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Fiskars Scissors

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Fiskars Sewsharp Sharpener
by Fiskars
$5.89 $4.50
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The compact Fiskars SewSharp Sharpener quickly and easily restores scissors back to their original cutting edge. Simply insert a scissors with the slot opening facing up and apply gentle pressure to the blades as you pull the scissors toward you. The ceramic sharpening rod will restore blades to the... Read more
Fiskars Universal Desktop Scissors Sharpener
by Fiskars
$18.29 $16.46
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Fiskars Desktop Universal Scissors Sharpener. Restores blades to the perfect cutting edge! Compact design is comfortable to use and easy to store. Sharpener is adaptable for use with left-handed or right-handed scissors. Two slots ensure proper positioning for optimal blade sharpening. This package contains one 5-1/4x4x1-1/2 inch desktop universal scissors sharpener.
8" All-Purpose Scissors - Sea Mist Color
by Fiskars
$8.49 $7.99
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Enjoy continued cutting performance with the reliable design of Fiskars All-purpose Scissors (8 in.). With sharp, hardened, stainless steel blades and a contoured handle for comfort, these durable scissors can take on a wide range of office and home tasks. Feature durable, stainless steel blades for... Read more
Fiskars Forged 4" Embroidery Scissors
by Fiskars
$12.69 $11.41
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Slender profile and sharp blades make close quarters snipping easy. 4" Forged embroidery scissors is perfect for all delicate cutting needs. Fine point closely snips embroidery threads, clips delicate cross stitch, and trims intricate quilts Forged steel blades can be sharpened over and over for years of clean, precise trimming.
Fiskars Petite Bent Scissors - 7" Left-Handed
by Fiskars
$13.59 Sale $10.87
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FISKARS-Premier 7" Scissors. Fiskars Petite Left-handed Original Orange-handled scissors are a seven-inch, lefty version of the legendary eight-inch Original Orange-handled scissors. True left-handed blade design makes cutting easy and effective for left-handed users. High-grade, precision-groun... Read more
Fashion Loop Rotary Cutter - Adriatic Blue Color
by Fiskars
$21.39 $19.25
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Fiskars Fashion Loop Rotary Cutter with a 45mm blade makes cutting a variety of materials comfortable and easy. A curved shape with an on-trend, colorful loop handle feels natural in your hand and allows for added comfort and control, while a versatile design provides excellent visibility for both r... Read more