Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4.75" - Pointed Tips

Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4.75" - Pointed Tips
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Item: HAV-33010
Type: Scissors
Designer: Havels
Size: 4.75"

Pointed tips. Squeeze to use for a quick one-handed pickup. Great for hand and machine embroidery. Tops fit easily under pressure foot. Perfect for tired or arthritic hands, right or left-handed use.

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Double Curved Applique Scissors 5.75" - Pointed Tips
by Havels
$13.00 $11.69
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Versatile and easy-to-use, these scissors allow you to squeeze into tight places and offer great length for extended reach. Great for home projects, sewing, embroidery and applique.
Dura Snips Squeeze-Style Thread Snips 4.75"
by Havels
$15.00 $13.49
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Features extra sharp and durable high carbon forges steel blades with easy squeeze action. Long lasting sharpness for precise cutting. Fits into safety storage cap on a convenient neck strap.
Curved Tips Embroidery Scissors 3.5"
by Havels
$6.00 $5.39
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Traditional embroidery scissors with sharp points that provide clean cutting and easy maneuvering in small areas. A very versatile pair of scissors for all types of cutting!
Straight Tips Embroidery Scissors 3.5"
by Havels
$6.00 $5.39
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Traditional embroidery scissors with sharp points that provide clean cutting and easy maneuvering in small areas. A very versatile pair of scissors for all types of cutting!
Double Curved Lace and Applique Scissors 4" - Blunt Tips
by Havels
$11.00 Sale $8.79
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Unique 4-inch scissors with very short blades and interesting angles. The double curves are designed to ensure excellent viewing while the extra short blades allow for increased control and accurate cutting. Blunt tips protect lace and applique while trimming.
Double Pointed Duckbill Applique Scissors 6"
by Havels
$19.00 $17.09
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The double pointed blades allow cutting of sharp angles and tight corners. The large bill lifts fabric as it trims away.
Small Scissors Pointed
by Slice
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The Slice 10546 Ceramic Scissors (Pointed) combine the best of our original 10544 scissors, our finger-friendly safety blade and a comfort grip lining, with new features like wider finger loops for larger hands and a pointed tip. Some materials, such as flexible plastics and woven fabrics, require a... Read more
Pointed Scissors 2.5"
by Scarlet Today
$16.46 $14.80
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These scissors were especially designed for Scarlet Today. The handles have an enlarged hole for ease of use. They are very sharp. Scissors come with an all leather case to protect the scissors. It is large enough to hold your matchbook of needles.
Tiny Snips Embroidery Scissors - Black/Gold 2.5"
by Tamsco
$11.00 $9.89
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2.5" scissors with black/gold handles from Tamsco.
Tiny Snips Embroidery Scissors - Pink 2.5"
by Tamsco
$11.00 $9.89
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2.5" embroidery scissors with pink handles from Tamsco.
Steel Thread Snips Black 3.5"
by Lacis
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The classic 3.5 inch black steel forged snip.
Rag Quilting Snips 6 1/2"
by Heritage Cutlery
$68.50 $61.64
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Spring-action ergo shear. Cushion grip handles, self-opening shear with locking latch. Knife edges, excellent for rag quilting. Made in USA. 6" long, blade cutting length 1.25".
Covered Thread Snips 3.75"
by Janlynn
$4.00 $3.58
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Covered Thread Snip is perfect for all your crafting needs. Premium quality with a comfortable grip will make any type of cutting you do easy and accurate. Great for Needlecrafts, papercrafting and precision cutting.
Thread Snips (Assorted Colors)
by Yarn Tree
$4.00 $3.59
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Sold individually - price is for one thread snip. Handy little Thread Snips measure 4 1/2" long. Color cap to protect the blades. Easy to use and carry in your project bag with no worries of jabbing your fingers because of an open blade. Light weight. White base with assorted color caps.
Solid Color Handled Thread Snips
by Allary
$1.89 $1.42
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Ideal for snipping threads and small cutting jobs. Tempered stainless steel blades.
Ergonomic Thread Snips
by Dritz
$18.90 $17.00
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Super sharp blades, ergonomically designed soft-cushion handle with surface ridges, left/right handed use, and comes with a protective cap. Made by KAI for Omnigrid.
Short Cut Snips 4.5"
by Fiskars
$12.00 $10.79
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Spring action cutting reduces hand fatigue. Very pointed tips for accurate snipping in hard to reach places. 140160-1005 is replacing 01-004014J
Tim Holtz Serrated Titanium Mini Snips - 5" Left-Handed
by Tim Holtz for Tonic Studios
$13.00 $10.99
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Tim Holtz Non-Stick Titanium Micro Serrated Mini Snips 5". Excellent cutting on a variety of craft materials, with a small blade for detailed cutting! This package contains one pair of 5 inch mini snips and a cover for the blades.
Rag Quilt Snips 6 1/2"
by Famore Cutlery
$34.00 Sale $27.19
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6-1/4" Rag Quilt Snips are excellent for any thick or heavy cutting application. Snips will cut over 64 layers of cotton fabric. Forged out of German grade stainless steel.
5" Pro Series Thread Snips
by Singer Notions
$8.39 $7.54
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Easily cuts thread without damaging fabric. Color may vary.
Hemline Gold Thread Snips 5"
by Tacony Corporation
$8.00 $7.19
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5" thread snips have extra sharp steel gold blades with pointed tip for precise trimming. Tip of blade comes with a protective plastic cap. Perfect for small, quick and accurate cuts. Spring loaded handle with finger hole. Arch spring enhances cutting power.
Rag Quilting Snips
by Tool Tron
$19.96 Sale $15.96
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Pull-N-Cut Thread Snips 4"
by Lacis
$6.00 $5.51
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An indispensable tool for repair and removal of threads. It is a combination tweezer and cutter, allowing the pulling of a single thread and then cutting it close and clean. 4" length, spring action.