Swirly Snow Free Cross Stitch Pattern
by Sue Hillis

Swirly Snow by Sue Hillis

This is my vision of Swirly Snow. Having grown up in sunny California, I always felt I was missing a huge part of life—no snow!! So we “retired” in Virginia hoping to enjoy limited amounts of fluffy white flakes—we’ve been here almost 25 years and the snowfall now is less and less each year!!

I hope you enjoy the snowflakes in my design—this is the way I see them. You are encouraged to make this design in colors you would like to see the snowflakes!

X Your choice of color

Backstitches are one strand of your color choice

Finished design will fit into a standard 5” x 7” frame when stitched on 14/28 count fabric.

Suggestions are a “stormy” looking overdyed fabric using white floss…or reverse it and use a white fabric with maybe DMC 931 Antique Blue floss…or maybe even a bright red fabric with white or ecru floss! Consider a floss with a bit of sparkle, or use a blending filament for a little shine…OR maybe even some sparkly beads!

Please send me an image of your finished project (suehillisdesigns@aol.com) and I hope to post them on my website at www.suehillisdesigns.net . I am in the process of updating the site and my webgeek must be recuperating from the holidays so Joanne is posting this for me. Thanks Joanne and Jim!!

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