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C515 Clover Water Soluble Marker Fine Point - Blue
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.95 $4.45  
Use this for marking lines on fabric! The water soluble ink easily comes off with a damp cloth. This package contains one fine point water soluble marker. Color: Blue
C8611 Needle Threader For Embroidery Needles
by Clover Needlecraft
$9.99 $8.58  
New design! This new Embroidery Threader has a 'flat tip' that gives you smooth threading when used with thick threads. Works with any type of threads, yarns and embroidery needles.
C454 Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Silver
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.50 $6.75  
This very clever thread cutter is also very decorative! It has a sharp circular blade inside the antique silver exterior. Notched edge cleanly and quickly cuts threads without any harm to fingers. Pendant can be set atop a thread reel for easy access or strung on a decorative ribbon and used as a pendant.
C0522 Clover Thread Tweezer
by Clover Needlecraft
$6.75 $6.07  
Tweezer with flat end and sharp point. Removes decorative stitches and embroidery stitches from fabric. Clover Thread Tweezer is a wonderful tool for removing threads from fabric.

Also known as un-sewing this tool is essential for anyone who owns an embroidery machine or utilizes decorative stitches on their sewing machine.
C4000C Clover Needle Threaders 2/Pkg
by Clover Needlecraft
$2.75 $2.47  
Needle threader designed for easy threading for thick threads. 2 pieces per pack.
123-3104 Thread Cutter Pendant - Antique Gold (C455)
by Clover Needlecraft
$7.50 $6.75  
Thread cutters by Clover Needlecraft are great gadgets for quick thread cutting! The Thread Cutter Ring features a brass ring with a stainless steel blade that can be easily adjusted to fit any finger. The Thread Cutter Pendant is designed with a sharp circular blade inside so threads can be cut using any of the grooves.
C462 Double Needle Threader
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.25 $3.64  
Two threaders in one! Thread both large and small-sized needles. **This case on this item is made of slightly sturdier plastic than Clover's Premier Double Needle Threader
C478 Petite Needle Threader And Cutter
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.00 $3.43  
Threader and Cutter in one. 2 per package.
C8810 Clover Embroidery Stitching Tool Needle Threader
by Clover Needlecraft
$4.99 $4.28  
Designed specifically for easy threading of embroidery stitching tool.
C6026 Clover Protect and Grip Thimble - Medium
by Clover Needlecraft
$8.95 $7.69  
Protect and Grip Thimbles offer the perfect combination of soft, elastic material with the safety of a metal thimble cap. The scallop design offers breathability, keeping your finger cool. Its excellent elasticity helps the thimble form naturally to your fingertip for a light fit. Safe and smart, the ridged and dimpled metal cap holds the needle tip in place and pushes needles in safely. This new thimble provides comfort and lightness. DIAMETER SIZES: 6025 Small - 14.5mm (9/16"), 6026 Medium - 15.5mm (5/8"), 6027 Large - 17mm (21/32").
C6030 Natural Fit Leather Thimble - Large
by Clover Needlecraft
$13.95 $12.29  
A new shape created to give you a perfect fit. A finger-shaped leather thimble from 3-dimensional stitching technology. No seams or stitches where the needle hits the thimble allowing the needle to be pushed from the most convenient spot. The unique shape creates a smooth curve from the edge of the fingertip to the middle of the finger for a cozy natural fit.
C231 Applique Pins
by Clover Needlecraft
$6.75 $5.80  
3/4" pins great for small applique work. Comes in a handy reclosable case. Measurement: 0.6mmx3/4"(20mm) 150 pins in a case.
C3129 Clover Pom-Pom Maker Set
by Clover Needlecraft
$15.00 Sale $11.99  
Making your own pom-poms has never been easier! The measuring scale on the arch makes it easy to create multi-colored pom-poms. This package contains four different size pom-pom makers. Approximate finished sizes: 1.375 inches, 1.75 inches, 2.5 inches and 3.375 inches.