Mill Hill Needle Threader

Mill Hill Needle Threader
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Mill Hill Needle ThreaderMill Hill Needle Threader

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Item: 123-40222
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: Mill Hill

Mill Hill Needle Threader. Use with Mill Hill projects, designed for small eye needles. 2 per package.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from Canada on 01/30/2023 - essential
I love these needle threaders, and always have extra on hand, they last pretty good, but I could not thread a beading needle without them.

from United States on 07/09/2022 - Works Perfectly
These are the only beading needle threaders I've found that work! Will pull two threads through a Mill Hill beading needle (like the ones that come in their ornament kits). I recommend stocking up; they do break if you pull too hard through the needle eye, which is easy to do.

from United States on 05/09/2022 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
Mill Hill needle threaders work great with their beading needles. Would recommend both the threaders and the needles.

from United States on 11/27/2021 - Best for beads!
I ordered these needle threaders on recommendation from someone on a board I follow. I am so glad I did! Doing the heading on my Mill Hill projects sometimes frustrated me just because it took forever to thread the small needle. These solved the problem. They are the best for beads!

from United States on 11/18/2021 - Wouldn’t buy again
Lasted less than 2 days and only pulled one thread thru.

from United States on 10/12/2021 - 123 Cross Stitch
Mill Hill bead needle threader is not only awesome, it's been a lifesaver! But more importantly, 123 Cross Stitch is absolutely wonderful! My orders are such a delight when they arrive!

from United States on 08/30/2021 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
A great threader for beading or single thread work. Works great, and great price.

from United States on 06/10/2021 - Gamechanger
I love the beaded Mill Hill kits, but found it hard to thread the needle for applying the beads. It was impossible at times until I took a chance on this changer... loved it. It makes threading that itty bitty needle eye so much easier!

from United States on 05/03/2021
So far so good with the threader, I guess time will tell, but is very reasonably priced!

from United States on 04/16/2021 - A must have for beading
My fine needle threader broke and I had to have new ones quickly to continue my stitching. 123 Stitch got them to me in just a few days! These threaders are perfect for threading the tiny eye of a beading needle!

from United States on 03/01/2021 - Best needle threader for beading
Have looked and tried many needle threaders for bead needles. These are the best and would highly recommend purchase

from United States on 02/28/2021 - 1 Thread Max
It worked for beading needles with 1 thread thickness (2 thread thickness when pulled through eye), but not for 2 threads. I'll either have to use only 1 thread for beads or pull through 1 thread at a time (charts/kits usually call for 2 threads).

from United States on 02/24/2021
Life saver!!!

from United States on 01/12/2021 - Small but strong
These needle threaders are thin enough to fit into the smallest of needles but strong enough that they last througb several big projects.

from United States on 11/17/2020 - Great for bead needles
This works well even with very small beading needles. Game changer!

from United States on 09/01/2020 - Needle threader first time use
If you have arthritis in your hands, get the needle threader. With it I can thread the tiniest needle. I will keep several! 123 Stitch is the best source for your cross stitch supplies!

from United States on 08/06/2020 - Very helpful

from United States on 08/06/2020 - Handy
These small, compact threaders are easy to tuck into traveling cross stitch bundle, wonderful!

from United States on 06/25/2020 - iMPOSSIBLE NOT TO HAVE
This is one of those items that you just have to have. It's well made and serves it's intended purpose well

from United States on 06/11/2020 - So helpful
I use size 28 Bohin tapestry needles and these little tools make rethreading a breeze.

from United States on 12/26/2019
I love this product. It does not look sturdy but as long as you dont pull too hard or yank it you will have no problem. I have only broken one and I bead almost every day.

from United States on 12/16/2019 - What a needle Helper!
I do like the ones with the cutter on the side and a hold to put a string in to add to my scissors.

from United States on 12/10/2019
Wish it were less fragile. When it works it does well. I agree it breaks easily. Not sure if I would re order.

from United States on 09/20/2019 - BEST INVENTION EVER!
In desperation I contacted 123 stitch for help . I was stitching a small picture using one strand of floss and petite beads. Having a very difficult time threading the needle. Their recommendation of the Mill Hill Threader made a HUGE difference. I could sew faster and not take so much time "trying" to thread the needle. I will never ever stitch without this needle threader again. One is never too old to learn something new. Thanks so much for the help.

from United States on 09/16/2019 - Small Eye Needle Threader
Could not do without this.They are very fragile but if you take your time works well.

from United States on 07/21/2019 - Best threader for tiny beading needles
This threader works better and lasts longer than any other threader that I've used. I've learned that if you finger press the floss against the threader wire, it will easily slip through the tiniest of needle eyes.

from United States on 07/12/2019 - Worthless
Wouldnt waste my money on this again. The threader broke the first time I tried using it.

from United States on 07/09/2019 - already started
I waited patiently for this itme

from United States on 06/25/2019 - Not worth the money
I passed the threader through the eye the first time inserted the thread and went to pull the thread through and it broke. I wouldnt waste my money.

from United States on 05/28/2019 - You Never Can Have Too Many!!
I really like the Mill Hill needle threaders. They are GREAT to thread your beading needle with. I keep losing them, so I just buy another pack!

from United States on 02/24/2019 - Can't do without it!!
The Mill Hill Needle Threader is great!! It is so helpful getting the needle threaded. I loved getting two in the pack, I have one to use while I am looking for the other one!

from United States on 10/04/2018 - Helpful
Mill Hill Needle threader has helped me so much in getting my needles ready to put beads on... I bought 2 and will buy more...Dont know what I would do without them.

from United States on 06/11/2018 - Makeing it easy
Helped 100% A job that nearly imposable

from United States on 02/26/2018
I do a lot of beading so I could not be without these. They hold up for quite a while as long as you pull on the wire, not the plastic.

from United States on 01/13/2018 - Works well!
I can finally thread my bead needles!

from United States on 07/25/2017 - useless
These broke the first time I attempted to use.

from United States on 07/12/2017
Love this product! Makes it so much easier to thread my needle and the added bonus is that you get 2!

from United States on 05/04/2017 - Good threader
I like these because they seem to last until my clutz appears and I misplace or lose them! They are a must have for bead work. I don't seem to have a breakage problem I had with the silver ones.

from United States on 04/15/2017 - This is the only threader that I have found
that will allow you to use Mill Hill petite seed beads. Not very strong, suggestions to buy multiple quantities.

from United States on 03/24/2017 - Great!!!
These work well and help me thread the beading needles in the mill hill beaded cross stitch kits I've been stitching and beading. I couldn't do it without them.

from United States on 03/24/2017 - Great!!!
These work well and help me thread the beading needles in the mill hill beaded cross stitch kits I've been stitching and beading. I couldn't do it without them. Hold the threaders at the junction of thr wire and the plastic handle for best results and longevity of the threader.

from United States on 03/24/2017 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
Love this needle threader. Works great for size 26 and 28 needles and of course their beading needles.

from United States on 02/08/2017 - Broken like others
I was able to use the first for about 4 nights before it broke the 2nd one is still working. I think the wire is so fragile for pulling more than one thread through at a time. I like how big the square handle is and the color white I can easily find.

from United States on 12/16/2016
Great with the Flex wire size.10Not so good with the John James size.10

from United States on 04/07/2016
Disappointed. After reading other reviews I ordered this item but it is no different than others on the market. It will go through the beading needles but unable to pull it back through the eye with thread inserted.

from United States on 04/05/2016 - Fantastic item
These threaders are fantastic for small eye needles. I do a lot of embroidery and beading that require a small needle and they are almost impossible to thread without these threaders. Highly recommend to anyone

from United States on 03/16/2016 - Great for all small needles
The wire on these threaders is thinner than similar products I've purchased over the years. I've used them with tapestry, beading and sharps. They are very tiny, so find a safe place for the threader when you are working! As for durability, I can't speak to long-term use, but I haven't had one break in the several months I've used them. I do treat them gently, however, holding on to the wire rather than the base when pulling thread through the needles. And nothing thicker than two strands of cotton or silk floss.

from United States on 03/07/2016 - needle threaders
These were helpful in threading small eye needles that are used for beading. They were a little difficult to get the floss pulled through. I'm glad there were 2 because they break after a while

from United States on 11/17/2015 - Best needle threader I've used
I've tried and used a lot of needle threaders, and these are by far the best. They are sturdy, yet small thin enough to fit in the smallest of needles. And 123 stitch has them for the best price! Great product at a great price! Thanks!

from United States on 11/17/2015 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
This is a great needle threader. I mainly use it to thread the beading needle when I am working on a Mill Hill kit. It works well and lasts a long time!

from United States on 06/01/2015 - Needle Threader Works!
I turned to Mill Hill n for a needle threader because they are the ones who make all those beaded projects! This works well. I truly need it, as my eyes have aged.

from United States on 03/06/2015 - Mill Hill needle threader.
This needle threader is a must have when your doing Mill Hill kits. Perfect for the tiny holes used for the beading.

from United States on 07/07/2014 - Thread the smallest-eyed needles!
Great threader even for needles with small eyes! Easy to use.

from United States on 06/01/2014 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
My favorite needle threader. Sturdy and easy to use with any needle and thread. I always keep extra around for friends. Use the correct thread for eye size of the needle, and these threaders last a long time.

from United States on 03/17/2014 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
This is the best threader I have found to use with the beading needles. I try to keep extras on hand and they last really well. I would recommend these to anyone. I will order more of this item.

from United States on 02/19/2014 - Wire Seems A little Too Light
It seems like the wire is going to bend on this needle threader

from United States on 01/19/2014 - Mill Hill Needle Threader
This is the best most efficient needle threader I have found to use with beading needles. I will order more of this item.

from United States on 09/27/2013 - Mill Hill
Mill Hill needle threader is great - lasts a long time......

from United States on 09/21/2013
this is a must when working on the mill hill bead kits, a great tool for your craft.

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