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W2218 Weeks Dye Works - Sally's Sunshine #2218
by Weeks Dye Works
Hand Over-Dyed Floss, Sold in 5 yard Skeins. The colors are variegated enough to be noticeable, yet subtle enough to blend naturally. Because it is pliable, this fiber is perfect for cross stitch and needlepoint on many different counts of fabric and canvas. It is also works great for punch needle (1, 3 and 6 strand) and stitching on wool applique and penny rugs. It gives a more subtle appearance to the fine stitching on applique than some of the heavier fibers like pearl cotton.
V4077 Morning Sunshine - Color Variations Floss (4077)
by DMC
The beauty of unique color variations blended into one thread. Color Variations gives you the look of hand dyed floss with the added quality and reassurance that they are made by DMC. Twenty-four beautiful multi-color and tone on tone shades that are colorfast. Create one of a kind needlework designs with a new shade revealed every 5 to 7 stitches. Let the unique color reveal itself in just a few simple stitches. Article 417.
CCT-072 Sunshine Girl - Classic Colorworks Cotton Floss
by Classic Colorworks
A hand dyed floss from Classic Colorworks (Crescent Colours) that begins with 100% cotton DMC six strand floss and gentle fabric dyes designed specifically for cotton. Available in a variety of beautiful colors that work well with punch needle and cross stitch. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
712-1124 Sun Yellow - Sulky 12wt Cotton Petites Thread 50 yds
by Sulky
Sulky Petites Cotton Thread is the handiest handwork thread because it is easier, faster and more fun than floss! Since one strand of Sulky 12 wt. Petites Cotton Thread is equivalent to two strands of floss, there are huge benefits to you: (1) You no longer have to separate floss (2) There is no tangling (3) You can cut any length you want, and (4) With the snap-end spool, storage is tidy with no loss of color identity.
S-049 Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Tropic Sunshine
by Dinky Dyes
$4.50 $4.23  
Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
SNC-1081 Silk N Colors 1081 - Mid-Day Sun
by Thread Gatherer
100% silk, 12-ply, 5 yard skeins. Silk N Colors initially separates into 3 groups of 4-ply. Before stitching, separate and put together the desired number of ply. Cross-stitching: we recommend 1-ply on 30 count or finer, 2-ply on 28 count linen, 4-ply on 18 count. Needlepoint: we recommend 4-ply on 18 count canvas and 6 to 8 ply on 12 to 13 count canvas.
415-5-4077 Color Variations Pearl Cotton Size 5 DMC Floss #4077
by DMC
Morning Sunshine. 27 yards. Beautifully overdyed-type shades in DMC's lustrous Pearl Cotton size 5 thread. Completely colorfast, and consistent color blend from skein to skein. 100% cotton thread with same color range and numbering system as DMC's Color Variations floss line. A unique beauty of overdyed thread, with a premium quality guarantee behind it!
CCS-099 Sun Drenched Violets - Belle Soie Silk Floss
by Classic Colorworks
$7.80 $7.49  
Classic Colorworks (Crescent Colours) silks are hand dyed with the same creative eye and flair you've come to enjoy in their cotton flosses, with a softness unmatched in other silks. They start with a 12-stranded spun silk, and package them into 5-yard skeins.
T20-01029 Threadworx Floss 20 Yard - Sun Shadows (1029)
by Threadworx
A premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Sold in 20 yard skeins.
V170 Threadworx Vineyard Silk Floss - Sun Dried Tomato (V170)
by Threadworx
Vineyard Silk Classic. Artisan dyed by ThreadworX. 100% Pure Chinese Silk. Twisted. 20 yard skeins.
WP2218 Sally's Sunshine - Weeks Dye Works Pearl Cotton #5
by Weeks Dye Works
These pearl cottons are 100% hand over-dyed cotton. These fibers are perfect for needlepoint and can be used on different mesh canvas. The #5 draws some attention to the stitches on an appliqued piece, without taking away from the overall design. 10 yard skeins.
GLT-SF0092 Gloriana Silk Floss #092 Lucky Old Sun
by Gloriana Threads
$8.00 $7.19  
This spun silk has silk's beauty, luster, and shine but doesn't catch on your hands. Gloriana Silk is soft and remarkably easy to use. 12 strand silk, 6 yard skein.
T01029 Threadworx Floss 5 Yard - Sun Shadows (1029)
by Threadworx
A premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, 100% Egyptian Giza cotton. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
S-044 Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Pacific Sunshine
by Dinky Dyes
Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
2512-224 Sun-dried Tomato - Cosmo Cotton Embroidery Floss 8m
by Lecien Japan
Sale 99¢  
Six strand, colorfast, Egyptian cotton floss.
2512-342 Sun Orange - Cosmo Cotton Embroidery Floss 8m
by Lecien Japan
Six strand, colorfast, Egyptian cotton floss.