Small Sled Ornament

Small Sled Ornament
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Small Sled Ornament Small Sled Ornament

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Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Foxwood Crossings
Size: 5 1/2" x 2"

Wooden and wire Christmas Ornament "sled". Overall size is 5 1/2" long by 2" wide.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 04/19/2023 - Adorable little sleds
Well made and so cute! I look forward to adding cross stitch to these sleds for gifts.

from United States on 04/10/2023 - Small Sleds
Had purchased several of these sleds before and wanted to make more for gifts. The latest are made in China and are inferior to the ones I bought before. They are cheaply made.

from Canada on 01/11/2023 - Super Cute Little Sleds!
Combining these with the cross stitch designs on them is always a lovely appreciated thoughtful gift. I've used them to adorn wrapped gifts, as hostess gifts at parties, as secret Santa gifts as well as gifts themselves. They stitch up quickly and are always well received!

from United States on 01/10/2023 - Love these

from United States on 01/10/2023 - Love these
These make great gifts! I purchased the cross stitch patterns that fit on the surface of the sled as well and made a bunch for family and friends. They were a hit!

from United States on 10/03/2022 - Small wooden sleds
Great to use as the base for cross-stitched Christmas patterns.

from United States on 09/28/2022 - So cute for a snowman X stitch
love this real looking tiny sled!

from United States on 08/01/2022
These came package neatly....I was afraid they might be bent..they weren't. Can't wait to get one ornament done.

from United States on 07/08/2022 - What an easy finish
What a great Christmas decoration.

from United States on 02/17/2022 - Small Sled Ornament
Love them and I have them finished.

from United States on 12/10/2021 - Great lrice!
Love these sleds ! The LizzieKate designs are so cute on tbese

from United States on 02/08/2021 - Small Sled Ornament
I purchased 4 of these sleds and they are so cute. Can't wait to finish my patterns and put them on the sleds. Might buy a couple more.

from United States on 01/28/2021 - Sled ornaments
These are adorable and the pattern I used looks so cute on them. I’m getting ready to place a new order to purchase more of these.

from United States on 01/21/2021 - sleds
love these cute little sleds - they make great ornaments and great gifts

from United States on 01/13/2021 - Great sled
Painted white and used perforated paper - the ornaments look great. Arrived immediately. Thank you!

from United States on 12/23/2020
So cute!!! Just what I wanted!!!

from United States on 12/19/2020 - Cute sleds
Love these sleds and larger sizes as well. They go very well with the Foxwood Crossings Cross stitch designs.

from United States on 07/22/2020 - Sleds
Loved these Will be ordering several more plus matching patterns.

from United States on 07/08/2020 - Very pleased
I ordered 4 mini sleighs and I love them. They are so cute all by themselves.

from United States on 06/25/2020 - Fun, quick projects
Good quality sleds. I’ve enjoyed stitching for them, have used “Letter Sleds A to Z” and “Block Party” patterns. The finished size fits the sled perfectly!

from United States on 01/17/2020 - Great service!!
Love you guys. Thanks so much wonderful products and great service.

from United States on 01/15/2020
Wonderful price on the sleds. Good quality. Thanks

from United States on 01/13/2020 - Great product great sale price
I purchased these for Xmas presents after stitching on them, they turned out wonderful

from United States on 01/09/2020 - Very nice!

from United States on 01/09/2020 - Very nice!
Good quality, good price! I plan on purchasing more so I have plenty to make as tree ornaments for family and friends!

from United States on 01/09/2020 - Very nice!
Good quality, good price! I plan on purchasing more so I have plenty to make as tree ornaments for family and friends!

from United States on 01/07/2020 - Love these little sleds
Perfect to tie on a Christmas gift. Claudia in Tennessee

from Canada on 01/07/2020 - Sleds
I just received the sleds yesterday. I absolutely love them. Thank you for the excellent product

from Canada on 01/07/2020 - Sleds
I just received the sleds yesterday. I absolutely love them. Thank you for the excellent product

from Canada on 01/05/2020
Excellent price for these little sleds. My LNS had them and they were $4.00 each. Well packaged so no damage upon receiving. Make great gift giving gifts with the stitching attached.

from United States on 12/26/2019 - The sleds are a GREAT quality and an even GREATER price!
These sleds are so good to use with the small cross stitch patterns. They are easy to finish especially using the stitchery tape. I did the sled ornaments for myself and as some gifts and they looked great.

from United States on 12/18/2019
I really like how the cross stitch looks on the sled. So easy to mount and looks great on the tree.

from Russia on 12/11/2019

from United States on 12/02/2019
Great for ornament gifting. Wish I would have waited to order at the lower price!

from United States on 11/19/2019 - Darling small sleds
Love these sleds that fit the Foxwood Crossings patterns. You can add embellishments to make them even more darling. The price is also very good.

from United States on 09/30/2019 - Darling Sleds
These sleds are so cute to use with the Foxwood Crossings patterns. They make great gifts!

from United States on 06/13/2019 - Darling sleds
These sleds are so darling. They fit the beautiful Foxwood Crossings patterns so nicely.

from United States on 02/07/2019 - GREAT, GREAT GIFT
My DDIL is very difficult to buy for. She saw these sleds stitching on top and she fell in love with them. She now has twelve of them!

from United States on 11/20/2018 - Sleds
love the quality of these - makes great gifts with cross stitch addition

from United States on 10/17/2018 - Sled ornament
These are very cute. I make ornaments for my 3 grandchildren every year and these are the ones for this year.

from United States on 09/05/2018
These sleds make the greatest gifts and are so easy to make. I have made many for my own tree and will be making more as we just love them. My husband always wants to see the latest ones.

from United States on 08/22/2018 - Excellent Company
These sleds make into the cutest Christmas ornaments and are really well made.

from United States on 06/28/2018 - Sm sled
Good quality, just what I expected

from United States on 05/04/2018 - Great Gifts
I have made so many of these sleds and have given them as gifts. I enjoy stitching each one and love giving them away.

from United States on 04/06/2018 - adorable
These little sleds make the cutest ornaments. I have made several in the past and they are so fun to make. There are lots of pattens to stitch for them and it doesn't take long to finish.

from United States on 03/30/2018
Perfect to go with Backyard Friends!

from United States on 02/22/2018 - Sleds
Love the sleds for Christmas ornaments.

from United States on 01/25/2018
Perfect for making cute Christmas ornaments. So many neat patterns.

from United States on 01/23/2018
This the only place I can find these ornaments. They are well made and priced right. I will definitely order more in the future. I'm thrilled I came upon this site.

from United States on 01/21/2018 - Sled ornament
So, so cute. I stitch ornaments for my grandkids every Christmas...the sleds are really special...

from United States on 01/09/2018 - Exactly what I wanted
Great decorator sleds.

from United States on 12/25/2017 - Well made sled ornaments!
I received my order of 5 minisleds very quickly. I can always count on 123 stitch to have what I need.

from United States on 12/20/2017
These sleds make great gifts. Look nice on the tree, too. I do one each evening and enjoy making them.

from United States on 12/14/2017 - Awesome Ornaments
I have made over 50 of these ornaments for Christmas this year. Many for family and friends. I sold 20 at my churchs Christmas Cookie Walk last week with orders for 18 more. I use patterns from Foxwood Crossings and LizzieKate. The only reason I didnt give them 5 stars is because the wood on a few of them was a little rough and/ the beds were more crooked than I like. All-in-all though, they are a great gift and fun to make.

from United States on 11/30/2017 - Sleds
This is the second time ordering these sleds, 7 total. They make the cutest gifts for Christmas, love the crosstitch designs, too! Would have rated 5 stars but the 2nd order did not arrive as nice as the first. One was bent, screw was loosein the bag but otherwise fixable. I used the perforated paper with glue and they turned out very nice. Will definitely order again, hope to find them on sale sometime or would be nice if they offered free shipping!

from United States on 11/28/2017 - Sleds
These adorable little sleds work up quickly and make great gifts

from United States on 11/17/2017 - Sleds
Love these sleds. They are spendy but good quality and Love their rustic look. Highly Recommend!

from United States on 11/10/2017

from United States on 11/10/2017

from United States on 11/10/2017 - Adorable
These sleds are so cute. The patterns for the sleds are quick to stitch and so cute. Nice gifts too!

from United States on 10/29/2017 - Cute
Enjoy these sleds. Add stitched perforated paper and they make a cute gift.

from United States on 10/26/2017 - Great Project
These sleds can be completed in a very short time and are so cute. I add a ribbon to the handle and plan to paint a few of them this year. The patterns are very easy to follow. A fun project. My granddaughter is getting married early next year and I am making some for her shower.

from United States on 04/25/2017 - Sleds
Love how these sleds look when finished with the cross stitch picture. Another perfect small gift idea...

from United States on 01/24/2017 - Love your products and service provided
I recently ordered several sleds. One the side and top werebroken. I made a phone call to you and your graciously replacedthe broken sled asap. Love the service. I am handicap and can'tget out to shop, so I love coming on the computer, getting whatI need etc, asap. Thank you

from United States on 01/08/2017 - Great ornament
Makes wonderful Christmas gifts.

from United States on 01/02/2017 - Fabulous
Always consistent in size and quality. An easy and quick Christmas ornament when you need a last minute stitch gift.

from United States on 12/26/2016

from United States on 12/18/2016 - Christmas Sleds
Making these as Ornaments for my two Great Grand Children

from United States on 12/15/2016 - Womderful little gifts to make
I have purchased several of the miniature sleds to make foran gift exchange with friends at bowling. They loved them.Still have a few more to make before Christmas for family.

from United States on 12/13/2016 - Fabulous and fun
These sleds give a rest, easy finish to punched paper orna,nets. I whipped up a dozen in no time at all!

from United States on 12/02/2016 - Sleds
Ordered three, one had a loose wire. Easy to fix. Otherwise these are so cute and easy to use.

from United States on 11/29/2016 - winter fun
These sleds are well made and are so easy to apply the stitched piece to. I used white glue instead of double faced tape. Great fun project.

from United States on 10/12/2016 - Ornament sleds and patterns
I was so happy to find this web site and get quality cross stich graphs and then the sled to mount them on. It's one stop shopping for fabric, threads, graphs, and ornaments. I keep ordering more!

from United States on 10/07/2016 - Just what I was looking for!
I want to make a small gift for three very close friends and this is exactly what I was looking for.

from United States on 09/15/2016 - Sled ornaments
Love these!!! Have ordered 3 times already and will order more!!! The sled cross stitch from Foxwood Crossings work up fast and are so nice on the sleds.

from United States on 08/20/2016 - Sled ornament
The sleds are well constructed and I enjoy cross stitching the top in one evening. It makes a lovely item for the tree or to tie on a package. The price was $2.00 less than in the store. Thanks!

from United States on 08/20/2016 - Cute and quick gift!
I so enjoy stitching tops for these sleds. I will be stitching many more to give as little thinking of you gifts this coming Christmas season.

from United States on 08/19/2016
I love these little sleds. They're addictive!

from United States on 06/09/2016 - Love, love, love!
This is about my fourth order for these sleds! They make lovely ornaments and are so easy to use!!

from United States on 04/22/2016 - Foxwood Crossings
This company has the cutest wooden sleds with many coordinating cross stitch patterns. I even did the 7 inch sled with coordinating Santa. Easy to stitch and just glue onto the sleds. I have made 10 already. for Christmas gifts

from United States on 02/12/2016 - Fun, fun, stitching
I have stitched eighteen of these sleds and just cannot get enough of them. I am stitching sleds for friends who have admired the ones I have done. They will be gifts for this coming Christmas.

from United States on 01/31/2016 - Cute sled ornaments
These ornaments are so cute and will make such nice gifts next year. The pattens that go with them sold serarately are cute and the sled just enhances them beautifully. The handle comes off easily but was fixed in just a minute with a needle nose pliers. I am excited to see how people like them.

from United States on 01/01/2016 - Beautiful sleigh
This is absolutely beautiful and I can hardly wait to finish it with a counted cross stitch top. Nothing at all like it in the craft stores here so glad you are in business and so customer oriented.

from United States on 12/20/2015 - sled ornaments
I love those sled ornaments. I plan on ordering some more.

from United States on 11/29/2015 - Sled ornament
Thanks for carrying these on your website. I had 8 grandchildren to make ornaments for! I enjoy ordering from your company. You're always promt in sending things out. Thanks!

from United States on 11/03/2015 - Love these little guys!
I made several of these ornaments for family members last year and will probably make more of them. Quick and easy to finish I used stitchery tape to mount stitching to sled and a relatively inexpensive ornament to make.

from United States on 10/13/2015
I really enjoyed making this sled ornament. It made the perfect gift to give go a co-worker.

from United States on 10/13/2015
I really enjoyed making this sled ornament. It made the perfect gift to give go a co-worker.

from United States on 08/21/2015 - Sleds
I bought three of these sleds to use with the Bread Sled pattern. The only thing is I wish it came in packs of three as there is three different designs in the pattern chart.

from United States on 08/03/2015 - Best ornament idea for years!!
A fun weekend project to stitch up... turned around and ordered more..

from United States on 07/25/2015 - Cute and fun to use
I am so excited to start to sue these. They really are cute and sturdy.

from United States on 07/17/2015 - Very pleased
Great ornament. Will be used for cross stitches, for gifts.

from United States on 12/03/2014
Awesome product! Excellent value!

from United States on 06/30/2014 - Sled
Love this ornament. Will be making several for gifts this Christmas.

from United States on 06/13/2014 - Really Cute!
Really cute - will make adorable ornaments.

from United States on 05/14/2014

from United States on 02/18/2014 - "Cool" Ornament!
I received one of these as a Christmas gift. Now I am planning on cross stitching on perforated paper and making them for gifts of my own next Christmas!

from United States on 01/08/2014 - Cute item
Very well made, too!

from United States on 01/05/2014 - Quick, easy, and adorable!!
I enjoy making these for friends and acquaintances during the holidays.

from United States on 12/24/2013 - Unique Idea
Saw these sleds in a xs shop and knew I had to make them! Easy to attach your stitching to - either glue or dbl sided tape works well. Just the right size and lightweight so they don't weight down the tree branch.

from United States on 12/11/2013 - chart for sleds
Just what I wanted for a couple of cute gifts. Always can count on JoAnn to send me my order within a couple of days--THE BEST !

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