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DBG-067295 Everyday Occasions - Clear Stamp
by Doodlebug
$14.99 Sale $11.98  
Clear stamp from Doodlebug featuring a year's worth of everyday occasions for your calendar! Includes "birthday" with cupcake, "party" with balloon, "anniversary" with wine, "wedding" with cake, "me time" with tape, "crafting" with scissors, "night out" with hamburger, "cheat day" with fries...

..."day off" with TV, "pay day" with money, "award ceremony" with award, "vacation" with suitcase, "doctor" with bandages, "dentist" with tooth, "haircut" with scissors, "work out" with dumbbell, "movie" with popcorn, "concert" with tickets, "game day" with finger, and "shopping" with bag!