Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 26

Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 26

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Item: BOH-00838
Type: Needles
Designer: Bohin
Size: 26

Exceptionally smooth, high quality needles from France. 6 per package. ships via the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the world. Orders to the U.S. typically arrive 3-5 days after we ship.

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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from Thailand on 11/26/2019 - Love them all, my precious
I am always push needle to hard. Theyre always bent when I do cross stitch. But Bohin fixes it. Smooth ,sharp and also strong enough. They can hold threads perfectly.

from United States on 11/21/2019 - Best Needles
Bohin has quickly become the only brand needles I will use for cross-stitch. To me they far surpass any other brand. I usually stock up whem I place an order here.

from Australia on 10/16/2019 - Perfect needles
First time using these needles - love them! Will not be going back to my previous brand. These glide very smoothly through the fabric, holds on to the thread well and seems to last longer than other brands.

from United States on 10/07/2019 - Great needle
Perfect needle for counted cross stitch!

from United States on 10/07/2019 - Great needle
Perfect needle for counted cross stitch!

from United States on 07/19/2019 - Bohin Needles
Great needles to use for your cross stitch or needlepoint

from United States on 07/02/2019
These are my favorite needles. I think they're the best.

from United States on 06/03/2019 - Great needles
Size 26 Bohin needles are the ones I use most on 14, 16, 28 or 32 count. Very smooth. Glides through the fabric.

from United States on 06/02/2019 - My favorite needles
These are my favorite needles. Cant beat the price, either. Smooth eyes, easy to thread, but threads dont slip out easily like they do on Pats needles. I also like the finer point when stitching on finer counts of fabric.

from United States on 04/23/2019
My favorite needles.

from United States on 04/01/2019
My favorite needles

from United States on 02/22/2019 - Easy threading
I've tried several other brands of needle for cross stitch. Most often I use two strands of floss. These needles allow the two threads to move through the eye smoothly. Perfect!

from United States on 01/14/2019 - Wonderful needles!
I had tried using DMC tapestry needles and was developing hand/wrist pain. So glad I tried these needles! I am able to effortlessly poke through 28 count Monaco now and it has helped tremendously.

from United States on 10/18/2018 - disappointed in product but delighted with customer service
I returned these, as they were very long, much too big at tips to go through any of my cross stitch fabric.I needed a larger thread hole & hoped these would work?I will stick to John James 26 Petites.When I called 123 about exchanging for John James, was surprised there would be no cost for shipping the other needles to me!Very good customer service!!Thanks 123 stitch.

from United States on 10/09/2018 - My favorite needles so far
I was able to easily thread these needles and they feel good in my hands.

from United States on 09/17/2018
Excellent product

from United States on 09/14/2018 - Needles
These are my favorite needles.

from United States on 08/14/2018 - Bohin Needles
Small needles that make stitching comfortable. Size 26 is my favorite.

from United States on 07/18/2018 - Great!
These worked great for cross-stitching, they're good quality.

from United States on 06/17/2018
Love these needles.

from United States on 05/04/2018 - Great needles
I really like these needles they glide right through the fabric and easy to thread I will be ordering more in different sizes

from United States on 04/17/2018 - Tapestry needles
I have been using sharp-point needles these are SO much better on Aida fabric!!

from United States on 03/29/2018 - Smooth needles
I like this size needles - they are a little flimsy feeling but the eyes are nice and the material feels good in my fingers.

from United States on 02/22/2018 - Imitation needles
The eye of Bohin needle is terrible. Unable to pull thread through. Own same Bohin needles bought elsewhere and they work beautiful. Maybe they are an imitation.

from United States on 01/08/2018
Best needles. So smooth.

from United States on 11/11/2017 - 26 inch needles
Was disappointed in these needles. I love the size being small as they are and that is what I wanted but was did not like the fact that these needles eye rip the thread because they are sharp inside the eye of the needle itself. Would not buy again.

from United States on 10/04/2017
These are by far the best needles for cross stitch that I have ever used! I prdered one package to try them and ordered two more because I do not want to be without them.

from United States on 09/28/2017
Wonderful needles. Very smooth.

from United States on 09/25/2017
They are perfect!

from United States on 07/29/2017 - Best needles
Always a pleasure using this brand. Smooth

from United States on 07/06/2017 - Not so great.
I didn't care for the Bohin needles. They didn't hold up as well as others. .

from United States on 06/08/2017 - Lovely needles
I'm enjoying using these needles very much. They are comfortable to handle and slide through the canvas so easily. My favorite brand.

from United States on 06/03/2017 - Best Needles Ever!
Bought these based on other reviews and I'm so glad I did! They made cross stitching so much more enjoyable. I didn't realized how much I'd been missing without good needles. They just stitch so much more smoothly than any other needles I've ever used.

from United States on 05/01/2017 - Bohin are the best
Love these needles...they last forever and are so smooth. If you have arthritic or week hands these do make a difference in reducing hand strain.

from United States on 04/26/2017 - Very good needles
I really like these needles. They slide through the fabric so easily. The don't snag fabric like some needles do. The eye of the is very smooth and no rough edges at all. I highly recommend them.

from United States on 04/18/2017

from United States on 04/16/2017 - good needles
can't have enough of them in stash

from United States on 04/08/2017 - Very good needles
These needles seem to stay polished and not tarnish with use of them like some other needles do. These needles slide so easily through the fabric. I recommend these over other needles I have used.

from United States on 03/27/2017 - Good product
These needles are easy to thread and very sturdy! A great choice.

from United States on 02/02/2017 - Love, love, love these needles!
The best needles I've ever used. Easy to thread and feel good in the hand. I use the 26 but have bought a larger size too.

from United States on 02/01/2017 - needle
Love these needles they flow right through the fabric

from United States on 12/07/2016 - Best Needles
After having difficulties with shredding and threading my needles, I bought these on whim while ordering other supplies. I'm so glad I did. These needles are still size 26, but seem sturdier no bending, are easy to thread, and do not fray or shred my embroidery floss. I'll be ordering extras soon as well some for gifts for stitching friends!

from United States on 11/03/2016 - Perfect cross stitch needles
Absolutely love these size 26 Bohin tapestry needles. They are smooth, strong, eye seems a little larger than DMC and they are my all time favorites.

from United States on 08/29/2016 - Best needles made!
I love my Bohin needles! Smooth and well made shaft and eye. Sturdy - I've never had one break! They are a dream to stitch with. Highly recommended for cross stitch, blackwork, needlepoint, etc.

from United States on 08/23/2016 - Very good needles
I can recommend these to anyone

from United States on 08/19/2016 - Love these Needles!
I absolutely love these needles! I have used the DMC gold needles for years, and have noticed recently the inside of the eye has been very rough and shreds my floss. These needles are extremely smooth inside the eye and they slide right through my fabrics with ease. I will definitely be ordering more!

from United States on 08/11/2016 - Not sure how I got these
Apparently I erred in submitting my order. I'd never select these because I'm sold on the John James petite needles.

from United States on 07/28/2016 - Needles
I now understand the hype for these needles! They make the experience of stitching even more enjoyable

from United States on 07/04/2016
Best needles. Fast shipping.

from United States on 06/10/2016 - The best!
I have tried just about every needle out there. These are my ultimate favorite.

from United States on 02/11/2016 - Just okay
I like how smooth these needles are, but I've already had 2 break in the eye. Pretty expensive to buy and only be able to use them a few times before breaking. I've been using my John James needles for a long time and no breakage, but the John James eyes snag sometimes, so I thought I'd try Bohin. Not sure if buy them again.

from United States on 02/09/2016 - They GLIDE
This is my first experience with Bohin needles. I usually use gold plated needles but after reading reviews of these I thought I would try them. They do glide through the fabric and doing fractional stitches is easy. My only complaint is they can be occasionally difficult to thread with 2 strands of floss, but nothing that a needle threader can't fix.

from United States on 01/22/2016 - The best
Really, the best needles!

from United States on 01/16/2016 - Smooth As Silk
Best needles I have tried to date.

from United States on 01/10/2016 - Bohin Tapestry Needles
Really nice needles. Large eye, perfect point, and beautifully smooth. I'll never buy another brand!

from United States on 12/24/2015 - I'm sold!!
I've always used whatever needles came in the kits that I purchased and didn't know any different. Then I bought a Country Cottage Needleworks December pattern and thought that would be a good time to try them out. AMAZING! What more can I smooth through the fabric so far I've used it on aida and evenweave and they don't snag on your floss. I've recently bought another pack so I can throw out all of my old needles. Bohin is the best!!

from United States on 12/12/2015 - Eye of the needle
Love how needle glides through the fabtic. My only problem is the yip of the needle at the eye could be rounded more. I have stuck myself with the eye end more than the other end.

from United States on 12/02/2015 - Wonderful Needles
With the help of 123 stitch support these needles are working perfectly for me. I had not use them before and really like them. I will continue to use this brand and size. It has become a favorite. I think I would like though is to buy them in a larger quantity without buying several packages. I don't always like to rethread my need.

from United States on 11/29/2015 - Love them
Couldn't believe the difference in the stitching feel from other brand needles I've tried.They slide so easily.

from United States on 11/21/2015
I am working a cross stitch project on 18 CT Aida and these needles are great. Will definitely be using them all the time for all projects.

from United States on 10/11/2015 - Great job
These were just perfect. I needed them to replace some that were dull and wrong. Glad I bought these!

from United States on 10/04/2015

from United States on 09/24/2015 - Stitching Joy
Easily threaded, smooth stitching. They do bend when I use them, but that's because I really hold them tightly. I love these needles.

from United States on 08/30/2015 - Love Bohin needles
These were perfect on an 18ct Aida cross stitch product I'm working on and they were very smooth. These glide compared to the other needles I had, which had shredded my thread. I will be using these from now on.

from United States on 08/11/2015 - Bohin Needles size 26
So happy with these. Will not use anything else now that I've tried them!

from United States on 07/21/2015 - a sharp needle
The needle is sharp enough for very stiff 18ct aida cloth. Satisfied customer.

from United States on 05/23/2015 - Doesn't shred thread
So far...the needle I'm using hasn't broken or shredded my thread. I havegone through at least 1 or 2 every 2 weeks of the DMC needle or Anchorgold needle, but I'm still using the same needle after 3 weeks.

from United States on 03/24/2015 - I'm Addicted
I tried these on a whim and have fallen in love. They are longer than the John James Petites, and I do still keep a JJP needle at hand for those times when one or two more stitches will make the difference.BUT, the taper on these is SO much nicer than the John James needles and makes it SO much easier to run threads under on the back that I really have come to strongly prefer the Bohin brand for general use.

from United States on 03/22/2015
The best needles ever!!!!! This is my favorite size for cross stitching. This needle slides through linen like butter.

from United States on 03/18/2015 - Bohin Needles Size 26
I like these needles because they do not bend, the threads do not slip through the eye while stitching, and they are the perfect size. They are a little bit of a pain to thread 2 strands of DMC through the eye.

from United States on 03/04/2015 - Bohin needles size 26
Perfect size for cross-stitching on 18 count Aida fabric. These are also just a smidge longer than other needles just under 1.75 inches - easier to grab onto for me.

from United States on 11/26/2014 - Bohin Needles Size 26
These are very smooth needles, I love using them. Thank you!

from United States on 09/23/2014 - Everything that I have ordered this year 2014 has been excellent.
EveryoneYou have the nicest people who provide the very best service. I love my linen which I really appreciate you sewing the edges for me. I don't sew and the quality has been perfect. The Bohin Tapestry Needles are for me fantastic? I truly mean this, I think you have the greatest and the very best when it comes to knowing their merchandise. I plan on continuing to order all my cross stitch needs for 123 Stitch. Live long and prosper, please. Thanks so much, Jane Marcus P.S. I would have given you a 10!

from United States on 05/30/2014 - Bohin Tapestry Needles Size 26
These are, without a doubt, the best needles I have used. I am very picky when it comes to needles. These needles are very slick and glide through the fabric with ease, easy to thread, comfortable to hold.

from United States on 03/31/2014
Absolutely the very best!

from United States on 02/18/2014 - Doesn't work for needlepoint

from United States on 09/13/2013 - Great Needles
They are excellent - slides thru fabric with no problems.

from on 08/26/2013
These are nice needles. Very smooth. However I noticed that the tip of the needle is sharper than most tapestry needles I have used, and it is very easy to split the threads on your linen fabric.

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