DMC Floss Number Stickers

DMC Floss Number Stickers

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Item: WI6103
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: DMC

A set of small, pre-printed self-stick labels that can be adhered to DMC or other brand floss bobbins. Pack contains 500 labels, printed with all 464 solid and variegated color numbers, plus extra labels for popular shades, and 20 blank labels.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 10/27/2021 - DMC stickers
Love the stickers - have not used them yet Looking forward to having my floss organized and neat.

from United States on 04/12/2021
Do Not Purchase These Stickers. The numbers for 22 and 32 are wrong showing 12 instead. The glue on these stickers are terrible and do not will be reapplying time after time. The print font size for the numbers is soooo small, does not match previous sticker font size so now my bobbins have stickers with two font sizes. The worst product that DMC has manufactured. If I could have rated these floss number stickers a zero I would have.

from United States on 09/28/2020

from United States on 08/22/2020
so far so good. I used them to label some thread drops I made. I did hand write on the back of the drops just in case the stickers come off as others have stated. I didn't have too much trouble with getting individual stickers off at a time, but they really are tiny - some may wish to use tweezers to grab them more easily.

from United States on 07/06/2020 - I finally have them!
Been waiting to get my hands on these but have not organized my floss sure this will help but this will take some time! Glad I ordered them... not easy to find! Thank you 123 stitch! Sandra

from United States on 06/22/2020 - floss number stickers
Had been looking for these for quite a while. They are not carried in the local craft stores. These are just what I needed and it beats writing the number on the floss organizers or even taping the number from the floss itself.

from United States on 02/25/2020

from United States on 02/10/2019 - great stickers
what an easy way to keep your floss in order. 123Stitch is very dependable. Very fast shipping. The workers are exceptional.

from United States on 10/19/2018 - Love them

from United States on 09/16/2018 - Dmc stickers
Stickers dont stick! I put them on floss away bags and Im now finding them all over the place! Its a good thing I labeled with a sharpie also. The stickers are also difficult to remove from the backing ... some of them are not cut all the way through and you have to tear them off. The stickers are very tiny. They did not work out well for what I used them for.

from United States on 03/04/2017 - Great stickers
These floss number stickers work great with bobbins. My only complaint is that the new color numbers are not included. Blank labels are included which can be used but it would be nice if DMC would update this product.

from United States on 03/09/2015

from United States on 03/09/2015

from United States on 03/09/2015 - does not stick well
I use plastic zip lock snack bags for floss storage. The stickers are very small and don't stick well. Not worth the money. I fine tip permanent marker does a better job and can be color coded by manufacturer of the floss.

from United States on 10/29/2013 - floss number stickers
I have been gradually changing my cardboard bobbins over to plastic bobbins for my collection of DMC threads. These are great since it's harder to write the numbers on plastic than cardboard.

from United States on 09/07/2013 - Functional but fiddly
While these stickers are very practical, they are a tad fiddly to use. It is almost impossible to remove just one sticker at a time. They do stick to the plastic DMC bobbins, but you do need to press them down very hard or else they will fall off.

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