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G7071 Sampler Threads - Sunflower
by The Gentle Art
Simply Shaker threads by The Gentle Art. Six Strand hand over-dyed floss. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
CCT-200 Sunflower - Classic Colorworks Cotton Floss
by Classic Colorworks
A hand dyed floss from Classic Colorworks (Crescent Colours) that begins with 100% cotton DMC six strand floss and gentle fabric dyes designed specifically for cotton. Available in a variety of beautiful colors that work well with punch needle and cross stitch. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
GLT-SF0130 Gloriana Silk Floss #130 Sunflower
by Gloriana Threads
$8.00 $7.19  
This spun silk has silk's beauty, luster, and shine but doesn't catch on your hands. Gloriana Silk is soft and remarkably easy to use. 12 strand silk, 6 yard skein.
WF251 Caron Wildflowers - Sunflower Seed (#251)
by Caron Collection
$4.40 $4.09  
A single strand hand-dyed cotton in variegated colors. It has more of a matte finish when stitched. Use one or more strands as required by the ground fabric. One strand is approximately the same weight as flower thread or Medicis wool. It is between a #8 and #12 pearl cotton in weight. It is available in all the same colors as Watercolours and the two threads can be used very successfully together for hardanger embroidery. Can be used for bobbin work on quilts. 36 yard skein.
WC251 Caron Watercolours - Sunflower Seed (#251)
by Caron Collection
$4.60 $4.29  
Hand-dyed 3 strand pima cotton with the same versatility as Persian wool. For needlepoint use one ply on 18 count, two plies on 13 count canvas. Use one ply for cross stitch on 11-20 count fabric, or cross stitch over two threads on 18 count fabric. Quilters use for big stitch, tied quilts, crazy quilts. 10 yard skein.
S-032 Dinky Dyes Silk Thread - Sunflower
by Dinky Dyes
Luxurious hand-dyed 6 strand spun silk sold in 8 meter skeins.
WL251 Caron Waterlilies - Sunflower Seed (#251)
by Caron Collection
$7.10 $6.59  
Hand-dyed 12 ply spun silk. 6 yard skein. Easily divided, it fits beautifully on many fabric and canvas sizes. Four plies work well on 18 count canvas, two plies cover 18 count fabric for cross stitch. Also use two plies for cross stitch over two threads on 28 count fabric. Good for surface embellishment on quilts.
SNC-0030 Silk N Colors 0030 - Sunflower Yellow
by Thread Gatherer
100% silk, 12-ply, 5 yard skeins. Silk N Colors initially separates into 3 groups of 4-ply. Before stitching, separate and put together the desired number of ply. Cross-stitching: we recommend 1-ply on 30 count or finer, 2-ply on 28 count linen, 4-ply on 18 count. Needlepoint: we recommend 4-ply on 18 count canvas and 6 to 8 ply on 12 to 13 count canvas.