DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins

DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins

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Item: 123-6102
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: DMC

Plastic bobbins are debossed with the DMC logo and area for floss color number. Bobbins are used for winding floss for easy storage. 28 per package.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from United States on 12/09/2021 - Poor slot cuts
It's a plastic bobbin, and it holds your floss. But the slots are cut too wide to securely hold floss, particularly floss that's fewer than 6 plies.

from Canada on 11/04/2021 - Not great
Dmc bobbins used to be my favourite. I will no longer buy these, as the slots on the side are too wide, and they do not hold the thread in place. DMC you can do better!

from United States on 07/27/2020 - Always great products and as advertised
I have been ordering from 123 stitch for several years. The items are always exactly as described and excellent quality

from United States on 03/08/2020 - Neat & organized
These make it easy to keep your floss neat and organized. Much better than their earlier cardboard ones.

from Canada on 03/08/2020 - DMC Floss Bobbins
A classic, needed to stock up. Great price and phenomenal delivery: thank you!

from United States on 02/25/2020

from United States on 02/18/2020 - My favourites
Keeps my floss neat and tidy in their box.

from United States on 08/20/2019 - I like Stitch 123
Being handicapped, it is so rewarding to find beautiful patterns for all hand hobbies.. crochet, knitting, cross stitch. I get what I order in a timely fashion. The employees are always to help if you have a problem. Their website is like walking through a craft store. I always tell others to check out Stitch123 before looking at the other craft and hobby stores.

from United States on 07/10/2017 - Used these for years!
I love these cards for my DMC floss! I just cut off the number from the DMC floss label and use tape to apply it. Easiest way to keep the number on the plastic card. A little more work than using a marker or the number labels but it's worked well for me.

from United States on 08/13/2016 - DMC plastic bobbins
These bobbins are sturdy and take the black permanent pen that I use to write the floss numbers. They make floss storage easy and neat.

from United States on 08/18/2014 - Sturdy but hard to attach labels
Hold floss well, don't bend and fold, highly reusable. But labels don't stick well to them.

from United States on 05/23/2014 - plastic floss bobbins
As always fast shipping..I can't go wrong buying from 123stitch...they always have just what I'm looking for!

from United States on 03/15/2014 - Great!
These plastic bobbins are way better than the paper ones. I really like them and bought the little number stickers for them,which I also like. These will last longer and they look neater.

from United States on 02/08/2014 - Floss Bobbins
These bobbins are very durable, which is the reason I switched from cardboard to plastic ones. Unfortunately, even using permanent ink pens, the floss color numbers eventually wipe off. I'm thinking about sanding the writing surface slightly with a nail file or emery board, then trying some permanent ink again, but for now I'm disappointed about that aspect. I still might buy these again, if that works, as the price is good.

from United States on 12/06/2013 - DMC plastic floss bobbins
I'm always running out of place around to order from!

from United States on 09/17/2013

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