Folding Stand for Needlework 6" x 9"

Folding Stand for Needlework 6" x 9"

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Item: 123-8285
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: LoRan
Size: 6" x 9"

This compact, lightweight stand holds your graphs and books in a convenient upright position. Folds flat for easy storage.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 07/06/2020 - Folding stand
This product years ago was made very well. It’s very weak and not worth much. I wouldn’t want it if it was free. Very sad.

from United States on 06/07/2019
I am not happy with the slant on my new folding stand. My older one has a more erect slant making it easier to see the graph.

from United States on 02/26/2019 - Handy
This is great to hold my pattern while stitching. The arched band that goes behind the pattern could be a little stronger though. It bends pretty easily.

from United States on 02/04/2016 - A great help!
This folding stand is a time saver! Paired with the flexible magnetic board, my hands are free to stitch while my pattern is in full view and I can mark where I leave off the magnetic strip. Love it, thanks.

from United States on 02/28/2015 - Cheaply made
The design of this stand is good. It's simply made, easy to use and lays flat for storage. The problem is that it is made of extremely cheap plastic. It's very soft and flimsy. I've used it 6-8 times and it's leaning sideways to the point that it's barely standing. If I very gently stand it up, push the plastic frame into place and don't touch it, it will stand. This would be a great product, 5 stars, if made of metal or a good sturdy plastic.

from United States on 06/16/2014 - loran folding stand

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123-8285 Folding Stand for Needlework 6" x 9"
by LoRan
$9.59 $8.26
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This compact, lightweight stand holds your graphs and books in a convenient upright position. Folds flat for easy storage.
SAR-2130 PROP-IT Portable Bookrest, Copyholder, and Device Stand
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Portable and collapsible, the Prop-It Bookrest is made of lightweight, durable plastic, with an elastic band for holding books open. Extend the adjustable paper supports for oversized papers up to 14"X18". Collapses flat to just 8"X11" for easy packing, carrying or storing.
FF204 Needlework Notions Mini Magnets
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Set of 8 mini ceramic magnets.
SAR-2165 PROP-IT Magnetic Needlework Chart Holder with Magnifier
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A collapsible stand made of durable black plastic. The adjustable support holds oversized materials, including charts, patterns, magazines, leaflets and books. Elastic page holder keeps books open and papers secure. Folds open instantly and closes flat to 8-1/2" x 11" for storage and portability. Includes magnets in different sizes and a 5" bar magnifier.
SAR-2173 PROP-IT Portable Hands-Free Needlework Chart Holder
by S A Richards
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Place the chart on the stand with the board behind it and the magnets (in different sizes) are designed to be positioned on the chart to highlight the stitching sequences and moved as the work progresses. Elastic page holder keeps the books opened and pages secured. Holder holds individual charts, patterns, magazines, leaflets and books. Folds open instantly and closes flat to 8x11in for convenient storage and portability. This package contains one collapsible stand made of durable black plastic with adjustable supports for over-sized books and charts, a freestanding magnetic board and magnetic strips. Made in USA.
123-4260 Mini Chaser Magnets - Needlework Accessory
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Cutest little magnets, and very powerful for their size. Lightweight, they make perfect Mini Chaser Magnets. Especially nice for smaller projects because they are light and stay out of the way of your stitching area. Rare earth magnets are powerful and brittle. Not for young children; keep away from electronic equipment.
DMC-U1638 DMC Needlework Project Keeper
by DMC
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Perfect to store unfinished needlework projects. Simply lay a project on the quilted fabric and roll it up for safe keeping. The tube inside can be used to store embroidery scissors, threads and other supplies. 24"w X 16-1/2"h. Turquoise W/White Floral Print.
ZAP-162 Snowflake Stand - Christmas Zappy Dots Needle Nanny
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Cute little magnetic Needle Nanny featuring a winter shop selling snowflakes! Perfect for accompanying "Snowflake Stand - Snow Village 3" from Country Cottage Needleworks. Measures 1"

The magnetic back is removable, which allows it to be worn as a pin, and the powerful magnetic surface acts as a needle minder to keep your needles and scissors firmly in place while you work.
CH-12135 Needlework Graph Paper 8 1/2" x 11"
by Crafters Helper
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Printed graph paper is ideal for designing original needlework. Graph paper allows stitcher to use color or symbols to visualize the finished product. Black ink. Each pad consists of 40 assorted 8-1/2" x 11" sheets: eight 10 count, twelve 11 count, twelve 14 count and eight 18 count sheets. Protective cover page.
123-3020 Fabri-Care 8 oz. Jar Fabric Cleaner
by Yarn Tree
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Fabri-Care, 8 Ounce Jar. Now you can use the same cleaning formula used by museums to clean priceless textile works. FabriCare, containing 100% Orvus, is a safe and effective cleaner without the oils, perfumes, and additives found in household detergents (which can leave an oily residue that will attract dirt). Prewashing fabrics and threads with FabriCare before stitching will dramatically reduce the risk of colors bleeding. For cross stitch, crewel, quilting, and most types of needlework. Not recommended for needlepoint (water will remove the sizing in the canvas). Use 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of water. Environmentally safe. Contains no phosphates.
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DMC Floss color card with actual thread samples! This color card is made with the actual strands of 454 35 NEW solid colors and 18 variegated DMC Six-Strand Floss colors, Color Variations floss, Light Effects floss, Pearl Cotton, and Metallic Pearl.