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COL-SM100 ThimblePad
by Colonial Needles
$8.19 $7.68  
Works like a thimble, feels like a dream! Comfortable enough to wear all day. Reusable self-adhesive leather pad sticks to your fingertip and is tough enough to handle the heaviest stitching projects. Its lightweight construction gives you more needle control, so even the finest and most delicate stitching is a pleasure. Keep handy - sticks to any hard surface: quilting frame, sewing machine, ruler, scissors or sewing box.
COL-CNT1 Colonial 2-in-1 Needle Threader
by Colonial Needles
$4.39 $4.09  
Two-In-One Needle Threader. This is the only needle threader you'll ever need. It has two sizes of sturdy wire threaders nested in a single handle. The handle is even long enough to let you reach and thread your sewing machines needles quickly and easily! This package contains one 4-1/4 inch tall needle threader.
COL-SM201 Under Thimble Adhesive Replacements - 8 per package
by Colonial Needles
$3.19 $3.05  
Adhesive Replacements are used to secure the UlrtaThimble and UnderThimble to fingertips. Each pad can be used again and again. 8 pads per package.
COL-SM700 Ultra Thimble - 8 per package
by Colonial Needles
$8.69 $8.14  
Simply the ultimate thimble for any hand stitching. Made of stainless steel with precision-cut dimples for great needle control. Secured to finger with special reusable adhesive. Attach one to your upper pushing finger (or thumb) and another to your under deflecting finger. Stitch pain free for hours at a time. Additional Adhesive Replacements sold separately. One size fits all.
COL-SM420 ThimblePack Plus
by Colonial Needles
$9.95 $9.15  
Superior protection for stitching fingers! Made of stainless steel with deep molded impressions to push needles at any angle. Raised edge prevents needle slips, fabric stains and sore fingers. This package contains one thimble crown, one thimble dimple, eight adhesives, twelve needle grips, twelve thimble pads and four thimble-it in one 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" case. Latex free.
COL-SM200 Reusable Under Thimble - 8 per package
by Colonial Needles
$6.30 Sale $5.12  
Deflect the point of the needle with the UnderThimble. Eliminate stained fabric and painful needle punctures on the under hand. Thin dome-shaped protector snugly fits the fingertip and is secured with special reusable adhesive.
123-2595 Thimble-It
by Colonial Needles
$5.40 $4.79  
No more sore fingers. These natural feeling self-adhesive finger pads make any needlework easier and more comfortable. 64 pads per package. From Colonial Needle.