Tulip Serrated Edge Tracing Wheel

Tulip Serrated Edge Tracing Wheel

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Tulip Serrated Edge Tracing WheelTulip Serrated Edge Tracing Wheel

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Item: TNC-017392
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Tulip Needle Company

The tracing wheel with serrated edges is useful to mark the fabric directly! When you use tracing paper, please use the tracing wheel with blunt edges.

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TNC-017408 Tulip Blunt Edge Tracing Wheel
by Tulip Needle Company
$10.39 Sale $8.61
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The tracing wheel with blunt edges is useful to mark the fabric through tracing paper. The edges are blunt so it won't tear the paper! When you wish to mark the fabric directly, please use TNC-017392, a tracing wheel with serrated edges.
TNC-017361 Tulip Third Hand Kakehari Clamp Tool
by Tulip Needle Company
$7.79 $7.31
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The third hand (kakehari) gives the fabric proper tension to work quickly and easily, and is useful for basting, binding, embroidery, piecing, patchwork, and Sashiko stitchwork!
TNC-017385 Tulip Awl Hand Tool
by Tulip Needle Company
$12.49 $11.73
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The awl tool has many uses! The sharp tip is optimal for detailed work like making holes, doll-making, picking out a stitched corner, removing basting thread, and so on.
SING-47300 Singer Sewer's Mate Multi Tool
by Singer Notions
$26.49 $23.83
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The SINGER Sewer's Mate Multi Tool is eleven sewing and maintenance tools in one. This tool kit includes a solid handle with eleven interchangeable tool heads.

For sewing machine maintenance, it includes a magnifier, a Philip's screwdriver, two flat head screwdrivers, and a lint brush. Fo... Read more
DRITZ-953D Dritz Seam-Fix Tool
by Dritz
$15.89 $14.88
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This multi-purpose tool has protective caps to cover the tools for storage but also function as handles during use. A handy tool to keep next to your sewing machine. Fine blade seam ripper for cutting unwanted stitches and rubbery thread eraser handle to grab and erase threads away.

Fine ... Read more
123-U1541 DMC Embroidery Tracing Paper
by DMC
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Now any line drawing can be transferred onto apparel or a home decor item, then quickly stitched for a customized look. Premium quality, wax-free paper which is less powdery and better grade than most tracing papers. Includes two 8-1/2"x11" sheets of tracing paper - one blue (light/medium co... Read more
UCH-922-2A Marvy Transfer Pen - 2 Per Package
by Uchida
$4.09 $3.68
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Trace and transfer on light colored fabrics. Draw over tracing paper and transfer with an iron. See the image transfer over! This package contains two 5-3/4 inch long transfer pens.
ISE-807 It's Sew Emma Cross Stitch Line Keepers
by Lori Holt
$9.98 $9.57
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Never lose track of your stitches with the Cross Stitch Line Keeper by It's Sew Emma! These magnetic line keepers attach to your chart, so you can easily see exactly where you are at all times. Set includes four folding line keepers, two 1"X6" and two 1"X7.5".
132000 Fiskars Tabletop Seam Ripper
by Fiskars
$15.59 $14.76
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Fiskars Tabletop Seam Ripper is an easy-to-use, tabletop tool that provides a faster, less stressful way to rip seams-without damaging your fabric. The spring-loaded, powerful suction cup attaches to nearly any non-porous work surface and locks securely in place, allowing you to keep both hands on y... Read more
DRITZ-274 Pin Magnet - Coral Cat
by Dritz
$6.39 $5.99
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The Dritz magnetic pin holder features a cat shaped surface with a suction cup base for use on the front of your sewing machine or any smooth work surface. Your pins and needles are always within close reach as you work. The cat shape is sure to bring a smile to the cat loving sewist, quilter and cr... Read more
ISE-802 It's Sew Emma Cross Stitch Key
by Lori Holt
$14.00 $12.99
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The ultimate reference tool for cross stitch! Featuring four functions, this Cross Stitch Key by It's Sew Emma is convenient and handy. It displays a Reference Guide for floss count and needle size, a Cloth Counter to help figure out fabric, a Ruler for general measurement, and a Corner Guide to help position your designs. On high contrast gray and white, this notion is easy on the eyes as well.
TLR-014059 Taylor Seville One Touch Thread Genie
by Taylor Seville
$23.00 $20.71
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This hot-tipped device eliminates frayed or raw thread ends and prevents unraveling. Perfect anywhere thread ends need to be sealed. Requires (1) AA battery, not included.
123-360A Allary Magnetic Pin Wand
by Allary
$2.25 $1.99
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Designed for the quick and safe pick-up of small metal. Pick up small pins and needles safely. A great addition to your sewing kit.
123-7868 Wood Laying Tools - Set of 6
by Yarn Tree
$49.50 $44.55
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Set of 6 beautiful and unique wood laying tools. Smoothly polished for comfortable use in all types of needlework. Longest laying tool is 5 1/2" and the shortest is 5".
TNC-017330 Tulip Needle Threader
by Tulip Needle Company
$2.09 $1.99
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The needle threader makes it easier to thread even the finest of threads!
TNC-017354 Tulip Bodkin - Black - 2 Per Pkg
by Tulip Needle Company
$4.19 $3.93
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There are two types of bodkin in this set. The jagged grip is for wide elastic bands or tape, whereas the ball tip is for thin elastic, cord or string.
TNC-017347 Tulip Needle Threader - Black
by Tulip Needle Company
$2.59 $2.42
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The needle threader makes for effortless threading. Suitable for both hand and machine sewing.
ZAP-220 Cutter Wheel - Megan Dougherty - Zappy Dots Needle Nanny
by Zappy Dots
$14.00 $11.99
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Cute little magnetic Needle Nanny featuring a ring of scissors! Measures 1"

The magnetic back is removable, which allows it to be worn as a pin, and the powerful magnetic surface acts as a needle minder to keep your needles and scissors firmly in place while you work.
123-442 Needle Grippers With Titanium Oxide Finish
by Tool Tron
$11.89 $10.81
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The perfect tool for all of your intricate projects. 5" inch sewing and quilting needlegripper with a titanium oxide finish.
FF631 My Power Tool - Ceramic Magnet
by Fabric Fanatics
Sale $2.06
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Ceramic Magnet approximately 2" x 2". "My Power Tool"
DRITZ-888-43 Lime - Bobbin Boat
by Dritz
$5.29 Sale $4.38
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Compact enough to slip into the side pocket of a rolling sewing machine tote or throw into a small sewing basket, all while keeping bobbins neat and tidy. Holds ten class 66 and/or class 15 bobbins. Curved interior hugs bobbins securely in place. This package contains one 4-7/8x1 inch bobbin boat.
C8810 Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool Needle Threader
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.99 $4.28
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Designed specifically for easy threading of embroidery stitching tool. Threaders are 5 inches (127 mm) long.
123-1500T Clip-On Retracto Reel - Neon Green
by Tool Tron
$3.79 $3.46
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For holding small scissors, pens and other light objects. Expands to 16".