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Pako Needle Organizer
by Pako
$21.49 $15.35
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The ultimate needle organizer! Needles stay accessible without slipping and tangling because each is inserted into a foam-type pad. Central panel allows you to easily track fiber colors/numbers. Organizer sets at a 45 degree angle for easy visibility. Organizer includes 10 replacement color cards.
Pako Magnetic Line Counter 3 3/8" x 4"
by Pako
$10.39 $9.74
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Labeled "de Luxe", this line counter fits its name. Crystal clear quality acrylic pad features centered horizontal and vertical lines to easily keep your place on patterns. Recessed magnet pads in each corner work with any magnetic board. Raised finger grips on side edges make for easy adjustment.
Pako Floss Organizer
by Pako
$26.19 $21.99
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An original design for floss and needle storage. Floss used for a project is looped on short hooks and held snug in compacted foam notches. The tension produced enables stitchers to remove a strand as needed without knotting and twisting. Individual "windows" over each hook are ideal for col... Read more
Pako Blank Code Cards
by Pako
$4.89 $4.58
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These code cards allows you to easily track fiber colors and numbers. This package contains twenty-five 10.5" x 0.75" blank code cards