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Pako Needle Organizer

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Pako Needle OrganizerPako Needle Organizer

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Item: PAKO-700
Type: Organizers and Storage
Designer: Pako

The ultimate needle organizer! Needles stay accessible without slipping and tangling because each is inserted into a foam-type pad. Central panel allows you to easily track fiber colors/numbers. Organizer sets at a 45 degree angle for easy visibility. Organizer includes 10 replacement color cards.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 02/02/2021 - Time Saver
This thing is great, especially when working on a project that involves a lot of color changes. You don't have to constantly be re-threading your needle, just put one down and pick up the next. You can get a lot more stitching done in a short amount of time.

from United States on 12/15/2020 - Not as happy as I would like to have been with this product
I do like the fact I can hold multi threaded needles for a project. I was disappointed in how small the areas to write your thread numbers are. My eyesight is not as good as it used to be and I can't read the numbers I write in due to small size.

from United States on 11/20/2019 - Sanity restored
I'm working on a project with multiple colors and this is the perfect way to stay organized. I can stitch quicker as well.

from United States on 07/15/2019 - All the best things rolled into one!
My needles, my stitching thread, my backup thread, all there neatly organized and safe. I even put a strip of sticky Velcro on the bottom to attach it to my wooden floor frame. Now if it just came with enough time to stitch everything I want to stitch.

from United States on 06/02/2019 - Needle Organizer
I love the needle organizer I do real large cross stitch patterns so having my needles an threads Organized. I maybe using up to 2 to 3 of these organizer at one time. So all of my threaded needles make it for me to work.

from United States on 05/13/2019 - Gotta get some more!!
These are wonderful!!..I have several projects going at one time and it makes stitching go soooo much faster!!

from United States on 04/03/2019 - Best item ever.
It has revolutionized how I cross stitch. I look at my pattern and determine what area I will be working in and will thread numerous needles with the same color thread as the symbols on my pattern in the area I will be working. It is amazing how quickly I get through an area. The needle organizer has allowed me to do an entire project in just over a week. I am sold.....

from United States on 10/22/2018 - AWESOME !

from United States on 10/22/2018 - AWESOME !
If you are an avid cross stitcher or just a beginner, this organizer is the cats meow. Keeps all the threaded needles organized by color code so switching colors is fast and easy. No lost time threading needles. Also, for slight color changes in dye lots from skein to skein is no longer a guessing game when stitching with close shades of the same color!

from United States on 09/24/2018 - I

from United States on 09/24/2018 - The concept is good, but it did not work for me
I has hoped it would be a little more compact and would work well for a project I am working on for my husband's office as it has sooo many colors. I do not the space to use this in the area I do my crafting and cross stitch, Everything has to be put in a tote and then stored at the end of each time I a lot for crafting . When I am working on a project what I use to organize myself has to be small.

from United States on 02/28/2018 - Great Product!
I got my organizer part way through a project with lots of colors and what a difference! It took less time to work the last part. For my current project, I needed a second one for all the threads. A friend saw mine and ordered one for herself.

from United States on 02/15/2018 - Needle Organizer
I love these, I have quite a few of them. I do big cross stitch patterns. Have them all set in a row.they keep all my needles organize for me

from United States on 11/26/2017 - Why did I wait so long?
Don't know why I kept resisting this purchase. It's perfect for changing colors often. 123 STITCH had the best price of any catalog. I love using it.

from United States on 07/23/2017 - Easy to use
Really a help when working a project with a lot of thread changes, or a project with blended threads. No need to re thread. I use 2 of them for a large full coverage pieces with lots of colors and it saves me a huge amount of time.

from United States on 03/06/2017 - Timesaver
This is so handy when working on a project that involves a lot of frequent color changes. Really saves time.

from United States on 11/02/2016 - Love it
When I've had a pattern in the past where there is one stitch here and two stitches there it was difficult not wasting thread. I used cardboard, punched and numbered the holes and stored the thread there'd. With the Pako I am able to have 26 colors and not need to rethread constantly. My daughter who has taken up stitching, looks at it as if it was something from another planet. She's been stitching for two years. I've been at it for 46 years.

from United States on 08/24/2016 - needleminder from pako
I've been stitching on and off for years and I don't know how I managed to do without this. It takes seconds to set up the chart and I don't have to wonder or stop to compare my threads in the sunlight anymore. And I've seen this for much more and sent from overseas so get this here while you can. It's a life saver

from United States on 06/01/2016
I love this item. Never knew that cross stitch could be so much easier. Thanks so much to pako for selling this product to the rest of us.

from United States on 05/18/2016 - Super Item
I love this organizer! It is so great for large projects when you have so many colors. Useful for HAED and other huge patterns with lots of colors. You don't have to keep re-threading needles. Wish these were cheaper, but this is a great price.

from United States on 04/07/2016 - Love this product
I have several organizers now and find them so helpful for stitching any size project. It is a must have for the larger projects so that you can keep many needles threaded at one time. It is on my list of must haves

from United States on 11/13/2015 - Time saver
This needle organizer is wonderful. I love having all my thread already threaded for my projects. It is a great time saver

from United States on 09/27/2015 - Great time saver
This needle organizer is a time saver when doing my cross stitch. I don't have to spend time constantly threading needles. I would like to see replacement foam inserts, as it gets chewed up stabbing your needles in.

from United States on 09/08/2015 - Pako Needle Organizer
The needle organizer is an excellent to have especially if you are doing 50 colors on a project. I now have two and just love them. The pattern I am working on has 91 colors so I have a needle for each color available at my fingertips. I wish I would have gotten one sooner.

from United States on 07/28/2015 - the speed of stitching
having the needle organizer allows me to set up several thread colors ahead then when I set off to stitching group I have to just look up and grab. No stopping and starting with the needle threader. No fumbling with colors. This really increases your stitching time.

from United States on 07/10/2015 - lost the first one in a move. so happy to find it again
Used the first one a lot. Cross stitch on the back burner for a while. Moved. Couldn't find the organizer. Found The inserts. Kept looking for it. Very happy to find it again. Ordered it and using it daily. So nice to be able to keep track of colors and keep a needle threaded for those stitches by themselves. Planning on not losing it again.

from United States on 06/16/2015 - Greatest invention ever!
I absolutely adore this needle holder. I spend less time threading. I can thread 3 or 4 needles and have them ready whenever I need them. So handy!

from United States on 04/11/2015 - Very helpful
A great way to keep needles and threads organized. Size and design is perfect! Really can't say enough good about this product.

from United States on 02/10/2015 - Great product! A must have for any stitcher!
I love this organizer! It saves time on stitching when all the floss threaded a head of time. I would highly recommend this product for patterns with a lot of colors. The angle makes it easy to read and helps keep the floss from tangling.

from United States on 10/03/2014 - Great product!
I have been working on a dense, complicated project with many, many color changes. I got tired of putting each color of floss away, or trying to find enough nearby stitches to use up my whole length of floss. I finally broke down and bought this organizer. It is PERFECT for the type of chart I am working on, and I love that it came with 10 extra double-sided symbol cards.

from United States on 07/19/2014 - A must have
I am working on a piece with 61 colors. This product had been a fabulous find. My needles stay threaded and for just one or two stitches of a color it is a time saver

from United States on 04/07/2014

from United States on 09/27/2013 - Must have!
Can't live without this for large cross stitch projects!

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The ultimate needle organizer! Needles stay accessible without slipping and tangling because each is inserted into a foam-type pad. Central panel allows you to easily track fiber colors/numbers. Organizer sets at a 45 degree angle for easy visibility. Organizer includes 10 replacement color cards.
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DRITZ-803 Dritz Twist 'n Select Needle Storage Tube
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Simply twist bottom and needles rise to the top of tube for easy access. Needles not included.
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Keep 20 colors of floss organized on these solid hardwood holders. Includes needle magnet to store your needles. Use a pencil to write floss numbers on the wood surface and erase before your next project. The Floss Stick 1 3/4" x 11" overall. Single Stick.
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998-6013 Floss Organizer 17 Compartments
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A great companion tool to any of our cross stitch projects. Securely store and organize floss, needles, floss winder or any type of small jewelry or crafting items.

This durable plastic box has 16 standard compartments and 1 large compartment. Measures 11" x 7.5" x 2.75".
RTO-DZ31007 Buratini Thread Organizer - Scissors
by RTO
$5.69 $5.33
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Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
RTO-DZ31008 Buratini Thread Organizer - Boot
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Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
RTO-DZ31004 Buratini Thread Organizer - Lady
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Perfect to keep floss organized for a stitching project.
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