8x8 Qsnap

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8x8 Qsnap

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Size: 8" x 8"

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Item: 123-2493 - Type: Stitching Frames Hoops and Stands.
Unique method to hold fabric taut while stitching. Four plastic C-shaped clamps hold the fabric onto the bars. Tension is easy to adjust. You have a smooth stitching surface around entire frame without hoop wrinkles. The Q-snap frame comes apart in seconds to store or to carry in practically any tote.
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 09/10/2019 - Easy to use, great for gripping without hand cramps
I recently got back into cross stitching and decided to use a Q snap instead of a hoop. Glad I did! It's light, easy to hold, and easy to use. No hand cramps and faster stitching! The snaps hold very snug, so be aware that removing them can be a task. Slip a length of scrap fabric between the snap and project fabric to help lift it off later. Make sure that your project fabric has at least 3 inches of extra fabric around the project area, otherwise you'll find that you don't have enough fabric to snap into the frame.

from United States on 08/28/2019
First time stitching with one,wouldn't stitch without,planning on buying other sizes.

from United States on 07/11/2019
Love this frame, easy to assemble and sturdy. Great product for cross stitching!

from United States on 06/17/2019 - Great product
I'm never disappointed with anything I have purchased here. Q-snaps are great!!

from United States on 04/15/2019 - Can't live without this anymore!
I have been stitching less than a year. I learned to stitch in hand and few months later tried using a hoop. I noticed my stitches looked better with the hoop. After trying the qsnap I've found I like it the best! I get the best tension with this over the embroidery hoop. Love it!

from United States on 01/07/2019
Love the ease of use, smooth stitching area, and well worth the price.

from United States on 01/07/2019
Love the ease of use, smooth stitching area, and well worth the price.

from United States on 12/31/2018 - Problem solved
I love this Q-snaps! I have only used hoops and I hate having to stop stitching to tighten the fabric all the time. I bought a steering wheel cover and am using it as my grime guard. Perfect, two problems solved!

from United States on 12/28/2018 - Where Have You Been All My Life?!
I love this 8x8 QSnap!! So easy to put together and so easy to set fabric in. I love that just a small short rotation of the snap piece will tighten the fabric. And you don't have to do that very often - the fabric is super tight to begin with! Love love love it! So will you!

from United States on 12/16/2018 - No more hoops!
Qsnaps are the best thing ever! So easy to use & holds fabric tight.

from United States on 12/15/2018 - Love my Q-snap
I have started cross stitching on linen, and the Q-snap frame makes it easy. I will be ordering different sizes for other projects.

from United States on 05/05/2018 - qsnap
came perfect and fast!

from United States on 01/01/2018 - Hoop convert
These are amazing! I love working with this so much more than a hoop. It's so easy to adjust tension as needed, I can just loosen it to work floss through stitches on the back and tighten it again once I'm done. Keeps previous stitching from getting large creases. Great for travel, easy to use, I love it!

from United States on 12/22/2017 - Love My Q Snaps
Love stitching using the Q Snap. The clamps hold the fabric securely and helps me to see the fabric grid easily.

from United States on 08/14/2017 - Needlework help

from United States on 08/02/2017 - Excellent Choice
I resisted using Q Snaps for a long time, and just recently purchased my first set. What a difference it made! No more pulling and adjusting the material. I'm really a fan now.

from United States on 06/08/2017 - Love these things!
Q-Snaps have really increased my ability & enjoyment of cross-stitching. 8" x 8" is a great size for smaller pieces.

from United States on 06/04/2017 - Q snap
While the q snap does hold fabric tightly it is difficult to remove.

from United States on 06/01/2017 - Working great!!
They work great!! Using a combination of the 8 and 11 to make a rectangle. Went to Dollar Tree and got a steering wheel cover for the Qsnap to cover my cross-stitch work keeps it collected and tidy. Was suggested by Nikki Fox, a member on the message-board here. THANKS, Nikki!! Ginny and Alicia

from United States on 03/15/2017 - Q-snaps are wondersful

from United States on 03/15/2017 - Q-snaps are wondersful

from United States on 03/15/2017 - Q-snaps are wondersful

from United States on 02/10/2017

from United States on 01/10/2017

from United States on 10/31/2016 - Much better than a hoop!
I've always used hoops for my cross stitching until I saw videos of people using Q-snaps. There is no comparison! Put your fabric in, put on the clamps and your golden. If you need more tension, a simple twist of the wrist and you good to go. I have a 11x11 also. You can't go wrong with a Q-snap. The 8x8 is just the right size for any project.

from United States on 07/05/2016 - Awesome
This works very well and no hoop rings on fabric !!!So glad I decided to try it

from United States on 06/21/2016 - Thrilled to own the "real thing"!!!
I have used knock off brands of Q Snaps and was not that impressed but I liked the idea...."real" Q Snaps are smoother, the clamps are tighter yet still much easier to take off - I threw out my knock-offs - ONLY the REAL Q Snaps in my house now!!!!

from United States on 05/21/2016 - I really like my new Qsnap
This is the first time I have tried a Qsnap for my cross stitch. I really like it. It's much easier to hold than a conventional hoop, and I can tighten it easily as necessary.

from United States on 05/07/2016
I am very pleased with my purchase.

from United States on 04/04/2016 - New Find
Hoop user that finds this product a great new addition to my stitching tools. Likes how it holds the fabric. Brought several sizes.

from United States on 01/22/2016 - wonderfull product
i love my q-snap. it has helped me so much. it was easy to put together and very easy to use. it has even helped me to hod the excess fabric out of the way.

from United States on 08/29/2015 - Great Alternative to a Hoop
The counted cross stitch projects I have done mostly require only a cross stitch for those, I have been using a spring-loaded hoop. For my current project, which is more like counted embroidery, the hoop distorted already done stitches, so I went searching for a solution. Qsnap to the rescue. I can adjust the tension to tight as a drum, which I prefer. I place a piece of fabric between the clamp and my piece there is no stitch distortion, and I use the fabric to release the clamp. I like to hold the hoop or Qsnap in my hand, and think I would find any size greater than 8x8 too cumbersome. The frame parts alone tend to fit together somewhat loosely, but once the fabric and clamps are applied, it all stays tightly fitted. The 8x8 measurement is for the outside of the frame the work area is about 6.25x6.25. The hoop is more comfortable in my hand, but if stitch distortion is an issue, I highly recommend Qsnap.

from United States on 05/15/2015 - Best ever
I wish I would have bought tis item years ago. I love it

from United States on 04/10/2015 - Q-Snaps
I love my q-snap. It holds my fabric.tight

from United States on 03/20/2015 - Love them!
Great product - using them to work on my HAED with 18ct. Aida, really work well.

from United States on 02/27/2015 - Love those Qsnaps...
This is my favorite size of Qsnap frame, I have multiples as I usually have more than one project going at a time. This size fits nicely into most project bags.

from United States on 02/16/2015 - Better Than Hoops
Q-snaps are amazing! I wish I would have found them sooner!! They hold the fabric nice and taut for ease of stitching.

from United States on 01/05/2015 - Revieww
Easy to work with.

from United States on 12/20/2014 - GREAT
This is my first one and I love it. Going to order more!!!

from Australia on 10/31/2014 - It's ok
Everyone I know that cross stitches loves to use these. I have always loved my hoops. I thought I would try it out and I think it is ok. I do still love my hoops so much better though.

from United States on 04/15/2014 - Easy to use
Easy to use, holds fabric pretty tight

from United States on 03/22/2014 - Q Snap Needlework Frame
The Q snap holds your work securely and is easy to adjust. I find it particularly useful for slippery fabrics such as rayon blend and afghan cross stitch fabrics, which can slip and become loose in ordinary embroidery hoops.

from United States on 01/31/2014 - Pretty easy to use
I've always used hoops but decided to give the q-snap a try. There are pros and cons for me compared to a hoop. The biggest pros are that I can get the fabric really taut much tighter than a hoop and because the sides are fairly large in diameter, the creases in the fabric aren't as bad as those you get from a hoop.The biggest con for me is that it's not as comfortable to hold. I think with these frames, a larger one might actually be better because then I could rest one end on my lap while I stitch.

from United States on 01/27/2014 - Q- Snap Review
I heard about Q-Snaps for so long that when I was given a gift certificate to 1-2-3 Stitch, I decided to get one. Now I know what all the hub-bub was about. They're fabulous! It's very easy to put your material in one, and it doesn't slip like other frame I've used. I plan to purshase more in different sizes. I would definitely recommend Q-Snaps to anyone who stitches.

from United States on 12/07/2013 - Love it
I love love love my qsnap!! So much better than my hoop!

from United States on 11/02/2013 - Awesome!
I like my linen really tight and couldn't find a hoop that did the job until this!! I seriously love it and won't be going back. If you are thinking about it, BUY IT!!

from United States on 09/23/2013
I have used Q-snap frames for years. They hold the material securely. The best thing about these frames are their portability. You can take them apart they hardly used any storage space at all.

from on 08/27/2013 - 8x8 snap form
the snap form is excellent - holds fabric very taut and doesnt slip - stitching is much easier