DMC Thread Color Card

DMC Thread Color Card
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Item: W100B
Type: Cross Stitch Supplies
Designer: DMC

DMC Floss color card with actual thread samples! This color card is made with the actual strands of 454 colors, 35 NEW solid colors and 18 variegated DMC Six-Strand Floss colors, Color Variations floss, Light Effects floss, Pearl Cotton, and Metallic Pearl.

Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

from Canada on 01/03/2024 - DMC thread colour card
I had an old DMC thread colour card from decades ago. I was pleased to be able to get an updated one with real thread to help me with my cross stitch colour selections. The card is very well set ip with the complete set of DMC threads.

from United States on 10/31/2023 - Love it!
I love having all the DMC colors samples.

from Canada on 10/11/2023 - So helpful!
I love having all the DMC colours available to look at.

from United States on 09/20/2023 - DMC Thread Color Card
I have been looking for this color card for ages! It is difficult to find them with the actual floss and not a printed representation. All current floss colors as well as some of the newer ones available. The price is much more reasonable than others like this and it is beautiful. Very sturdy cardboard stock and folds nicely to protect the floss. I definitely recommend this product. The shipping was fast and as usual the service excellent!

from United States on 09/12/2023 - Yessssss
I bought it to be able to choose colors when I don't actually own every single color... but even just looking at it satisfies the collect em' all, dragon hoard tendencies. Excellent tool AND just a great piece in my stash.

from Canada on 08/30/2023 - quick to identify the floss number
Extremely useful. I use the parking method for cross stitching. Sometime the colour that is parked is not the right one. I put the tread against the color card, and I’m able to associate the tread to the number and park the tread at the right place. I’m in Canada, it was worth the difference in the price and the exchange of money.

from United States on 08/26/2023 - Must have!
This is so much better at matching colors with all the threads!

from United States on 08/01/2023

from United States on 07/25/2023 - A great purchase !
So happy with this color card. Use it constantly. Love having the actual samples of floss to look at.

from Canada on 05/24/2023 - Sooooo worth the Money
I have a box of unmarked floss and am 1/3 the way through matching them to the DMC Chart. Having REAL thread makes it easy. Also, when a pattern calls for a certain floss that I don’t have, I can use the chart to see what is close. I live in Canada, buying from 123 Stitch with exchange rate and postage is cheaper than anywhere here.

from United States on 05/20/2023 - An absolute must have!
This is the very best and a valuable tool for people that embroider or do any hand stitching with floss. It displays the exact floss so you can pick the exact colors you want to use. Google to see all the benefits this card provides and how it can help! I absolutely love mi e and 123stitch had the best price!

from United States on 05/16/2023 - You will love this
I was amazed that this made color so easy. Saved me many hours of trying to find the right threads for a project. Glad I found it.

from United States on 02/15/2023 - Great floss reference
The DMC Thread Color Card is an indispensable tool for any kind of embroidery. The actual thread samples (not just photos) help greatly when planning an embroidery project as well as seeing how the thread would look against various fabrics. I would not be without this tool.

from Canada on 02/10/2023 - From Canada 🇨🇦
I have always wanted this DMC color card!! Fast shipping!

from United States on 12/15/2022 - From Canada 🇨🇦
I bought this DMC clour chart for myself for Christmas! Love that it has actual floss samples for each colour!I do actually of Mill Hill kits and this will make it easier to separate the floss colours!

from United States on 12/07/2022 - Bought as a gift
This was a birthday gift for my mom who is a stitcher. She had a much older version and needed an update. She loved it. There were even some colors she hadn't discovered yet. Which I didn't think was possible. It's good quality and is much more helpful than the cards that only have pictures of the thread.

from Canada on 12/07/2022

from United States on 11/25/2022 - Essential!
I have an older color card in storage and really debated whether I really needed a new one now or could wait until I could unpack the old one. The answer is that I could not wait, and I don't know how I managed without it for this long. This is sooo much improved compared to the old version I have and I've been using it all the time since it arrived.

from United States on 11/13/2022 - Hard to Find Item
These DMC colour cards (with actual thread samples) are not produced in great quantities and are very hard to find. I was happy to find 123Stitch had them in stock and they shipped very quickly.

from United States on 11/08/2022 - Nice
Came very well protected in perfect condition. Real threads.

from United States on 11/07/2022 - Life Saver!!!!
I purchased 3 Bucilla patterns at Hobby Lobby which were on clearance. They were stunning kits, and couldn't wait to start them. Except.... no threads were marked. Some of these colors were so close together, there was no way you could figure what went were. The DMC Thread Color chart was a life saver (and a kit saver, as I was going to put them in the Goodwill box). Was able to get all the kits numbered and coded in one evening. This comes in real handy also when you get a kit and you use more threads (like me who parks, and loop starts and finishes)and they run out. You can match them up in a snap. It arrived beautifully packaged, and was a fast shipment. Not only that but you can't beat the price. I have seen these charts run for much more at other places. You won't be disappointed with this, and well worth the money. Thanks again for another great shopping experience.

from United States on 10/11/2022 - DMC Thread Color Card
This is great for sorting saved thread. I haven’t always saved my left over thread, by number. The chart helps tremendously in identifying your left over thread.

from United States on 08/15/2022 - DMC Thread Color Card
Love it and worth the money. Thanks

from United States on 08/11/2022 - ❤️
Perfect! So glad I bought this. It’s so helpful!!

from United States on 08/08/2022 - Great for sorting Mill Hill Kits!!
I really enjoy working the Mill Hill kits, but floss comes unsorted and using the DMC color card wasn’t accurate enough for me, especially with the lighter shades but also when the kit uses various shades of the same color. Sorting my last kit or two since receiving this has been far easier with less guess work for my color impaired, aging eyes. Highly recommend!

from United States on 08/02/2022 - A Very Handy Notion
I have been wanting one of these for years. I finally decided I needed one and can’t imagine how much I did need it. This has come in very handy and I think everyone should have one! I highly recommend this for any stitcher.

from United States on 08/01/2022 - Invaluable For Palette Creation
I purchased this card in preparation for planning a large cross stitch project instead of trying to color-match with poor screen renderings. Tool is invaluable if you don’t have a large collection to compare colors and shipping is incredibly reasonable. Thank you!

from Canada on 07/29/2022 - Wonderful DMC color card
I love that there are real pieces of thread in this chart. It is so much more accurate then just having pictures of the color. I would highly recommend for anyone who does a lot of cross stitching with DMC threads.

from Canada on 07/27/2022 - So happy!!
Very pleased with my floss color card, it was hard to find for an affordable price, I’d certainly recommend to friends.

from United States on 06/27/2022 - Perfect tool!
I absolutely love this DMC thread card (booklet actually)! It has been an invaluable tool for my craft. Thanks 123 Stitch for being so quick to het my order fulfilled. Thx!!

from Canada on 06/01/2022 - wonder no more
It uses real floss instead of a picture so it takes the guess work out of trying to sort floss from kits, or color matching floss. I love mine so much I have two in case one gets lost LOL

from United States on 05/22/2022 - This is a wonderful product!
Natural thread samples help you choose the right shades and colors of embroidery. The Card is very detailed and I'm glad I bought it))

from Canada on 05/22/2022 - A must for the serious stitcher
I find this resource invaluable as I stitch through my various charts and designs. If substituting threads, looking for a more pleasing thread in a color family or just looking to see what the color in a design is without checking stash or going to a LNS to see it, it is all here in a comprehensive form. It is never far from my "stitching nest" where I spend most of my time.

from United States on 04/20/2022 - So glad I finally found this
The DMC website never seems to have these in stock and their shipping cost is also pretty highly. I was delighted to find the DMC thread color card on for such a great price and shipped for such a low price with the other part of my order. It arrived in perfect shape and it’s going to help a ton with my pattern making.

from United States on 04/18/2022 - The best thread card ever!!
All examples of thread colors are actually the threads themselves. A great price for excellent quality….I love DMC.

from United States on 04/18/2022 - DMC Color Chart…SO great!
So nice to have actual color samples on hand again! My old color chart was from about 20 years ago! Great service and love the purchase. Well worth the little investment!

from United States on 04/15/2022 - DMC Thread Color Card
I love this color card. Great price. As it shows the true colors of the floss instead of a picture. It would be the perfect card if it also included the corresponding color names with the member codes.

from United States on 04/15/2022 - DMC Thread Color Card
I love this color card. Great price. As it shows the true colors of the floss instead of a picture. It would be the perfect card if it also included the corresponding color names with the member codes.

from United States on 04/14/2022 - Excellent resource for DMC
I really appreciate this DMC thread color card that uses actual thread. It is so handy. Especially if I don't have a color, I can compare it to the actual thread. The price is very good too.

from United States on 04/13/2022 - DMC color chart
A Life Saver!!! The best accessory to have if you are a cross stitcher. I substituted floss to DMC the colors matched wonderfully and a time saver when ordering/shopping for DMC.

from United States on 04/13/2022 - DMC color chart
A Life Saver!!! The best accessory to have if you are a cross stitcher. I substituted floss to DMC the colors matched wonderfully and a time saver when ordering/shopping for DMC.

from United States on 04/07/2022 - Great Service Great Product
123Stitch does a great job providing the stitchy products I'm looking for at great prices. I know these actual thread charts have been hard to get for awhile so when I saw it the NEW section they it was ordered. I've already used it!

from United States on 04/07/2022 - DMC has stepped up with this Color Card!
I couldn't complete a project without this invaluable tool [due to my inability to stitch the charted colors and instead, change them]. If you like to convert charts, this is a must-have. DMC included ALL their colors in this!

from United States on 04/06/2022 - DMC thread color card with thread samples is back!
I am so pleased that DMC decided to put actual thread samples back in its color card. I have a lot more confidence that the thread colors are accurate. The last couple of times I purchased their floss color card, all I could find was the printed colors, and I just think there’s a lot of ways printed colors can be “off”. I also like the way the card now folds up. It is worth the increased price to get actual floss samples.

from United States on 03/29/2022 - Good investment
This is very valuable to have as a cross stitcher. I don't have a full set of DMC, but now that I have this color card with real floss samples, I can see what colors are called for in patterns even if I don't own those colors. Also, handy for color switching, which I do often.

from United States on 03/29/2022 - Dmc Thread Color Card is great help
Dmc Thread color card is a great way to find a color you need.

from United States on 03/29/2022 - Great Product.
I am very glad to get an updated thread card. It is such a help to have the actual thread to match to what I am working on.

from United States on 03/24/2022 - Great product
I have wanted this color card for a long time. Well worth the wait! It's an awesome help for my cross stitch projects.

from Canada on 12/17/2021
This is so much bettter than the printed card! We’ll worth purchasing!

from United States on 11/22/2021 - DMC color card
This is the most wonderful item. I had some thread I had to match and it worked perfectly in matching it. I can't imagine trying to do this in a store.

from United States on 11/17/2021 - One of my best stitching tools
This thread card is awesome. To be able to have the actual threads for each color to compare and look at is so helpful. Highly recommend!!

from United States on 11/17/2021 - Great card
I was so pleased to see that a DMC card with real thread samples was available again! I love this, since I can really see the actual floss and decide if what I already have is close enough to what my pattern calls for if I have to go buy it. The first time I was going to order it was out of stock, so I put my name on a waiting list and 123 Stitch notified me when it was available and it came very quickly. I was very pleased with the service.

from Canada on 10/22/2021
Gréât product

from United States on 10/03/2021 - DMC Thread Color Card worth buying
I had bought the previous edition over 20 years ago, and have used it for many projects. However, it was time to update it, since new patterns called for floss not listed in my old guide. This new one has 25 columns with all the floss DMC makes, and still uses samples of real floss. I was pleased how quickly it arrived, and how carefully the whole order was packed. I would buy from this company again.

from United States on 10/01/2021 - Really Handy
This product really comes in handy when I'm doing projects and I don't have the exact thread I need. Who's gonna know I substituted??!!

from United States on 09/22/2021 - GREAT SERVICE!!

from United States on 09/22/2021 - dmc thread color card
Excellent, must have for all needlecraft.

from United States on 09/08/2021 - Great Reference
I really like this reference, it makes matching colors so much easier.

from Canada on 09/08/2021 - absolutely wonderful
having this has been so beyond helpful with my embroidery! 123stitch not only had an amazing price(with shipping), but they also shipped it very quickly. I recommend ordering this for all my fellow stitchers!

from United States on 09/03/2021
I had to update my DMC card since my old one was from circa 2000 and didn't have all the new colors. While this is a little pricey, it does have ALL the current colors and actual thread samples. The latter is important to me and why I held onto an old color card for so long -- seemed for a bit there were only printed cards available. It's already paid for itself (well, at least partially) in helping me swap out some colors for something more to my liking. Worth every penny.

from United States on 08/24/2021 - Actual thread is key
Having the actual thread samples rather than a printed swatch makes all the difference. Looking at photos of the thread on a monitor can also be deceiving. With this thread card, I know whether I’m getting a blue-red or orange-red, etc.

from United States on 08/13/2021 - DMC Color Card with real floss examples
This is excellent ! Every color floss is shown using actual threads. There is also every metallic, light affect, color variations, pearl cotton and also pearl metallic. It is fabulous!

from United States on 08/06/2021
This is a wonderful thread color card. It comes in handy when I want to convert a chart from DMC to over dyed floss.

from United States on 08/05/2021

from United States on 08/05/2021 - Handy Tool
This is very useful to have in your arsenal of Stitchy things. It is great to compare DMC floss to overdyed flosses. Also since 123 and some other online shops compare linens to a DMC number you can visualize what it will look like in person as devices do not always show the true colors.

from United States on 06/24/2021 - I have never received this item.
If you charged my account for this item, I would appreciate it if you would send me the DMC thread color card. Pat

from United States on 06/18/2021
This was in great condition except for a few corners being bent from the plastic wrap being too tight.

from United States on 06/18/2021
So excited to finally have this! It arrived very quickly, and in perfect condition.

from United States on 06/17/2021 - DMC Thread Card
It’s nice to have a new updated one and I like how it was made!

from United States on 06/17/2021 - Dmc Thread Card
Simply the best in trying to match threads with linen. ❤️ it, I highly recommend buying from 123 Stitch.

from Australia on 06/17/2021 - DMC Thread Color Card
An absolutely essential item for every embroiderer. I have wanted one for years and use it every day. Hello from Australia.

from United States on 06/17/2021 - DMC Thread Card
This is a fabulous product at a very reasonable price. A friend told me she thought it was much better than just the color card for designing and she was so right!

from United States on 03/25/2021
Really like the new chart; my old one was outdated. Have used it 3 times already.

from United States on 02/25/2021 - A MUST HAVE
I am new to embroidery (having cross stitched in the past) and I wish I had known about this Thread Color Card early on; especially with the Pandemic and stores being closed, this tool make it so easy to find the colors you want for any project and purchase accordingly. I would highly recommend this to anyone that embroiders/cross stitches; especially if you don't have a quality embroidery/stitching store close by.

from United States on 02/16/2021
Excellent quality color chart with real thread samples. This chart is extremely helpful for matching colors to other brands I have on hand that I wish to use up.

from United States on 02/16/2021
It's great with real thread samples, but mine was damaged from the cellophane being too tight. It was torn at the top and corners badly damaged. It wasn't from the shipping. Overall, it's extremely useful, but needs to be packaged more carefully.

from United States on 02/10/2021 - Damaged corners
Love the card, but didn't like that it was received with damaged corners. It wasn't the shipping that damaged them, but the cellophane around the card was wrapped too tightly.

from United States on 02/09/2021 - Always Wanted This!
Haven't needed to use it just yet as I am in the middle of a project but so excited to have it and looking forward to using it for future projects!

from United States on 02/07/2021 - Awesome 👏🏻
Love the product, came very quickly and great quality

from United States on 02/05/2021 - The ONLY DMC Floss Card to Have
As usual, 123Stitch gave wonderful customer service. Their price on this indispensible, real floss floss color card was the best I could find. Thanks again, 123Stitch!

from United States on 01/28/2021

from United States on 01/14/2021 - DMC thread colour card
Love it

from United States on 01/06/2021 - Good product.
Been wanting to get one of these.

from United States on 01/05/2021 - Actual floss swatches
I’m so happy to get a new color card with actual floss swatches!!! My last one was woefully out of date

from United States on 01/05/2021 - Happy to have it
I need the Color card with the floss to start my new hobby, thank you for the reasonable price and fast shipping during COVID 19.

from United States on 12/07/2020 - DMC Color Card
The DMC Color Card has really been great to use. If I don't have a thread color that is used in the pattern I can refer to the color card and usually can find a thread I have that is pretty close. The only problem with it is it not having the current colors.

from United States on 12/03/2020
I had bought another and it didn't have the thread so I bought this one and am very happy with it. It's a must have for the serious cross stitcher.

from United States on 12/02/2020 - So worth it!
I love having a reference with actual thread when making color choices or trying to find appropriate substitutions.

from United States on 11/09/2020 - This. Is. Awesome.
OMG, I am so glad I purchased this! Having actual samples of the thread (not just printed pictures like my old color card) is fabulous, and it has all the new colors. This is a MUST for finding a swap for a color on a pattern that you don't have in your stash (necessary, of course, when it's not easy to buy thread!). Every serious, or even casual, stitcher needs one of these!

from United States on 10/23/2020 - DMC Color Card
Great to have the actual threads. I have a very old one which obviously doesn't have all the new colors. JY

from United States on 10/22/2020 - Love this color card!
What a wonderful tool to have when you want to change colors, substitute colors, etc. Worth every penny!

from United States on 10/22/2020 - A must have for every serious stitcher!
This color card is a must have for every serious cross stitcher. Not only does it list every single currently available DMC floss number, it also features the metallics and variegated floss too (and with real thread samples so you can see the color accurately)! The only thing to would make it better is to have the satin and étoile floss added on. It is perfect if you need to view a specific color and is especially handy for color matching and substitutions. This color card is perfect!

from United States on 10/22/2020 - A must have for every serious stitcher!
This color card is a must have for every serious cross stitcher. Not only does it list every single currently available DMC floss number, it also features the metallics and variegated floss too (and with real thread samples so you can see the color accurately)! The only thing to would make it better is to have the satin and étoile floss added on. It is perfect if you need to view a specific color and is especially handy for color matching and substitutions. This color card is perfect!

from United States on 10/20/2020 - DMC Thread Card
This thread card is wonderful. It is really nice to have all of the colors right there to see, rather than just the color. The card was packaged neatly, and it was in good shape.

from United States on 10/18/2020 - Wonderful item
This color card with actual thread samples is incredibly useful and helpful. I find myself referring to it on a regular basis. It is even helpful when trying to match an item of clothing or upholstery!!

from United States on 10/18/2020 - Wonderful item
This color card with actual thread samples is incredibly useful and helpful. I find myself referring to it on a regular basis. It is even helpful when trying to match an item of clothing or upholstery!!

from United States on 09/02/2020 - DMC Color Card
I LOVE this product! It is not easy to view skein colors in the stores due to the lighting. This item sells out in hours! Thank you 123Stich!

from United States on 09/01/2020 - So Helpful
I purchased this for those times when I have somehow didn't purchase the color required, but need to figure out which of my colors on hand will work for a substitute. It is so helpful when that happens.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - DMC Thread Card
I love this. I use it a lot to match threads.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - DMC thread card
This one is a gift. But I have one and use it all the time! I love it for choosing or matching colors.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - Dmc color card
Love having this well made fold out card with swatches of all of the dmc threads and colors! If I want to substitute thread for a project this card makes it color- match easy!

from United States on 08/27/2020 - Color Card
I was excited to receive this because it has the actual threads as opposed to just pictures of the colors, and I was happy that it included the newest colors of 01 - 35. That being said, I was very disappointed that it did not include colors 3880 - 3895. It is NOT a complete set of solid DMC colors.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - Handy resource
Well worth the money to have actual thread samples of all these varieties of DMC floss, including variegated and perle cotton. At a glance, I can find the color I need.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - Handy resource
Well worth the money to have actual thread samples of all these varieties of DMC floss, including variegated and perle cotton. At a glance, I can find the color I need.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - Great
Great to have to find out the right color for your project.

from United States on 08/27/2020 - So difficult to find
This one does have the actual floss for you to see the colors when you are not stitching with the called for.

from United States on 08/25/2020 - Terrific product!
Awesome resource for all the DMC colors! I’m working on a piece now and choosing random colors as I progress. This chart has been a real help as I make choices in the same color families.

from United States on 04/06/2020 - great investment
I had the older one for years. purchased this one to make the best use of my stash as possible. very good construction.

from United States on 04/04/2020 - Very helpful tool.
Hestitated to spend the money on the dmc color chart but it is well worth it. I have used it many times to help with color planning and doing conversions between brands of threads.

from Canada on 03/31/2020 - Great tool
This is so handy. I’ve used this to identify a bunch of mystery floss I had and I also use it to make substitutions in patterns. So glad I bought this.

from United States on 03/05/2020 - Dmc thread card
Best price I found for item. Fast delivery with good shipping fee.

from United States on 03/04/2020 - Pleased with the quality of product but ...
I wish I had read the deion carefully. I was expecting #3880 - 3895 to be included.

from United States on 03/04/2020 - Can't live without this!
My sister, who is an excellent cross stitcher of decades, came to visit on her birthday. I had been planning to purchase a DMC Thread Color Card for her but had not yet done it. So, I opened my drawer and presented her with mine. Her face lite up while she owwwed and ahhhed! Well, I waited a few weeks and missing mine so much, I finally bought another one from 123 Stitch. Their prices are the lowest online! You should get one because they come in so handy! When you need to match a thread color it's right there at your disposal. Don't wait until they're soldout because you'll miss out on a wonderful tool!

from United States on 01/27/2020

from Canada on 01/20/2020 - DMC color chart
Great price, heard about it on Fibertalk and couldnt find it on 123 website so I sent an email. I got a reply very quickly and was able to order it. Something I have always wanted to order. Thanks 123.

from United States on 01/12/2020 - A little disappointed
The thread card is good. All the colors except the 4500 series. I don't know why they didnt include them. It was not made as nicely.. Alot of the threads are bent. Maybe from shipping.

from United States on 01/12/2020 - Vivid Colors
What a difference seeing actual threads. Just love using it. So much easier to match loose and leftover threads.Jo-Anne - Ocala, FL

from United States on 12/23/2019 - DMC floss thread color card
I bought one of these several years ago, and I was thrilled to find one that is updated. I ordered it as a gift for my Moms neighbor.

from Canada on 11/14/2019 - Color Card - with real thread samples!
This is the one to get! Real thread samples included and a wonderful, updated resource!

from United States on 10/04/2019 - Best price
Looked on multiple websites and 123 Stitch was the best price. Thanks!

from Canada on 09/22/2019 - Great
Great service and quick delivery even to Canada

from United States on 08/18/2019 - Great Resource
This is so helpful. Makes it so much easier to change colors to fit my idea or substitute for floss that I do not have. I had the older card and really love that this one has the new colors and all types of DMC floss.

from United States on 07/07/2019 - Ideal to have as reference!
I just cannot live without this reference chart. I love it!

from United States on 05/17/2019 - a great tool to have
best tool in the world not only for cross stitch but also great with diamond painting for the diamonds are the same color as the dmc thread color. I use it alot thanks

from United States on 05/15/2019 - A Great Tool for Cross Stitching
This is a fabulous tool to help identify colors and a guide to help with changing brands to keep in that color shade.

from United States on 04/27/2019 - I love the new floss color card.
I have had and used the old color card the one with the actual swatchesfor years and when the new colors came out I was trying to figure out how to make my own card for them. Thank goodness I don't have to now. Thank you DMC and for carrying it at such a reasonable price.

from United States on 04/26/2019
I have an old color card, happy to see it updated with new colors and real thread samples.

from United States on 04/05/2019 - Best idea ever
I've heard there are a few cheaper versions available elsewhere, but this is the one you want. It meant I could organize my floss boxes by number because I could reference the card to find the shade I wanted. Awesome product and it arrived quickly!

from United States on 02/28/2019 - Love the real floss!
It makes such a difference when you can match the colors to real samples of floss. I took one star off because the corners were all bent.

from United States on 02/20/2019 - Love having this!
This is great to have on hand. Especially if you like to use stash and dont always have the called for threads. Great product.

from United States on 02/18/2019 - Essential Item
If you design your own charts, or have a large stash from another brand I have tons of Anchor, you need this floss card. It used to be common to find charts with both Anchor and DMC numbers. Not so today, so I'm using up my Anchor and switching to DMC. Before getting this card, it was almost impossible to match colors. It arrived just in time for me to kit up my first HAED chart, and it was so helpful I never want to be without one again!

from United States on 02/15/2019
Love having this reference of all of DMC thread!!

from United States on 02/06/2019 - Dmc thread color card.
Its wonderful. You get to see the correct colors of all threads. The cost was half the price of other competitors. Thanks you.

from United States on 01/31/2019 - DMC Thread Color Card
No serious stitcher should be without this product. Not only can you match up thread colors used in kits, but it makes picking colors for freehand projects very simple.

from United States on 01/09/2019 - Great Price for fantastic resource
I am sooo glad this card is being made again after many years off the market. DMC has updated it with its new colors so this is definitely a must-have for serious stitchers and designers. This is the best price I have seen for the thread card - other sites have this at higher prices.

from United States on 01/06/2019
I am so glad I ordered this color card that has actual samples of all of the up to date flosses that DMC carries. I think it will be perfect for color matching and for changing colors in patterns to suit my taste. I found samples of threads I wasn't even aware of! Before I had this card, if I didn't have a certain color and wanted to see the floss, I would have to drive to a store that carried a good selection of DMC floss. This card is worth the money! Don't hesitate to purchase one... best stitching purchase I have made in a long time.

from United States on 11/03/2018 - A prized posession
I bought this as a sort of early Christmas present for myself it's a little indulgent but 123 has the best price by far! Anyway, I thought it was really neat at first but after a few weeks and a few projects, I'm wondering how I ever got on without it. I absolutely love it! It saves time, effort and the frustration of second guessing thread choices. And after using it, I can understand why they're expensive. So glad to have it and so glad I cancelled the order for the printed color card and sprung for the real thread card. It's absolutely terrific.