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T-038 Added January 2nd
Tool 'n One - Black
by Spellbinders
$15.00 $13.49
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The Spellbinders Tool 'n One is a crafter's dream - all your tools at your fingertips. Now in a new sleek black color! It is a portable tool that performs multiple craft functions, including piercing, paper removal and many more! In addition, it provides a unique storage solution. The Tool &... Read more
T-030 Added January 2nd
Main Attraction Magnet Tool - White
by Spellbinders
$17.00 $15.29
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The Main Attraction attracts our die templates because it has a magnet inside! Easily collects and stores dies, pins and more. Perfect for finding dies that may be buried in our "messier" craft space! You can use to organize your dies or place them on the Main Attraction as a holder until you are ready to use. Also perfect to find that needle

Approximate Size: 3.75 x 3.75 x 4 in