Star De-Tailor

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Star De-Tailor

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The Star De-Tailor is great for finishing that one last stitch when the floss is too short. Simply insert the long wire through the back of stitches, catch the too-short ends and pull them through! ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

on 07/14/2019 - Handy Tool
This product works great to tuck in tails of floss unless the stitches are very tight in which case it's difficult to put it through them. It works better than most other similar items and the price is certainly right!

on 02/26/2019 - Great...When it Works
I really like this tool, although as Stitcherista's 2 videos show, it can be a bit of a PITA to use. It works well for me on even weaves and Aida up to 18 count. It doesn't do so well for me on 22 count Aida. My stitches tend to be a little tighter on that fabric and it's often impossible to slide the tool under my stitches. But when it works, it's great.

on 02/07/2019 - where has this been?
This is the answer to all my stitching prayers! It helps pull those snagged back stitches that would just hang there.

on 01/19/2019 - Handy Purchase
I love this little tool. It works great to tie down the cut ends if hanging or the loose ends of a thread start to allow for a very neat project so no loose ends show on the framed piece. So glad I found this and gave it a try.

on 10/09/2018 - Great idea but it needs some work
I had a really hard time using this at first but I found a video online of someone showing how to have the thread under it and they used a needle to pull the thread into the open space. That made it easier to use but my biggest problem is that the tip catches and cuts the floss or at least some of the strands. It is too just too sharp. It would be great if the wire were more rigid also. I have a hard time getting it to slip under stitches. I have quit using this tool because of it cutting my thread when I pull it through. The last time I had to undo some of my stitching because the tail was too short to secure after using this tool.

on 09/22/2018 - A very handy tool
I purchased this because I saw Stitcherista demonstrate it on youtube. This cute little gadget does just what it's supposed to - it is great for hiding those really short thread tails! It also helps when you have a thread tangle on the back of your work. You just snip the tangle and hide the two resulting ends.

on 09/12/2018
Sturdy thread, seam repair, helps with tidbits of yarn finishes

on 08/06/2018
Not impressed... I've tried to use it a couple of times with no success

on 07/16/2018
Just used this the other day, it works great, pulled that 1 inch thread through the stitches, with no trouble.

on 05/02/2018 - Great aid
Handy gadget that will help to secure loose threads in a cross stitch project.

on 03/27/2018 - Great Tool
This is a necessary tool for any stitcher. The wire is strong and easy to insert under stitches and easily tucks in short threads.

on 03/20/2018

on 03/16/2018 - Love this!
This tiny tool is the solution to a problem I have had from my first days of stitching. I am so happy to have a solution, especially one as small, inexpensive, and cute as this one!

on 02/10/2018 - Works well
So much easier than my old method of using loops of thread to pull ends through. Less yanking and less risk of changing the tension of my stitches.

on 01/01/2018 - indispensable gadget
This is an indispensable tool, for working with thread-ends, for frogging and fixing mistakes. Plus. It's pretty, with its lovely iridcent star.

on 09/30/2017 - Love It
Easy to hold. Works great and is pretty!

on 09/18/2017 - An Oldie but Goodie
These have been around decades...there is a reason...they are absolutely great to pull short ends or wayward stitches....I always include one in gift bags for stitching events.

on 06/23/2017 - Amazing Product

on 05/20/2017 - My best friend
I use this to weave in the ends of my thread after I finish stitching and for threads that I did not catch when I start my stitching. It is reasonably priced too. That is why I go to 123 Stitch first for all my stitching needs.

on 05/02/2017 - Very nice tool
This little tool is just right for pulling threads through the back of the work stitches when the thread is too short to do with the needle. I think I will order a second one to have as a spare in case something happens with one.

on 03/17/2017 - great help
this little tool is a great help, easy to see and pick up and the right tool to pull a thread where you want it !

on 02/22/2017 - Cute and useful
This item really helps me with those too short threads on the back of a project. When the needle falls off my thread and it's too hard to thread and the end is so short, I just slide this under some stitches, thread the floss through it and slide it back under the stitches. So easy and such a great tool. I'm so happy I have it. And I think the star on it is super cute too.

on 02/11/2017 - Nifty Tool
While I wasn't sure if I would use this, I liked the concept of being able to pull that short floss tail under other stitches. It works like a charm. It's very light, so I attached, to the top of the star, a length of floss with a big button on it. That way, I won't accidentally lose it. Bought one for my sister too!

on 10/23/2016 - The best tool for those short ends
These are superior to the wire and hook tools that cost much more and these are not so prone to breakage. The only problem I ever had was losing them, but attaching them to a small chain and charm solved that. Best value, great product.

on 09/17/2016 - Great time saver!
How did I get along without this? It saves time, floss money, and frustration.

on 07/31/2016 - Perfect item.
Though I have not yet used this item, I know it will work like a charm. It will be much better than trying to thread that little bit of "tail" through the narrow eye of a needle to hide it behind other stitches.

on 07/08/2016 - Star De-Tailor
Brilliant piece of equipment. Many uses. I especially like it when I use up my thread and have a very short tail.

on 05/25/2016 - Brilliant!!
What an ingenious little tool that comes in handy for it's main task as well as so many other times as well. It serves its function as the best way to end your stitching and secure that just too short piece of thread we all find ourselves with occasionally. It's the perfect tool for the job!! I'm so glad I bought 2.

on 05/12/2016 - Fantastic Tool!
I am pleasantly surprised at how well this works. It is easy to run it under a few stitches on the back of my project and pull my tails through. I love that it sticks to my needle minder also. Keeps it close and handy.

on 03/21/2016 - A stitcher's star!
As a stitcher I am borderline obsessive when it comes to using every bit of a floss strand. Thanks to this tool I can sleep at night! My orts are consistently less than an inch long! And the back of my project is almost as lovely as the front!!

on 11/10/2015 - LOVE IT!
I bought the first one because I love new gadgets and it quickly became a necessity. Unfortunately, I lost my first one and I complained so much about missing it my friend sent me one, lol. I have since purchased another to have as a back up in case I lose or break one.

on 06/29/2015 - A must have
I have had a star de-tailor for a couple of years and absolutely love it. It's great for when you need to fix a mistake, you can just take out a couple stitches and tuck the ends with it. I won't do a major project without it.

on 04/28/2015 - handy
This tool is great for tucking in those small bits ends that I get when I've unpicked just a few stitches. The hardest part is getting the thread in the loop. I wish it had a hook it something. I might use a loran needle threader for that.

on 04/08/2015 - An absolute must-have!
This is an absolute must-have for every stitcher! I use it all the time!

on 03/24/2015 - Halfway There...
My Mardina's Dololly broke, so very sorry to say. This is as good as the loop portion on that dololly. Now all I need is a hook as good as the Mardina's was. For running floss under other stitches. Perfect when you don't have quite as much floss left as you might hope.

on 01/20/2015 - Must have tool for stitchers!
Love how thin it is easily slides under stitches even on 40 ct! It is easy to loose being so thin I attached a cell phone charm to the top loop by the star. Haven't misplaced since. I own two and will never be without!

on 11/29/2014 - Awesome Tool!
What a great device for securing the last "too short length of thread" on your needlework. I keep mine at my side at all times. Cynthia

on 09/26/2014 - Not Just for sewing
I love using the Star De-Taylor for picking up stitches while knitting socks and baby sweaters. I don't have to worry about splitting the yarn where the stitches need to be picked up.

on 04/18/2014 - Can't live without it
I just purchased my second of these, and I should have bought a backup. When my first one finally broke I deeply regretted not having a backup one.

on 01/19/2014 - The star of my order
This is wonderful. I stitch until the last little end is impossible to thread and pull thru the back. This thing has been a lifesaver.

on 11/29/2013 - Catch those ends
This is a great tool for securing the short ends of threads on your work. I had been looking for a tool like this and finally found it on 123 Stitch. This is a great shop with reasonable prices. Connie Moser

on 11/19/2013 - I can pull threads through again!
I'm so glad to be able to pull threads through again my "My Favorite Do-Lolly" died. I wish the De-Tailor had a hook attached to make it easier to grab threads.

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Star De-Tailor
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