Boil & Bubble - Cross Stitch Pattern

Boil & Bubble - Cross Stitch Pattern

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Item: 20-2753
Type: Cross Stitch Patterns
Designer: Imaginating

"Happy Halloween" Model stitched on two over one on 14 Ct. White Aida using DMC floss. Stitch Count: 84W x 112H. Design Size: 6" x 8"

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20-2753 Boil & Bubble - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Imaginating
$7.00 $6.29  
Stitch Count: 84W x 112H
15-2287 Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Ink Circles
$10.00 $8.99  
Model stitched on 32 Ct. Whimsey linen by Picture This Plus with Gloriana Silk Floss. Stitch Count: 115W x 115H
15-2077 Witches Night Out - Cross Stitch Pattern
by With Thy Needle and Thread
$10.00 $8.99  
Model stitched on 36 Ct. Mello Linen by Picture this Plus using weeks Dye Works, Gentle Arts Sampler threads & Classic Colorworks.
Stitch count 77x77. Design Size: 5" x 5"
VS161 Stitchin' Witches - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Victoria Sampler
"Stitchin' Witches". Model stitched on 28 Ct. Summer Khaki Cashel Linen with Gloriana Silk Thread, Kreinik Mori Thread (0113), Needlepoint Inc. Thread, SJ Designs Petit Beads (1809, 1844, 1871), SJ Designs Seed Beads (1102), Mill Hill Seed Beads, Specialty Buttons micro mini round - orange, and Kreinik Mori Thread. Stitch count is 249H x 72W. Also required, but not listed above, Kreinik Silk Mori #2016
16-1938 Spooky Halloween - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Abby Rose Designs
$9.00 $8.09  
Model stitched over two using two threads on 32 Ct. Cafe Kona by R&R Reproductions. Stitched using Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler threads. (DMC alternates are 310 552 730 612 869 3031 842 833 832 946 535 3799 832)
08-2227 Toil And Trouble - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Plum Street Samplers
$9.00 $8.09  
Model stitched on 40ct. Pear Linen using Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. Stitch count: 208w x 126h. (DMC alternates are 154 169 221 310 317 433 434 676 729 829 832 902 918 938 975 3011 3829 ecru)
19-2604 Hilda's Cafe - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Rosie and Me Creations
$9.00 $8.09  
Model stitched over two on 28 Ct. Chocolate Milk using Classic Colorworks, Dinky Dyes Silk, Gentle Art Sampler Threads, and Weeks Dye Works (or all DMC floss 783, 733, 3866, 318, 209, 898, 333, 317, 3787, 3024, 919, 970, 725, 435, 936, 3012). Specialty Stitch Used: French Knot. Stitch Count: 102W x 126H. Design Size: 8.6" x 7.1"
13-2563 Toil and Trouble - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Glendon Place
$12.00 Sale $9.59  
"Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble." Model stitched on 28 Ct. Flash Opalescent Cashel line from Picture This Plus with DMC floss and Mill Hill Beads. Stitch Count: 157W x 143H. Design Size: 12" x 11"
19-1308 Spooky Cauldron - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Needle Bling Designs
$8.00 Sale $6.39  
Model stitched two over two on 30 Ct. Banana Popsicle using Gentle Art Sampler Threads and Weeks Dye Works (or all DMC floss 704, 310, 603, white, 333, 606, 845, 310). Stitch Count: 70H x 56W. Design Size 4 3/4" x 3 3/4" Trim used is from Dame of the Needle - From the Cauldron (Bam-Purple) Mini Pom Pom.
19-1895 Witch's Brew - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Stoney Creek
$8.95 Sale $7.16  
Model stitched on 28 Ct. Vintage Stormy Night Lugana using DMC floss. Also required but not listed above small smooth winged bat button, SB017S and small spider button, SB355S from Stoney Creek. Stitch count is 129W x 168H.
HD-182 Cauldron Cleaner - Scary Apothecary - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Hands On Design
$6.00 $5.39  
"Cauldron Cleaner with enhanced Spell Check" Model stitched over 2 threads on 32 Ct. Winter Wishes linen from Fabrics by Stephanie with Classic Colorworks floss (or DMC 3819, 317, 3853, 3849, 169, 316) and Kreinik #4 Braid. Stitch Count: 51x74. Finished size: 3.18" x 4.6"
MI04 All Hallow's Eve - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Michelle Ink Needlework Designs
Clearance $9.59  
"Cauldron bubbles, spider weaves, black cat prowls, on All Hallow's Eve." Model stitched on 32 Ct. Vintage Tundra by Lakeside Linens with Silk N Colors, Crescent Colours Belle Soie Silks, and Petite Treasure Braid (need PB57 and PB10). Stitch Count: 343H x 85W. Also required, but not listed above - Thread Gatherer Silk N Colors #256 - or equivalent.
D6158 Hocus Pocus - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Barbara Ana Designs
$11.98 $10.78  
Models stitched on an 32 Ct. Oatmeal Evenweave with Valdani 6 Strand Overdyed Floss (or DMC floss 301, 310, 415, 433, 831, 918, 3045/3046). Also required, but not listed above Cape Cod Cottage and Shaded Brick from Valdani. Stitch Count: 119x62. Design Size: 7.56" x 4"
17-1960 Halloween March Drum - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Dames of the Needle
$10.50 $9.45  
PM-CP110 October Snapshot - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Pine Mountain Designs
$9.00 $8.49  
"October". Model stitched on 32 Ct. Vintage Country Mocha Linen with DMC 6 Strand floss. Stitch Count: 96W x 62H. Finished Size: 6W" x 4H".
12-2794 Fancey Blackett's - Brooms - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Pineberry Lane
$12.00 $10.79  
"Brooms". Model stitched on 30 Ct. Beige linen with DMC floss. Finished size approximately 9 1/2" x 9". Includes instructions for aging fabric.
WW000-287 Tribal Cauldron - Cross Stitch Pattern
by White Willow Stitching
$8.00 Sale $6.39  
Model stitched on 28 Ct. Wistful Wisteria Monaco by Fabtastic Hand Dyed Fabrics with DMC floss. Stitch Count: 140x114. Design Size: 10" x 9"
F86 Halloween Boo Club - Brew/Monster - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Lizzie Kate
$9.00 $8.09  
Brew and Monster are the ninth and tenth of twelve designs from the Halloween Series. Models stitched on 30 Ct. Weeks Dye Works Mocha linen with Gentle Arts Sampler threads and Weeks Dye Works. Stitch Count for each design is 77W x 38H. Includes buttons. (DMC alternates are 937 3822 720 3853 3348 829 310 3809 3837 3740 712 3833) The series is stitched on 32 count Dirty Belfast Linen and has a stitch count of 77W x 338H.
01-2185 Wicked Witch - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Bobbie G Designs
$8.00 $7.19  
There's a full moon and the witches and goblins are out tonight!
Model stitched on 14ct Black Aida using DMC floss.
Design size approximately 11" x 13".
12-1984 Knock Knock - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Prairie Schooler
$4.00 $3.59  
Model is stitched on 32 count Lambswool Linen using DMC floss. Stitch count is 75W x 97H.
13-2203 Halloween Season of the Witches - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Bobbie G Designs
$6.00 $5.39  
Model stitched on 14 Ct. Ivory aida using DMC floss. Stitch count: 151W x 54H. Design Size: 11" x 4"
HB610908 Halloween Moon - Halloween Silhouette 2016
by Handblessings
Model stitched on 14 Ct. Prank, Tropical Orange, or Orange Pumpkin aida with DMC floss. Stitch Count: 81x81. Design Size: 6" x 6" Comes with cat, witch, and owl charms.
KDS-2486 Wreaths of the Month - Holidays Cross Stitch Pattern
by Kooler Design Studio
If stitching a full size traditional sampler seems too daunting, try stitching these 12 tiny wreaths instead. These adorable and charming little samplers fit the seasons and each month of the year and look fabulous as a grouping consisting of all twelve or stitch one at a time as birthday gifts, cards, bookmarks or in small frames for that special friend.

Stitch count 161w X 116h. Finished size on 14-ct fabric 11-1/2" X 8-1/2". Model stitched on 14 Count White Aida Fabric.
17-2535 Sei Personaggi in Cerca Di Halloween (Halloween Pinkeeps)
by Cuore E Batticuore
$11.00 $9.89  
Model stitched on 32 Ct. Cream linen with DMC floss. Stitch Count: 66 x 90. Design Size: 5" x 6"