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Lilies Thread and Floss

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Weeks Dye Works - Lily Pad #2194
by Weeks Dye Works
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Hand Over-Dyed Floss, Sold in 5 yard Skeins. The colors are variegated enough to be noticeable, yet subtle enough to blend naturally. Because it is pliable, this fiber is perfect for cross stitch and needlepoint on many different counts of fabric and canvas. It is also works great for punch needle (... Read more
Water Lilies - Color Variations Floss (4040)
by DMC
$1.55 $1.19
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The beauty of unique color variations blended into one thread. Color Variations gives you the look of hand dyed floss with the added quality and reassurance that they are made by DMC. Twenty-four beautiful multi-color and tone on tone shades that are colorfast.

Create one of a kind needlewo... Read more
Tiger Lily #330 - Colour and Cotton Thread
by Colour and Cotton
$3.00 $2.79
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Each Colour and Cotton cotton skein is hand dyed on a DMC base and comprised of 8 yards, packaged in individual cut-yard lengths on a hang tag. Our threads are soft, easy to work with and provide great coverage on a variety of fabrics!

COLOR VARIATION: Color swatches are representative of t... Read more
Lily Pad - Belle Soie Silk Floss
by Classic Colorworks
$8.00 $7.49
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Classic Colorworks (Crescent Colours) silks are hand dyed with the same creative eye and flair you've come to enjoy in their cotton flosses, with a softness unmatched in other silks. They start with a 12-stranded spun silk, and package them into 5-yard skeins.
Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Tiger Lily
by Dinky Dyes
$4.50 $4.23
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Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
Color Variations Pearl Cotton Size 5 DMC Floss #4040
by DMC
$3.41 $2.99
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Water Lilies. 27 yards. Beautifully overdyed-type shades in DMC's lustrous Pearl Cotton size 5 thread. Completely colorfast, and consistent color blend from skein to skein. 100% cotton thread with same color range and numbering system as DMC's Color Variations floss line. A unique beauty of overdyed thread, with a premium quality guarantee behind it!
Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Lovely Lily
by Dinky Dyes
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Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
Sampler Threads - Tiger Lily
by The Gentle Art
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Six Strand hand over-dyed floss. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
Silk N Colors 0334 - Sea Lily
by Thread Gatherer
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100% silk, 12-ply, 5 yard skeins. Silk N Colors initially separates into 3 groups of 4-ply. Before stitching, separate and put together the desired number of ply. Cross-stitching: we recommend 1-ply on 30 count or finer, 2-ply on 28 count linen, 4-ply on 18 count. Needlepoint: we recommend 4-ply on 18 count canvas and 6 to 8 ply on 12 to 13 count canvas.
Threadworx Vineyard Silk Floss - Tiger Lily (V165)
by Threadworx
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Vineyard Silk Classic. Artisan dyed by ThreadworX. 100% Pure Chinese Silk. Twisted. 20 yard skeins.
Gloriana Silk Floss #252 Peruvian Lily
by Gloriana Threads
$8.50 $7.99
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This spun silk has silk's beauty, luster, and shine but doesn't catch on your hands. Gloriana Silk is soft and remarkably easy to use. 12 strand silk, 6 yard skein.
Caron Wildflowers - Lily of the Valley (#330)
by Caron Collection
$4.40 Sale $3.52
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A single strand hand-dyed cotton in variegated colors. It has more of a matte finish when stitched. Use one or more strands as required by the ground fabric. One strand is approximately the same weight as flower thread or Medicis wool. It is between a #8 and #12 pearl cotton in weight. It is availab... Read more
Caron Waterlilies - Lily of the Valley (#330)
by Caron Collection
$7.10 Sale $5.75
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Hand-dyed 12 ply spun silk. 6 yard skein. Easily divided, it fits beautifully on many fabric and canvas sizes. Four plies work well on 18 count canvas, two plies cover 18 count fabric for cross stitch. Also use two plies for cross stitch over two threads on 28 count fabric. Good for surface embellishment on quilts.
Lily 343 - Cosmo Cotton Embroidery Floss 8m
by Lecien Japan
Sale 99¢
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Six strand, colorfast, Egyptian cotton floss.