Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"

Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"

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Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"

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Item: LAC-AA40
Type: Scissors
Designer: Lacis
Size: 3.5"

The classic 3.5 inch black steel forged snip.

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LAC-AA40 Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"
by Lacis
$2.99 $2.79
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The classic 3.5 inch black steel forged snip.
HM19 Pull-N-Cut Thread Snips 4"
by Lacis
$5.99 $5.51
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An indispensable tool for repair and removal of threads. It is a combination tweezer and cutter, allowing the pulling of a single thread and then cutting it close and clean. 4" length, spring action.
HAV-39000 Dura Snips Squeeze-Style Thread Snips 4.75"
by Havel's
$14.99 $13.49
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Features extra sharp and durable high carbon forges steel blades with easy squeeze action. Long lasting sharpness for precise cutting. Fits into safety storage cap on a convenient neck strap.
075691005641 5" Pro Series Thread Snips
by Singer Notions
$6.99 $6.28
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Easily cuts thread without damaging fabric. Color may vary.
123-208 Solid Color Handled Thread Snips
by Allary
$2.39 $1.79
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Ideal for snipping threads and small cutting jobs. Tempered stainless steel blades.
123-7547 Thread Snips (Assorted Colors)
by Yarn Tree
$4.00 $3.59
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Sold individually - price is for one thread snip. Handy little Thread Snips measure 4 1/2" long. Color cap to protect the blades. Easy to use and carry in your project bag with no worries of jabbing your fingers because of an open blade. Light weight. White base with assorted color caps.
HAV-33010 Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4.75" - Pointed Tips
by Havel's
$19.99 $17.99
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Pointed tips. Squeeze to use for a quick one-handed pickup. Great for hand and machine embroidery. Tops fit easily under pressure foot. Perfect for tired or arthritic hands, right or left-handed use.
123-107 Snip-A-Stitch Scissor 3 1/2"
by Tool Tron
$5.99 $5.39
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Like lift-n-snip scissors, hooked blade easily picks up stitches for clipping without danger of damaging fabric. Gold plated.
HAV-33009 Snip-A-Stitch Scissors 4.5"
by Havel's
$19.99 Sale $15.99
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These easy-squeeze scissors feature a notched blade to lift and cut stitches cleanly. The gentle squeeze grip reduced hand fatigue. This package contains one 4.5 inch pair of multi-use snip scissors.
TON-2785E Tim Holtz Serrated Titanium Mini Snips - 5" Left-Handed
by Tonic Studios
$11.99 $10.19
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Tim Holtz Non-Stick Titanium Micro Serrated Mini Snips 5". Excellent cutting on a variety of craft materials, with a small blade for detailed cutting! This package contains one pair of 5 inch mini snips and a cover for the blades.
DRITZ-177 Dritz Folding Scissors 3" Steel
by Dritz
$3.19 $2.49
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Protected points will not poke through bag or pocket. Folds to fit in bag or pocket without causing damage. Thread string through hole in handle to hang around neck. To unfold scissors: Grasp both handles and pull down on one side. Repeat for other handle. Fold handle back up to close.
123-13867 Titanium Fine Cut Scissors 2 1/2"
by Acme
$5.69 $4.99
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Titanium is a high performance metal that is lightweight like aluminum, stronger than steel, and highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Acme uses a process that bonds titanium to a stainless steel core to produce a sharper, more durable, and longer lasting cutting edge for home and office use. These scissors will stay sharp and smooth-cutting for years, making them an exceptional value.