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New Cross Stitch Supplies

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CTP-20467 Added June 27th
Essential White Transfer Paper 8.5" X 11"
by C&T Publishing
$15.00 $13.13
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Essential White Transfer Paper is a must-have for crafters of any skill level. Simply layer the transfer paper between your design and desired surface and start tracing. This pack includes 12 sheets of transfer paper.
123-4220 Added June 20th
Boo Boo Brush
by Yarn Tree
$8.00 $7.19
Upcoming Release
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Use this handy tool to help you remove the tuffs of threads left on your stitching due to frogging (removing stitches). Length of tool is 9". Comes with a small brush and a large brush. Instructions given on the label.
SN-0002 Added May 26th
Leather Thimble
by Olympus
$2.79 $2.65
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This leather thimble was created for comfort. Its debossed pad and elastic strap allow anyone to wear it comfortably no matter their size and allow it to be quickly and easily transferred from one finger to another.
ISE-806 Added May 26th
Prim Sheep From Lori Holt Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$13.98 $13.41
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This needle minder by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co. is un-baaa-lievably cute! Designed to coordinate with the Prim Quilt Kit and Prim Stitch Series patterns. Size: 1.5"x2"
C611 Added May 26th
Adjustable Ring Thimble W/Plate
by Clover Needlecraft
$2.95 $2.65
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Adjustable ring thimble with plate used for basting, long running stitches and sashiko.
ISE-820 Added May 26th
Quilty Barn From Lori Holt Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$17.98 $17.25
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This adorable minder is packed with barnyard bliss! The Quilty Barn needle minder by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co. takes you to a countryside filled with color and inspiration. Coordinates with the Quilty Barn Cross Stitch pattern.
ISE-769 Added May 26th
Sewing With Bonnie And Camille Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$16.98 $16.29
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It all starts with needle, thread and a rocking sewing machine! This beautiful magnetic needle minder by Bonnie and Camille is your new BFF, whether you're stitching or binding Size: 1.5"
ISE-770 Added May 26th
The Quilt Bee Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$16.98 $16.29
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The Quilt Bee Needle Minder is the greatest symbol of the long-held tradition of quilting bees. This block from the Bonnie and Camille Quilting Bee book serves as a constant reminder of the quilting community. Size: 1.5"
ISE-809 Added May 26th
Sew Day From Lori Holt Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$16.98 $16.29
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Sew Days are the best days! This adorable enamel needle minder by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet Co is the perfect emblem for quilters. With a fat quarter bundle, an iron, and a pincushion, there is no quilt you can't conquer!
ISE-821 Added May 26th
Vintage Housewife Needle Minder
by Lori Holt
$17.98 $17.25
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Quilting forever, housework whenever, is our motto when it comes to priorities! Nonetheless, this cute enamel minder is a sweet nod to the domestic divas in our lives. Coordinates with the Vintage Housewife Cross Stitch pattern.
PML-60116 Added May 10th
Melon - Pin Cushion and Pattern Weight
by Prym Love
$10.99 $10.21
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Melon shaped pin cushion / pattern weight. Use as a pin cushion. Keeps pattern pieces in place.
ISE-824 Added May 10th
Stitchy Stand
by Lori Holt
$32.98 $31.65
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The Stitchy Stand does an outstanding job of holding all your stitching supplies! This pillow stand keeps your cross stitch pattern up and open while you stitch, while the extra pockets keep your scissors, needles and skeins nice and tidy. The angle of the stand was specially set by Lori Holt for a perfect view. You can also use it outside your sewing space for books, tablets and other devices!