Stitchers Lotions - Unscented - 2 oz

Stitchers Lotions - Unscented - 2 oz

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Item: 123-3505
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Yarn Tree

Luxuriously soothing lotion that is safe to use even while stitching. Won't stain your fabric or threads. Easily washes out if any would happen to get onto your project. 2 ounces. Unscented.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 04/21/2021 - Nice!
This lotion is great! My thumb had cracked right down the middle where my needle hits and hurt very badly. This lotion really helped to soften my skin and allow the crack to heal. I was surprised because it is not at all greasy like other lotions I've used. I will definitely purchase it again.

from United States on 03/23/2021
Love this lotion, perfect for any stitcher. Soaks into your skin quickly making your skin soft without harming fabrics

from United States on 01/19/2021 - Unscented--finally
I have used this before but couldn't anymore because of an allergy to fragrance products on my skin. Then I saw this. Wow, I have always loved this lotion but now it's even better--unscented. It is so great to use when cross-stitching or any handwork. It's even great just as a lotion. Never greasy, just softer skin.

from United States on 03/05/2019 - Love this lotion
Really works well, absorbs right in. Can start stitching almost right away. Feel the difference immediately. But the best feature is that its truely scent free. My home had to be scentfree due to my late husbands health issues. This product would have passed his test, most products dont. .

from United States on 02/07/2019 - It helps
I find this lotion to be really helpful when it comes to my dry skin and also in not being greasy so to transfer to my work.

from United States on 08/18/2018 - Best Hand Cream
Love this hand cream. Hands are not greasy. My hands are so soft and lasts all day long. The only hand cream I will ever use.

from United States on 06/18/2018 - Stitchers Lotion with aloe.
I havd always loved Stitchets Lotion. Used it for several years several years ago and then couldnt ever find it anywhere. I was so excited when I sae it I immediately orders two bottles and will make sure I dont run out again. It is the only lotion I have ever used for stitching because it absorb into skin really fwell and does not leave any greasy Feeling. Highly recommend it to all.

from United States on 04/23/2018

from United States on 05/12/2016 - A Little Goes A LONG Way!
This is a lovely lotion. It only took a pea size drop to moisturize both hands. It truly is non-greasy. My hands were soft but I didn't feel like I just put lotion on.

from United States on 02/02/2015 - Good lotion
Working with thread/yarn your hands tend to dry out but you avoid using hand lotion because of the oil in the lotion transferring to your project. Stitchers Lotion removes that problem and moisturizes your hands.

from United States on 11/20/2014 - Love it!
Not greasy and immediately does it's job. Absorbs very quickly and you're back to work!

from United States on 10/14/2014 - Great lotion for stitchers
I really like this hand lotion. I always wash my hands when I'm stitching which drys out my skin. The lotion is a good moisturizer that doesn't leave my hands feeling sticky or greasy.

from United States on 08/01/2014 - Stitcher Lotion
I had notice my cuticles where pulling my thread and was concerned ordinary hand lotion would stain fabric, this lotion works wonders and leaves no oily mess on fabric.

from United States on 06/01/2014 - Excellent product
Dry hands from washing hands every time I started stitching. This lotion absorbs very quickly and keeps threads and fabric from catching on rough hands and fingers.

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Luxuriously soothing lotion that is safe to use even while stitching. Won't stain your fabric or threads. Easily washes out if any would happen to get onto your project. 2 ounces. Unscented.
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