11x11 Qsnap

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11x11 Qsnap

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Size: 11" x 11"

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Item: 123-2506 - Type: Stitching Frames, Hoops and Stands.
Unique method to hold fabric taut while stitching. Four plastic C-shaped clamps hold the fabric onto the bars. Tension is easy to adjust. You have a smooth stitching surface around entire frame without hoop wrinkles. The Q-snap frame comes apart in seconds to store or to carry in practically any tote.
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Reviews From Customers Who Purchased This Item

on 06/03/2019 - Q snap review
I live my q snaps. Needed one more 11 inch set to make my combinations to work better for me. 123 is simply the best

on 06/02/2019 - Best stitching frame!
I love this frame. Cannot go back to the ring style! Holds the material firmly!

on 05/17/2019 - QSNAP

on 05/14/2019 - Qsnaps
I needed an extra set of 11 inch snaps. this shipping was so quick. Appreciate all you do and your fast shipping

on 05/02/2019 - Qsnaps
Love them. Easy to use.

on 05/02/2019 - Qsnaps
Love them. Easy to use.

on 03/04/2019 - Qsnaps
Love Qsnaps! They keep my fabric taunt and their light enough to hold in your hand while stitching.Would recommend them to anyone who loves to do needlework.

on 02/08/2019 - Q-snap
11x11 is the perfect size for most of my projects. Better than a hoop.

on 01/07/2019
Super product, time saver and very easy to use.

on 07/23/2018

on 04/20/2018 - Amazing!
It keeps the fabric perfectly taut for long periods of time! And no marks!

on 02/14/2018 - Happy Stitcher
I haven't used a frame for my stitching in a along time. I decided to try this Qsnap for a current project. It is working great for the stitching and is easy to move. Thank You.

on 12/01/2017 - Great!
I was hesitant to try this with a larger project but it is working perfectly! I will likely purchase more qsnaps in the future!

on 06/13/2017 - 11 x 11 Q-Snap
Love this product and this size seems to fit a lot of the projects I work on.

on 06/01/2017 - working great!!
They work great!! Using a combination of the 8 and 11 sizes. Went to Dollar Tree and got a steering wheel cover for the Qsnap to cover my cross-stitch work, keeps it collected and tidy. This was suggested by Nikki Fox, a member on the message-board here. THANKS, Nikki!! Ginny and Alicia

on 04/23/2017 - Q Snap Frame
This is my first Q-Snap Frame and I really like how it holds the 25-count Lugana so tight. It makes cross stitching a lot easier!

on 04/03/2017

on 03/21/2017 - SO much better than the off brands
It's so worth it to get the real Qsnap! I never have to tighten my fabric. Easy to put on, easy to take off, easy to mix and match the sizes I combine my 11 inch and my 17 inch to make an 11x17 frame. Qsnaps are the best!

on 03/02/2017 - I am a q-snap fan!
I have q-snap in several dimentions,and find them to provide goid tension at an affordable price.

on 06/13/2016 - Q Snap frame
It's the first time I use this Q Snap frame,it works much better than hoops.Excellent product!!!

on 06/02/2016 - Great idea
This was the first time that I have used Q-Snap. I bought the 11x11 size and works great for smaller projects. Hope to buy a larger size for larger projects. Great idea for holding frabric taunt.

on 05/10/2016 - OMG

on 04/19/2016 - Love this!
Great frame for stitching on and I can't wait to start with it. I love 123 stitch.com for having these!!

on 01/21/2016 - Best quality
This seems like it's made so much better than the ones you get at the craft stores. I was concerned at first because it's made a little differently,but once it was assembled and I had my project fabric on it, I could tell it was holding the tension so much better. The clamps are VERY tight, which I have trouble adjusting once on the frame, so I'm careful how I clamp them on, but again it does hold the tension so well that I haven't found myself having to readjust the tension after working on my project for a while.

on 11/21/2015 - Love!
I went from using hoops to qsnaps for my cross stitch projects and will never go back to hoops again!

on 11/10/2015 - Qsnap
I have been using these for years, they keep my work clean and wrinkle free. I love how I can resize them for any stitching project.

on 10/09/2015 - Qsnap is great
This frame holds my fabric tight and doesn't leave marks.

on 07/10/2015 - Best Frame Ever
I have some "generic" q snaps and then I have this one and I prefer this one 100. I love the fact that it can be changed out with the other sizes also to make a specific sized frame. I will be buying more of these for my stitching projects so that I dont have to change them out.

on 06/19/2015 - good frame but
the dimensions refer to the outside, which isn't a useful measurement. Since it's only the inside dimensions that matter, it would be more honest to specify those.

on 04/15/2015 - LOVE IT !!!!!!!
This item had really helped me move thru my projects quicker because i don't have to quit stopping to move my hoop, plus no more circular wrinkles

on 07/22/2014 - Q SNAP

on 05/16/2014 - Why Didn't I Try This Sooner?
These Qsnap frames are fabulous. Turned around and ordered a 6x6 the next week. Will never go back to the old hoops or scroll frames again.

on 04/04/2014 - Super Great
I love both sets that I have. I have the 11x11 and 6x6 and they are perfect for the projects I am working on. They are also very easy to hold in my hand.

on 03/28/2014 - A no brainer
It's a breeze to use q-snap frames and so much better than hoops. Quick and easy assembly and tension is simple to adjust. Wish I came up with this idea. Already had the 8x8 so I thought why not purchase the 11x11 and the 6x6 this way I'm always prepared.

on 11/12/2013
Very handy and convenient. However, no directions aside from putting it together came with this item and I struggled to get the needlepoint fabric adjusted on the frame. I think I damaged wool fibers in areas that had been worked on as the outside part of the frame was stretched over them. Otherwise, it makes everything easier!

on 10/26/2013 - Qsnap
This is my first time to use the Qsnap and they are wonderful! I highly recommend this product.