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20-2303 Pilgrim's Fathers Sailing from Delfshaven
by Thistles
$7.20 $6.48  
Model stitched one over two on 32 Ct. Prim Grey from Dames of the Needle using Gentle Art Sampler Threads (or DMC floss 221, 310, 415, 930, 3023, 3031, 3862, 3864, 3865). Specialty Stitch Used: French Knot. Stitch Count: 115W x 54H. Design Size: 7" x 3"
09-1981 Mayflower Landing - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Little House Needleworks
$9.50 $8.55  
"Let liberty reign and freedom ring within the heart of man", "Let faith and hope rise high and sing in this the promised land", "Plymouth Colony". Model stitched on 28 count Putty Linen with DMC floss and Classic Colorworks,(formerly known as Crescent Colours). The stitch count is 137W x 173H.
08-1171 Shores of Hawk Run Hollow - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Carriage House Samplings
$32.00 $28.79  
"Light the way come what may," "The moon above will guide my love while he's at sea away from me," "My love at sea," "Will wait for thee," "In memory of Lt. Jacob Pomroy anchored in the haven of rest May 7, 1745," "Beneath the blue of heaven's dome lies the sea that fish call home."
Model stitched on 40 Ct. Vintage Autumn Gold from Lakeside Linens with Needlepoint Silks or DMC floss (927 3790 839 3777 3858 3053 830 3768 937 745 3852 976 927 3348 469 161 415 413 3799 3829 402 420 926 317 3782 610 648 844 3787 640 white 310).
Stitch Count: 371W x 278H. Design Size: 19" x 14"
12-1921 Old Nantucket - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Little House Needleworks
$10.00 $8.99  
"To the journeys end ye roam upon the foaming sea. Nantucket waits to see thy sails as my heart waits for thee. Nantucket". Model stitched on 30 Ct. Cocoa linen with DMC floss, Weeks Dye Works, Gentle Art Sampler threads, and Crescent Colours floss (or all DMC 640, 950, 3828, 648, 3051, 3052, 3862, 926 or 927, 869, ecru, 3031, 3768). Stitch Count: 249 x 153.
17-2622 Yuletide Shanty - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Plum Street Samplers
$12.00 $10.79  
Model stitched over 2 threads on 36 Ct. Weathered Shingle by R&R Reproductions with Weeks Dye Works floss (or DMC 310, 356, 422, 535, 642, 3865, 924, 928, 3011, 3768, 3773, 3777, 3799). Stitch Counts: Side - 216Wx 58H, Top - 75W x 61H, Bottom - 57W x 55H.
17-1559 Good Ship Sampler - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Hands On Design
$10.00 $8.99  
"There are good ship ships and wood ships & ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be." Model stitched over 2 threads of 32 Ct. Friendship Greene linen from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie with Romy's Creations floss (Chestnut-2, Green Apples, Pompei Green, Pumpkin Seed, Antichi Green, Snowflake). Stitch count: 144W x 104H. Design Size: 9" x 7"
05-2835 Skeleton Crew - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Cross Eyed Cricket
$8.00 $7.19  
Here's a spooky ship! You'll find ghosts for sails, "16 men on a dead man's ship" and fish skeletons swimming alongside!
Model stitched on 30 Ct. Saltmarsh Green linen with DMC floss.
Stitch Count: 267W x 221H. Design Size: 18" x 15"
10-1306 Thank Heaven For Little Boys - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Sue Hillis
$8.00 $7.19  
"Thank heaven for little boys!" Model stitched on 14 Ct Summer Khaki Aida or 28 Ct. Summer Khaki Lugana with Sullivans or DMC floss. Stitch Count: 124W x 100H. Alternate skin colors are provided for Asian, African American, and Latino.
20-1643 Modestly Sized Red Ship of Life - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Ink Circles
$18.00 $16.19  
Model stitched over 2 threads on 36 Ct. Wren linen by Picture This Plus with Gloriana Silk Floss. Stitch Count: 299W x 269H. Finished size: 16 3/4" x 15".
JBW367 Sing a Song of Christmas XII - I Saw Three Ships
by JBW Designs
$8.00 $7.19  
"I saw three ships come sailing in On Christmas Day In the morning" Model stitched two over two on 32 Ct. Antique White Belfast using Classic Colorworks, and Weeks Dye Works (or all DMC floss 935, 520, 732, 166, 165, 471, 3821, 3822, 304, 799, 435). Stitch count is 47W x 65H. Design size is 9W 10H
KDS-2148 Discovery of the New World - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Kooler Design Studio
Stitch this beautiful antique Old World Map from the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Makes a perfect gift for travelers, explorers, discoverers, map-lovers and those who love History. Stitch Count 170w X 130h. Finished size on 14 ct 12-1/8" X 9-1/4". Design stitched on 14 Count Touch of Blue Aida. Design by Linda Gillum.
SAT-016 Voyage - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Satsuma Street
Model stitched on 14 Ct. Black Aida with DMC floss. Stitch Count: 103W x 134H. Color Chart.
09-1136 Tools Of The Trade - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Sue Hillis
$9.00 $8.09  
Model stitched on 28ct. Summer Khaki Lugana with DMC embroidery floss. Includes embellishments. Stitch count 99W x 126H. Will perfectly fit into a standard 8 x 10 frame when stitched on 14/28ct fabric.
VS150 Mystic Christmas - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Victoria Sampler
Sale $16.56  
"There comes a ship far sailing then...Saint Michael was the stieresman, Saint John sate in the horn. Our Lord harped and Lady sang and all the bells of Heaven they rang. On Christ's Sonday at morn." Model stitched on 28 Ct. Misty Blue Cashel linen with DMC Pearl cotton, Gloriana Silk, Dinky Dyes Silk, Kreinik Silk Mori, DMC floss, Kreinik #4 Braid, Needlepoint Inc Silk, and SJ Designs beads. Stitch count: 198H x 64W. Finishing instructions included. An accessory pack is available that contains all of the threads and beads needed to complete the design as shown.
09-1725 Pirate's Life, A - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Country Cottage Needleworks
$8.00 $7.19  
"A Pirate's Life For Me!" Model stitched on 28 count Vintage Light Examplar Linen by Lakeside Linens with DMC floss, Crescent Colours (Bandana, Bramble Bush-2, Peanut Brittle-2), and Weeks Dye Works (Lucky). The stitch count is 125W x 125H.
14-2176 Big Red Ship of Life - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Ink Circles
$21.00 $18.89  
Model stitched on either a 36/40 Ct. fabric of your choice. There are no partial stitches - design is suitable for stitching over one or on Aida fabric. You can stitch with either 11 Skeins of DMC or 8 skeins of Gloriana floss. For 2 strands on 28 count, this is approximately 29 skeins of DMC. Color of your choice. Stitch count 345x421.
15-1414 Get Kraken - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Ink Circles
$16.00 $14.39  
Model stitched on 40 Ct. Tin linen by Fabric Flair with Gloriana Silk Floss (or DMC 3052, 927, 437, 839, 930, 3041, 926, 3722). Stitch Count: 185W x 173H.
99-1381 Final Frontier, The - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Stoney Creek
$6.95 $6.24  
Finally--a book for fans of space travel! This exciting book features patterns for John Glenn's Return to Space stitch count 128x168, The Planets stitch count 104x125. Passing Saturn stitch count 180x132. The Space Shuttle Discovery stitch count 144x86, Space Walk stitch count 158x101, The Voyager's Tour stitch count 201x142.
04-2413 Historic Tall Ships - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Stoney Creek
$7.95 $7.14  
Journey with us as we explore the vast oceans with these historic ships - includes U.S.S. Constitution stitch count 135x134, The Mayflower stitch count 114x165, The Storm stitch count 116x149, Nina stitch count 137x119, and "Smooth Sailing." Stitch count 87x66.
20-1352 Go With the Wind - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Mani di Donna
$15.00 $13.49  
Model stitched two over two on 32 Ct. Cocoa using Weeks Dye Works (or DMC floss 310, 3820, 221, B5200, 964, 3810, 648, 437, 932, 930, 645, 838). Specialty Stitch Used: Petite Stitch. No stitch count provided.
07-1482 Mermaid Sampler - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Birds of a Feather
$7.00 $6.29  
Celebrate your inner mermaid by stitching this whimsical Mermaid Sampler.
Model stitched on 32 count Barn Owl Linen using Weeks Dye Works Threads and DMC floss (DMC alternates are 676 817 310 3813 501 742). Stitch count: 109W x 110H. Design Size: 7" x 7"
20-1245 June Bliss - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Twin Peak Primitives
$9.00 Sale $7.19  
Model stitched two over one on 18 Ct. Natural Aida using DMC floss. Stitch Count: 71W x 71H. Design Size: 4" x 4"
KDS-1767 Nautical Sampler - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Kooler Design Studio
Add this nautical piece to your wall decor at your seaside home or cabin! Stitch Count 173 w X 134 h, Finished size on 14-ct, 12-1/4" X 9-1/2" Design stitched on 14 Count White Aida
17-1490 Row Row Your Boat - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Rosewood Manor
$11.00 Sale $8.79  
"Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a dream." Model stitched over 2 threads on 28 Ct. Antique White linen with Weeks Dye Works floss. Also required, but not listed above, Rainbow Gallery Silk Lame (SP94 - 2 cards). Stitch Count: 114x187.
09-2057 Sailing Ships Sampler - Cross Stitch Pattern
by Rosewood Manor
$17.00 $15.29  
Stitch Count: 192x229