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C454 Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Silver
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.50 $6.75  
This very clever thread cutter is also very decorative! It has a sharp circular blade inside the antique silver exterior. Notched edge cleanly and quickly cuts threads without any harm to fingers. Pendant can be set atop a thread reel for easy access or strung on a decorative ribbon and used as a pendant.
123-3104 Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Gold (C455)
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.50 $6.75  
Thread cutters by Clover Needlecraft are great gadgets for quick thread cutting! The Thread Cutter Ring features a brass ring with a stainless steel blade that can be easily adjusted to fit any finger. The Thread Cutter Pendant is designed with a sharp circular blade inside so threads can be cut using any of the grooves.