Christmas Ornament Frame - Round

Christmas Ornament Frame - Round

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Item: 123-4492
Type: Display Frames
Designer: Yarn Tree

Clear 3 1/2" acrylic frame to show off your cross stitch (works best with something very thin like perforated paper), photos, or artwork. Back snaps in. Add your own ribbon or cord to hang. Design area 2 7/8". ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 10/06/2019 - Hard to find
Hard to find ornament frames outside of a kit. Your frames saved my Xmas craft gifts. Thanks

from United States on 11/20/2018
These look like they will work with cross stitch, but mine didn't. I couldn't get the backs to stay snapped. Also, the back is clear and shows all your threads. It's also hard to find very thin ribbon to tie at the top. Do some careful consideration before ordering these.

from United States on 02/03/2018

from United States on 01/01/2018 - Perfect for Photo Ornaments
I ordered these to give as small Christmas gifts with photos and they're perfect for that. The back clicks on securely but I don't think anything thicker than a photo would fit in, there isn't enough room. Fair price for sweet memento.

from United States on 11/26/2017 - photo ornaments
This ornament is perfect for photo ornaments of which my whole christmas tree of full of. I make new ones every year to add. I am very proud of my tree!!!!

from United States on 12/29/2016 - Nice Ornament Frame
I cross stitched a small design and was able to cut it into a small size which fit perfectly into this frame. It just fit my needs!

from United States on 12/16/2016 - Clear onament frames
Used these to make 14 cross stitch ornaments for a family get-together. Worked just fine. Stitches showed thru clear backs, but didn't look bad. Could have added a backing on outside, but not enough room to add inside.

from United States on 12/11/2016 - Christmas Ornament Frame
I was so glad to know that you had this ornament.I made a cross stitch and put it in it and wrapped it up For a Christmas gift. Thank you so much for having it.Glad to order it now and have it for a present.Thank you so much!

from United States on 12/01/2016 - Ornament frames -great!
I've been ordering these same clear plastic framesFor at least six years! They are great. I hotglue a circle of felt to the back so my stitches don't show thru the clear back. My friends love getting them.

from United States on 12/01/2016 - Want to add something-
I always put a circle of hot glue behind the cross stitched piece before I place the back on. Sometimes I need to use a pair of pliers to make it snap shut but that always works and they are lovely!

from United States on 11/19/2016 - PHOTO ORNAMENTS
My Christmas tree is decorated with all photo ornaments. These round ornaments are perfect to place precious photos in. they stay protected and will last for many years to come. The memories last forever.

from United States on 10/31/2016 - Will not close.
These will not close and stay closed. They're on sale, and you're getting what you pay for.

from United States on 08/26/2016
just perfect for my cross stitches pieces

from United States on 10/26/2015 - Great products
These frames are perfect for Christmas ornaments.Thanks for sending the order so timely.

from United States on 07/30/2015 - great product
have ordered these for the last three yrs and find they work quite well

from United States on 07/25/2015 - great find
They work great for count cross stitch projects

from United States on 07/13/2015 - Just What I Needed!
This frame is just what I needed for my Christmas ornaments. Once the stitchery is made, I trim the aida to a circle and back with a circle of thin paper backing. Then, just snap shut!

from United States on 03/15/2015 - Excellent display for Christmons
Once you cut the correct size backing and front these are wonderful. I have made four sets of Christmons for my children with these. I am having trouble finding ribbon small enough for the hole at the top. I may have to wait until the hollidays for that. That is the least of my worries.

from United States on 03/11/2015 - Ornament Frames
These small frames are perfect for any type of ornament. I bought them for Christmas ornaments.

from United States on 03/08/2015 - Very useful frame
If you make counted cross stitch ornaments, this is one of the most usable frames. I wish they came in different sizes and colors.

from United States on 01/23/2015 - Perfect For My Counted Cross Stitch Ornaments!
This item has worked out very well for my counted cross stitch ornaments. Once in awhile, with the aida and paper backing, the back doesn't close as well as I would like. So then, I trade backs with another frame and trim a bit off the ornament, so it will close completely. These are really nice and friends and family have loved their counted cross stitch ornaments!!!

from United States on 01/13/2015
I made cross stitch ornaments for gifts this year and they were an absolute hit! Easy to use and attractive. I added my own "back" by cutting a circle of decorative paper to cover the back of my work. I will be ordering more in the future!

from United States on 01/04/2015 - Just what I was looking for
I had been looking all over with no luck and I remembered this site and I found just want I was looking for.

from United States on 12/29/2014 - Easy to use
This ornament is wonderful for counted cross stitch ornamentshowever, the only improvement would be some sort of blank backing to cover your stitching. I make my own backing sheet, but would be nice to have it included as part of the product.

from United States on 12/09/2014 - Worked well for cross stitch
The backing is a little difficult to snap on, but I eventually made it work. The size is perfect. I'll probably end up ordering a ton more of these, as I can't find them anywhere else.

from United States on 12/05/2014
These worked really well for the cross stitch Christmas ornaments I made for my grandkids. Very hard to find a frame unless you buy a kit.

from United States on 09/10/2014
These are great frames only wish they came with a back of some kind.

from United States on 08/19/2014 - Perfect
I discovered that these ornaments are very hard to find and was thrilled to find them here! They worked perfectly for my own photo prints that I turned into Christmas ornaments. They were popular with my clients and I will be ordering more!

from United States on 01/09/2014 - cross stitch ornament frames.
This is the only place I can find these frames anymore. I love themand all my recipients love them too.

from United States on 12/28/2013 - christmas photo ornaments
These are really great for making photo ornaments.. That is all I put on my Christmas Tree. I have a lot of photos of my kids at young ages all the way up to my Grandchildren now. I take the photos each year to make new ones to add to the tree. I have a memory tree and I just love it!!!!!

from United States on 12/11/2013 - Ornament frame Project
I was pleased with the fast response in receiving the frames in a short time after ordering. They worked perfect for my project...Christmas Ornament. Can't wait to see it hung on the Christmas tree and I did one for every family 32.

from United States on 10/25/2013 - Disappointed.
Will not work for cross stitch, as advertised. I couldn't use the plastic back because it wouldn't snap in with fabric. Would work fine with a circular picture cutout.

from United States on 09/09/2013 - Perfect!
Just what I needed to make my own holiday decorations. Great item at a great price! Thanks again!

from United States on 08/31/2013 - Acrylic frames
I'm looking forward to using these. They're easy to open, for fabric-insert purposes, and will make nice gifts.

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