Iron-On Transfer Pencil - Red

Iron-On Transfer Pencil - Red

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Item: DRITZ-684
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Dritz

Transfers designs from paper to fabric with iron. Trace or draw your own designs. Always test pencil on swatch of fabric to be sure marks will transfer satisfactorily. 1.Draw design on plain sheet of paper or trace design using tissue paper. Make dark lines for a clear transfer. NOTE - Design will be reversed when transferred. 2.Position paper design side down on fabric. 3.Set dry iron on "Cotton" setting, press for 5-10 seconds. 4.Without moving the design, lift one corner to check transfer. Press again, if necessary. Use only when design will be covered by paint, thread, embroidery floss, etc.

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from United States on 03/24/2014 - Still in pkg
I have not used it yet, so cannot honestly rate it.

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