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DRITZ-674 Fray Check
by Dritz
$4.29 $3.42  
A liquid seam sealant that prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends. Withstands repeated laundering or dry cleaning. Fray Check will not discolor or stain most fabrics. 0.75 ounces.
123-10500 Tapestry Needle Threaders (Dritz-10500)
by Dritz
$1.59 $1.22  
For threading needlepoint and tapestry yarn needles quickly and easily. 2 per package.
DRITZ-618 Snag Nab It
by Dritz
$2.19 $1.89  
Handy little tool to catch snags or wayward threads and take them to the back. Only 2 3/8" long with a needle point. Half the tool is textured which is what catches the thread. Poke through from the front to capture the snag or thread, put through to the back and rearrange the fibers to cover the hole.
DRITZ-622 Beeswax with Holder
by Dritz
$3.69 $3.24  
Wax stabilizes the twist of thread, strengthens thread and reduces knotting. Simply run thread through grooves in holder. 1/3 ounce.
DRITZ-270 Hummingbird Needle Threader
by Dritz
$3.99 $2.84  
Beak swings upward to expose wire and downward to protect for storage. Small lanyard hole in the top of wing for inserting cord or string. Suitable for most hand needles except beading needles.
DRITZ-252 Dritz Looped Needle Threaders
by Dritz
$7.79 $5.98  
This flexible wire threader has a small loop at its end which holds the thread securely as the thread passes through the eye of the needle. Threader can also be used for stringing beads. Useful for hand, machine and serger needles.
DRITZ-202 LED Lighted Needle Threader
by Dritz
$6.99 $5.24  
Dritz-LED Lighted Needle Threader: Green. Retractable wire threader with LED light that activates when threader slides out of case. Built-in thread cutter on side and slot on end for attaching to a lanyard. Comfortable size and shape with finger grips on backside.
DRITZ-249 Metal Needle Threaders
by Dritz
$1.99 $1.53  
3 per package.
DRITZ-248 Needle Threader With Cutter
by Dritz
$1.99 $1.53  
For most hand and machine needles. Recessed cutter protects fingers.
DRITZ-953D Dritz Seam-Fix Tool
by Dritz
$14.99 $14.04  
This multi-purpose tool has protective caps to cover the tools for storage but also function as handles during use. A handy tool to keep next to your sewing machine. Fine blade seam ripper for cutting unwanted stitches and rubbery thread eraser handle to grab and erase threads away.

Fine tip awl with rounded nonslip handle for punching holes in leather, vinyl, plastic and fleece. Tip of awl can also be used as a stiletto at the sewing machine to hold fabric layers in place and guide them under the presser foot.
DRITZ-166 Adjustable Thimble by Dritz
by Dritz
$2.59 $1.99  
One size fits all! Great for all hand crafted work. Opening accommodates fingernail.
DRITZ-162-S Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Small
by Dritz
$2.09 $1.59  
The perfect thimble for needlecraft, sewing, and quilting. Safety ridge on top keeps needle from slipping. Nickel-Plated Zinc.
DRITZ-162-M Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Medium
by Dritz
$2.39 $1.83  
The perfect thimble for needlecraft, sewing, and quilting. Safety ridge on top keeps needle from slipping. Nickel-Plated Zinc.
DRITZ-684 Iron-On Transfer Pencil - Red
by Dritz
$3.49 $2.68  
Transfers designs from paper to fabric with iron. Trace or draw your own designs. Always test pencil on swatch of fabric to be sure marks will transfer satisfactorily. 1.Draw design on plain sheet of paper or trace design using tissue paper. Make dark lines for a clear transfer. NOTE - Design will be reversed when transferred. 2.Position paper design side down on fabric. 3.Set dry iron on "Cotton" setting, press for 5-10 seconds. 4.Without moving the design, lift one corner to check transfer. Press again, if necessary. Use only when design will be covered by paint, thread, embroidery floss, etc.
DRITZ-82445 Thermal Thimbles by Dritz
by Dritz
$5.99 $4.21  
Dritz Thermal Thimbles. Protect your fingers from heat with these thermal thimbles! Designed to fit the index finger and thumb on either hand, these heat-resistant Thermal Thimbles help you press your clothing and fabrics without burning your fingers. These are not intended for use with needles or sharp objects. This package contains three thimbles in different sizes to choose your best fit. Sizes: 1.01 inches, 0.89 inches and 0.76 inches.
DRITZ-162-P Slip-Stop Thimble by Dritz - Petite
by Dritz
$2.09 Sale $1.39  
The perfect thimble for needlecraft, sewing, and quilting. Safety ridge on top keeps needle from slipping. Nickel-Plated Zinc.
DRITZ-3456 Dritz Thread Cutter Caddy
by Dritz
$10.99 Sale $7.49  
Ideal for cutting threads between chain pieced fabric! Small items such as pins or thimbles fit handily inside the caddy, and magnetic sides catch pins or needles. This package contains one 2.25x2x2.25 inch thread cutter caddy.