LoRan Needle Threader

LoRan Needle Threader

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Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: LoRan

Threading a needle can be a daunting task, but not with this needle threader. For large eye needles. Instructions: 1. Hang needle on Threader. 2. Lay thread over the hook. 3. Pull thread through the needle's eye.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 03/29/2022 - Needle Thread
This flat metal needle threader is easy to use and lasts longer than others.

from United Kingdom on 01/04/2022 - LoRan
Cannot work without the. Thank you

from United Kingdom on 01/04/2022 - LoRan
Cannot work without them. Thank you

from United States on 12/29/2021 - Not magnetic like used to be
Apparently these are made "cheaper" than they used to be - they work fine to thread needles - but I bought these because I thought they would "stick" to my needle minders like the old ones used to! NOT - so if thats what you have in mind to do - forget it they won't!

from United States on 11/04/2021 - LoRan
This threader is something I didn’t know I needed and now I can’t live without. It makes threading a needle a breeze. It works awesome with thick threads too! I ordered a couple to have on hand, although it seems to be quite sturdy.

from United States on 05/12/2021
I really like the LoRan needle threader. I appreciate having the large and small hook for threading different size needles. I have it always on my working area. Great tool.

from United States on 02/09/2021 - Best Needle Threader Ever!
The Lo Ran needle threader is the best because of the small notch that holds the needle in place. It is like having an extra hand! I plan to order several more, one for each project bag.

from Israel on 10/12/2020 - Love it
Very easy to use

from Puerto Rico on 03/03/2020 - Not as expected
This Loran needle threader is nowhere near what they used to be. It's not metallic so I can't put it on magnet for easy access. Additionally,it's very thin so it bends easily. Won't buy it again.

from United States on 01/15/2020 - Total disappointment
I ordered from this website a loran needle threader 3-4 years ago. It was my best purchase because it was made of metal!!! I put it on my magnetic needle minder and it hold there perfectly so I could easily take it when I needed. Now I need more needle threaders as I started some new projects. I ordered 3 packs of Loran needle threaders because for me they were the best. When I took it out of package I was shocked. It looked like made of metal but actually it wasnt!!! It doesnt hold on magnetic needle minder. Im completely disappointed.

from United States on 10/29/2019
I love this threader.

from United States on 09/11/2019 - So handy!
What a handy tool. Sturdy, my needles fit easily on the threader and saves me time and frustration with some threads. Someone mentioned it not being magnetic but it does stick to my needle minder and my magnet strip.

from United States on 05/30/2019 - Great threader
My favorite type of threader, however, they are no longer magnetic and not as easy to keep track of. I have an old one that is magnetic and it is so nice to keep it on a needle keeper.

from United States on 02/08/2019 - Needle threader
This is the best needle threader you will use

from United States on 01/27/2019 - best needle threader ever!
I absolutely love this needle threader, it's so much easier than having to thread a needle threader. It doesn't work on some needles, but it's perfect for a size 26 or 28 which are what i use for everything except size 15 beads.

from United States on 01/24/2019 - A must-have
This tool makes it easy and quick to thread most of my needles. I consider it a "must" even though I can thread needles without one, because this threader speeds things up and it stops me from accidentally missing a ply and thus shredding the thread. Get a couple, and if you don't like written instructions, there is at least one good tutorial on YouTube.

from United States on 01/18/2019 - Threader
Couldn't live without this LoRan Threader!

from United States on 11/14/2018 - Love these
They make stitching faster. Very easy to use and sturdy.

from United States on 01/19/2018 - Best Needle Threader
This is the best needle threader I have ever purchased. Not only is it easy to use, but it is sturdy. Goodbye to needle threaders that have flimsy wires.

from United States on 01/06/2018 - Lorna needle threader
I ordered this product to replace the one that I had for many years and thought I had lost. I found the old one I the meantime and compared the 2. The metal used on the new one is thinner, flimsy and has unpolished edges. If you have an old one hang on to it. This is a manufacturers problem. Jane's service was outstanding as always.

from United States on 10/06/2017 - great threader
this is the only threader i have used for the past 19 years. i use it along with a tomatoe pin cushion to thread my needles. i lost my dominate arm and needed to be able to thread my needles!

from United States on 09/18/2017 - Absolute Best!
These are great! I keep 3-4 around with various stitching projects. I always include one with stitchy grab bags or gifts at stitch-ins or guilds.

from United States on 04/15/2017 - I really enjoy these Needle Threaders
They are easy to use and much quicker to thread than other brands I've tried.

from United States on 02/28/2017 - The only needle threader I will ever need!
I love this threader. I have 3 of them. 1 of them isn't metal alum. maybe, so it doesn't stick to my needle minder. But the other 2 do. My 1st 1 I have had for 15yrs and still going strong. Easiest way to quickly thread your needle and get to stitching! The wire ones are junk in comparison.

from United States on 08/13/2016 - Needle threader
Great needle threader for larger eyed needles. I keep several of these in my various sewing boxes. Handy, sturdy and don't break like the wire ones do.

from United States on 05/13/2016
I like them. I buy them for my quilting cirlce.

from United States on 05/10/2016 - what a difference
Can't believe what a difference this makes when sewing. Seems that stitching goes much faster. If you haven't tried this-- do so. I'm sure you'll be as glad as I am.

from United States on 05/10/2016 - whole heartedly agree
This needle threader is great. I don'like the wire kind. The wires pull loose too often. Have had these around my sewing machine for years.

from United States on 03/21/2016 - LoRan Needle Threader
I have used a variety of Needle Threader's for my Cross Stitching and the LoRan Needle Threader works best. Like the flat metal designs, two different sizes, and attaches to my needle minder. Prefer using to the wired Needle Threader's. They have their purpose, however, they break often. Ordered several for different projects. Highly recommend.

from United States on 03/02/2016 - Needle Threader
This is the hardest threader I have ever used. I do not like it at all

from United States on 02/27/2016

from United States on 12/03/2015 - Needle Threader.
I had the original needle threader that comes with a sewing kit and when I needed it most it broke...I saw a young lady with a large one and I google "needle threader" your and several others came up, but yours was the best, so I had my husband order it. I am a very satisfied customer. I love my Needle Threader. Thank You!!

from United States on 11/17/2015 - The Best Threader Ever!
Finally found a needle threader that works!

from United States on 10/14/2015 - Easy threader
I just started doing cross-stitch again and threading that needle was getting to be a pain. I can see the eye fine, I could just get the tips of the floss through and I'd lose them. Found this item and it's sped up the time it takes to thread the needle!

from United States on 09/23/2015 - The best
It's the best needle threader ever. I can't imagine my stitching without it. It threads so easily and definitely won't break for a quite long period of time. I lost my first one and couldn't stitch untill I got a second one. I definitely recommend this to everyone.

from United States on 09/08/2015 - needle threader for floss
I had used this yrs ago, so happy to find it again.

from United States on 08/11/2015 - Best Threader For Needlepoint Yarn
Wouldn't be without this, I do a lot of needlepoint. Fits my smallest needle andsmallest yarns because of different sized ends.

from United States on 07/17/2015 - The VERY BEST Yarn Threader available!
The ladies of our church knot comforters with yarn for needy people. Everyone asks for the LoRan Needle Threader, since it so easy to use. The size allows even arthritic hands, and men, to firmly grasp the threader. This threader works for long eye needles, not quilting needles.

from United States on 07/01/2015 - Doesn't fit into my needles
Nice concept, sturdy construction. But it's too thick to fit into the needles I use for cross stitch, not even the smaller side of it. For needles with larger eyes, I think it would be fine.

from United States on 06/16/2015 - LoRan Needle Threader
This item was hard for me to find. Thanks 123Stitch for carrying it and shipping it to me quickly. I shall use you again!

from United States on 02/09/2015 - Can't be without it!
Love this stitchy gadget! I made sure I had a backup in case I lost it for some reason. I cannot be without it!

from United States on 09/05/2014 - LoRan Needle Threader is so easy to use!
I highly recommend this needle threader. It is very easy to use! Much faster than the "older" type threaders that have a thin wire that you still must put thread through. I'm thrilled to have made this purchase.

from United States on 07/06/2014 - Works great
Does just what I expected it to do!

from United States on 05/16/2014 - Love
The only type of needle threaded I use.

from United States on 03/22/2014 - Great tool
Much easier to used than threaders where you have to poke things through a hole.

from United States on 03/17/2014 - FABULOUS!
This is the best needle threader ever! It is so much better than those flimsy bendywire things you have to thread through. So quick and easy. Love it!

from United States on 10/28/2013 - Best Needle Threader
I went through several different types, finally found this one and won't use anything else. Sturdy and very easy to use!

from United States on 10/07/2013 - Great Find.
I purchased several of these after seeing one in our craft class at the Senior Center. So many wished for one and I was able to find it and ordered enough for everyone that needed them. Thanks!

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