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CCT-018 Hydrangea - Classic Colorworks Cotton Floss
by Classic Colorworks
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A hand dyed floss from Classic Colorworks (Crescent Colours) that begins with 100% cotton DMC six strand floss and gentle fabric dyes designed specifically for cotton. Available in a variety of beautiful colors that work well with punch needle and cross stitch. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
712-4025 Hydrangea - Sulky 12wt Blendables Cotton Petites Thread
by Sulky
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You will be dazzled and amazed at the intriguing results you will get with Sulky 12 wt. Cotton Blendables Thread. These multicolor threads are a masterful blend of different colors within the same range of tone and intensity, with random, subtle color changes every 2-1/2 to 5 inches! No other thread does this! 50 yards.
517-4504 DMC Coloris Floss 4504 - Hydrangea
by DMC
$1.54 $1.55
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Create a beautiful story with Coloris Floss. A multi-color, 100% cotton 6-strand embroidery floss. Each skein has 4 complimentary shades in 1 thread with little gradation; colors change almost with every stitch, every 5cm.
GLT-SF0081 Gloriana Silk Floss #081 Hydrangea
by Gloriana Threads
$8.50 $7.99
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This spun silk has silk's beauty, luster, and shine but doesn't catch on your hands. Gloriana Silk is soft and remarkably easy to use. 12 strand silk, 6 yard skein.
T11011 Threadworx Floss 5 Yard - Hydrangea (11011)
by Threadworx
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A premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
T20-11011 Threadworx Floss 20 Yard - Hydrangea (11011)
by Threadworx
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A premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Sold in 20 yard skeins.
S-208 Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Hydrangea
by Dinky Dyes
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Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
SP181 Rainbow Gallery Petite Silk Lame Braid - SP181 Hydrangea
by Rainbow Gallery
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92% Silk, 5% Rayon, 3% Metalized Polyester. 20 yard cards. Hand washable, but test first. Silk and metallic braided together in a Petite size which is perfect for 18 mesh canvas. Great for open background stitches where you want the painted canvas to show also perfect for intricate shaded canvases. Can also work for lighter coverage for larger mesh canvases. With a wide range of colors Silk Lame Petite makes and excellent thread for beading.
CAC-034 Blue Hydrangea #034 - Colour and Cotton Thread
by Colour and Cotton
$3.00 $2.79
Upcoming Release
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Each Colour and Cotton cotton skein is hand dyed on a DMC base and comprised of 8 yards, packaged in individual cut-yard lengths on a hang tag. Our threads are soft, easy to work with and provide great coverage on a variety of fabrics!

COLOR VARIATION: Color swatches are representative of the general sense of each color. Color may vary by base cotton, digital monitor, etc. We make every effort to maintain consistency in our colors, but please note that dye lots over time will vary. This is natural and part of what makes hand dyed fibers so special and unique to work with!