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PB50 Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid - PB50 Seashell
by Rainbow Gallery
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65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester. 25 Yard Cards. Hand Washable, Test First. Made in Japan & USA. A 3-ply braided metallic, Treasure Braid Petite is for very fine work or to combine with other threads. Light coverage for 18 count but works great for Cross Stitch too.
WC161 Caron Watercolours - Seashell (#161)
by Caron Collection
$4.60 $4.29
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Hand-dyed 3 strand pima cotton with the same versatility as Persian wool. For needlepoint use one ply on 18 count, two plies on 13 count canvas. Use one ply for cross stitch on 11-20 count fabric, or cross stitch over two threads on 18 count fabric. Quilters use for big stitch, tied quilts, crazy quilts. 10 yard skein.
WL161 Caron Waterlilies - Seashell (#161)
by Caron Collection
$7.10 $6.59
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Hand-dyed 12 ply spun silk. 6 yard skein. Easily divided, it fits beautifully on many fabric and canvas sizes. Four plies work well on 18 count canvas, two plies cover 18 count fabric for cross stitch. Also use two plies for cross stitch over two threads on 28 count fabric. Good for surface embellishment on quilts.
2512-833 Seashell Pink - Cosmo Cotton Embroidery Floss 8m
by Lecien Japan
Sale 99¢
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Six strand, colorfast, Egyptian cotton floss.