Mill Hill 00968 Red Glass Beads - Size 11/0

Designer: Mill Hill Beads

Mill Hill 00968 Red Glass Beads - Size 11/0

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Size: 11/0

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Item: 00968 - Type: Beads.
Size 11/0 (2.5mm). 500 beads per package. ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

on 07/09/2018
This Type BRAND name MILL HILL BEADS are and is the very BEST ones of any very Small Little Tiny Seed BEADS that there are what you see in all the CRAFTS Stores all over this world of these types of Seed BEADS.. The Best One Craft Shop Store to get these type ones at is called the 123Stitch Crafted Shop Store located way out in Bluffdale, Utah state.. Whenever I NEED and LIKE and Want to always Get me More of this Name Brand MILL HILL BEADS I always Order these from this only one Craft shop store Business all the times when it Has Always and Always Does Sends you anything what they are out of, Goes towards BACK Order and this Craft shop store will Ship you later on to you what you see that did Not arrive to you with your main order the moment when you see it arrives to you.. Once again MILL HILL Beads is the Only BEST one Type of Seed BEADS to Get and always work with doing any of your CRAFTS sewing type craft works you do. Verne

on 05/31/2018 - Mill Hill Beads Brands of Seed Beads ARE the very Most BEST of any types of Beads to use always for Crafts making??
I Am Letting for all to hear and know that whenever anyone Is making anything just out of little Seeds Beads, that they just need to know the Only Name Brand to Get and Use always is called the MILL HILL type Brands ones I am saying to you all so you know this. I have Spent Hundreds of DOLLARS towards MILL HILL BEADS Brand ones all my many years always as when I Am always Making so so many and A very LOT of the Mill Hill Kits what I Own and Have on hands with me always I had Boughten back many many years ago from so many CRAFTS stores down in Central Florida state all over it use to had many many years ago and and are Now all out of Businesses. KEEP in mind to GET and Buy the MILL HILL Brands type Beads alway for your Hand making CRAFTS works you always do. I am a MILL HILL Beads person!! Verne

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