Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter

Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter

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Item: 123-40223
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Mill Hill

Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter. 2 per package.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 04/11/2021 - The Best!
The best threader, the only I use! Sturdy wire lasts a long time, small cutter a plus!

from United States on 02/27/2020 - Sturdy
Finally a needle threader that lasts. I have had many threaders in the past since I cross stitch so much. They would last a very short time before the wires would pull out or get so bent up that I couldn't pull the thread out. This threader has a sturdy wire and it is able to handle multiple strands.

from United States on 01/27/2020

from United States on 12/10/2019 - Great
I am really impressed with the Mill Hill Threader. I do not use the cutter but the Threader has a different design from other threaders and works wonderful. I will probably order another one.

from United States on 07/21/2019 - Great for floss or yarn
This needle threader works well with larger eyed needles, such as for embroidery or cross stitch. The loop is large enough to accommodate multiple strands of floss, or fairly thick yarn. The loop is far too large to fit the eye of a beading needle, so you will need a different threader the one without the cutter for that. Perhaps someday, Mill Hill will come out with a threader/cutter with both types of loops!

from United States on 12/04/2017 - Best Threaders for Needlepoint
I love these threaders. The wire is strong and stiff, perfect for the larger eyes of tapestry & chenille needles. The don't come apart and are easy to handle. The little thread cutter is a nice bonus.

from United States on 12/03/2015 - Best needle threader
This is overall the best threader I've ever used. It's very sturdy and easily fits the eye of the average embroidery needle even size 28! and is also very affordable.

from United States on 03/18/2014 - good threader
The Mill Hiller threader is very easy to use with fine or thick threads sturdy and hold up with frequent use. Easy to find amidst threads, etc.

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123-40223 Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter
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$4.35 $3.91
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Mill Hill Needle Threader With Cutter. 2 per package.
123-40222 Mill Hill Needle Threader
by Mill Hill
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Mill Hill Needle Threader. Use with Mill Hill projects, designed for small eye needles. 2 per package.