 Q-snap Cover, $10.46 $9.39!
8x8 Q-snap Cover, $9.64 $8.69!

Q-Snap Frame Extension Piece
Single 3" extension piece. This part fits into the Q-Snap tube to make a longer frame side.
Qsnap Frame Extension Piece, $1.50 $1.35!

Q-Snap Replacement Clamps
Two Replacement Clamps for Q-Snap Frame Sides. Replacement clamps to hold the fabric onto the frame.
Extra 11 1/2" Clamps for 14" Qsnap Frame, $3.64 $3.29!
Extra 17 1/2" Clamps For 20" Qsnap Frame, $4.00 On Sale for Only $3.19!!
Extra Clamps for 17x17 Qsnap, $5.00 $4.79!
Extra Clamps for 6x6 Qsnap, $2.90 $2.59!
Extra Clamps for 8x8 Qsnap, $3.05 $2.97!

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