Sampler Threads - Buckeye Scarlet

Sampler Threads - Buckeye Scarlet

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Item: G0390
Type: Thread and Floss
Designer: The Gentle Art

Six Strand hand over-dyed floss. Sold in 5 yard skeins.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 01/19/2021 - Great Red
This is a really vibrant red. It will look lovely on any redwork sampler.

from United States on 09/28/2020 - Super nice specialty threads.
My FAVORITE of all hand dyed red threads. I use it for all red work. Lovely!

from United States on 08/12/2020 - Buckeye scarlet
Great thread enjoy using this red. It is great for my cardinal points pattern and many others

from United States on 06/25/2020 - Great product
Love this red

from United States on 08/26/2019 - Beautiful thread
This thread is a joy to work with. I dont want to go back to regular store thread! The color is true to the picture with subtle variegation. I bought it to do red-work. Its the perfect red for it!

from United States on 07/24/2019 - Lovely thread! Consistency in color. Perfect evergreen shade.
I am making a Christmas quilt and this lovely shade of green is perfect for the fir and evergreen stitches. I haven't found another to come close to the real color of Christmas greenery. LOVE IT!

from United States on 01/15/2019 - Gorgeous Red!
This color has to be my favorite RED of all! Its color is so vibrant and is a true red not orangey or too burgundy. Soft, durable, and easy to stitch with floss!

from United States on 11/29/2018 - Nice color
If you want a bright red cotton verigated thread this is the one to buy. It has a nice feel and is easy to stitch with. 123 has a great price on this thread too!

from United States on 09/05/2018
pretty color!!!

from United States on 08/31/2018 - Great
Wonderful threads!

from United States on 07/11/2018 - I LOVE Gentle Arts Sampler threads!
Buckeye Scarlet the prettiest red of all! PERFECT for redwork. BEAUTIFUL!

from United States on 01/27/2018
Beautiful Red for Christmas! Perfect all around Red! Sampler Threads are a joy to work with.

from United States on 02/07/2017 - The best of the best!
This is my favorite of all the hand dyed red threads! PERFECT for red work. I will definitely purchase more of this color!

from United States on 01/15/2016 - Gorgeous, with subtle but noticeable variegation
This red is beautiful. Ranges from bright Christmas red to a day jet browner red. More bright in the variegation than dark. Really lovely to work with

from United States on 12/24/2013 - Sampler Threads-Buckeye Scarlet
I absolutely love working with Sampler Threads. I have never had any problems with these. My favorite color is red and I cannot say enough fantastic reasons to purchase this color. It is stunning !! I like to keep an extra one or two on hand-I never know when I may want to change the "red" recommended in a project I am stitching and this color is always a winner with me. Leigh Anne

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G0390 Sampler Threads - Buckeye Scarlet
by The Gentle Art
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Six Strand hand over-dyed floss. Sold in 5 yard skeins.
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